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::Saiban enters the halls of the recruitment center.::

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  • ::Saiban enters the halls of the recruitment center.::

    ::Sabian enters the hall and bows to the council.::

    "I am here to join you..."

    ::Saibian waits paitently awaiting a response.::

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    Poreon watched the new recruit walk into the chambers and bow to the esteemed Sith leaders.

    "Hello, I'm Sith Knight Poreon. This is the Sith Empire, welcome. Before you can claim membership and choose a master, one of the Sith Masters or Council Members will have to greet you... Once again welcome to the Empire."

    Poreon smiled at the Sithling.


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      ::Gryfon walks towards Saiban and nods.::

      "Welcome to the TSE."


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        "Yes, Saiban, welcome..."
        A silent voice was heard from the distant shadows of the room. Then echoed footsteps outward into a deep blue hue. Lana looked out to Saiban and nodded in recognition.


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          "Welcome to the Sith Empire, Newcomer."


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            Dyne awaited patiently for a Council member to greet Saiban before speaking his mind.


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              ::Saiban nods and waits for a response from a master::


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                Tilting his head side to side, made a rather loud pop as he cliked his neck, he did as Dyne did and kept quiet waiting for a mater to act.


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                  *Leans against the wall, Bi0 with held his own words until proper greetings could be said to a new member*


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                    Jared slid halfway out of the shadows, watching the newcomer. Like some of the others, he would hold his tounge till the newcomer became a new member


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                      Athena looked at Dyne and noticed he didnt greet this one. It almost bothered her. She as well didnt greet the New person, she wanted to wait and hear what Dyne had on his mind. Her Ice cold gaze looked at the sithling as he awaits a Master or Council memeber.


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                        :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial stepped into the room and made her way to the front where she nodded to fellow members of TSE and then turned her attention to the newcomer ::

                        "Greetings. I am Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Empire. Tell me about yourself and how your journey in the galaxy led you here."