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  • A new face

    *strides in silently wearing all red with silver hair his eyes seem black and sunken in as he looks about*

    I wish to join The Siths Glorious empire

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    The Sith Knight of TSE looked upon the man as he entered. She departed the shadows and allowed him to see her.

    " Welcome to the Empire. I am Athena. You must wait for a Master or Council memeber to bid you welcome. But asured that they will ask you questions. "

    Athena stayed out in the open so others of the Empire would know that there was another new Face in the crowd.


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      Daegal walked out of the shadow's and nodded at the newcomer.

      "I am Daegal, a Warrior of the Sith Empire. As Athena has stated, you must wait the greeting of a Council member. If you don't mind my asking, what has brought you to the darkside this day?"

      Daegal leaned upon one of the massive walls of the recruitment area, awaiting the response of the newcomer.


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        The Sith Lord watched the newcomer with an impassive look upon his face. He nods to the man lightly in a show of his welcoming him to the Empire before closing his eyes, lowering his head.


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          The Knight Poreon also watches the new Sithling.


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            Walks out of the shadows and takes a place at his masters side and nodded at the newcomer.


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              *his eyes shifting about as he watchins them blastes flying into his hands as he watches with a safty about him*

              Greetings indeed I will await for the councile

              *he spins his blasters they fly back up his sleeves*

              and as for your qustion my dark path begain years ago from a shadow Jedi whom left me fearing that I would be to weak to even servive another day but yet here I am befor you all... i have much time and will leave if not wanted...


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                :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial entered from the back of the recruitment area and nodded to fellow comrades of the Empire as she made her way to the front of the room. She stopped just in front of the newcomer and then addressed him ::

                "Greetings. I am Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. Tell me a bit more about yourself.. your skills in the Dark Side, the weapons you wield and any battles you have been in during your travels in the galaxy."

                :: Her gaze remains on the newcomer as she awaits his response ::


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                  You wish a lot from me at once do you not... well then sit down I have 6 years in which to tell you about My name is Avone DarkFire once a lowly street rat left with an amulet that has a ruby that burns with un parallel heat and silver that could freeze a mans hand in seconds but I wear it against me with no problem the inscription on the back I cant read ...

                  *his blasters fly out again and he turns them buts toward the Lordess *

                  these are my only weapons I used a type of fusion with the pwoer calls and my own blood to allow a force pulse to be added to it at command it took me a great many year to develop them but that jumping ahead of myself... when I was about 12 tell the time I was 16 I was under the training of a shadow Jedi whom exploited me seemed more like a mad doctor but I trusted him tell the day he abandoned me and was killed I was told I was to weak to continue my training that rage alone kept me going all these years that and the love For one whom left me for these long years.. my abilities I know of that I have the ability of rage leap meany more I can summon small almost stupid force storms but I can do it there are more but I don't know what there called I have telekinesis and mind control abilities but only on the weak minded fools of the universe.. I have a saber made from a dark violet living crystal... if there is more you wish to know I have no problumes telling you but I think that is what you wish to know is it not?... Well I did forget to mention back on the days befor I became a weapons dealer I saved your own Emerald Jades life from certin death but i could care less now i just wish to finish my training that is all.....

                  *keeps the guns held out to her as his finely crafted saber floats in the air beside them... its case made of a dark metel and the guns plated with the same dark metel*

                  As for my Battels i have been in there are meny even one i narrowly servived with a Sith Lord if it hadnt been for the force i certinly would of died but yet i am still hear and he is dead... but as for my other battles my blasters where all i needed...


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                    Jade hears her name being mentioned and snrals loudly at Avone, but says nothing, her eyes glowing from her place among the shadows.


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                      *watches them all silently with a almost collective calm peace bout him but the stronger sth in the room feel the storms of rage and anger rageing about in his mind as he waits the respones sping the hilts of his blasters into his hand as they retract up his sleeves his saber clips back to his side and is covered by his large red trench coat*


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                        :: Dara's features harden and then an evil smile curls on her lips ::

                        "It is not I who seeks membership, newcomer. Thre is a certain progression one goes through in order to be assessed to see if they qualify for membership here in the Empire. However, if you would like to answer only one question at a time.. that is fine by me. It will simply take you much, much.. much longer to go through this process."

                        :: She pauses and studies him and then hears Jade's reaction to his mentioning her name. Dara then turns her attention from the newcomer and addresses LadyEmeraldJade ::

                        "Greetings Jade. Do you know our visitor here?"


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                          ask me all you want I was just woundering if that was all you wanted if there is much much more you wish to know then ask what it is you want to know

                          *stands there his eyes seemingly serge with red lightning as he watches her his fight to keep the anger hidden with in failing right now*

                          aye she does and would wish not admit it...


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                            Jade's snarl vanishes from her lips as she hears the voice of Lordess Dara address her. She steps forwards and kneels before the Council Member, her head lowered for a moment, then raises to speak.

                            "Yes Lordess, I do indeed know Avone. I have not seen him in some time though."


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                              Tempist stood in the corner watching the events taking place. He said one word, which summed up what he was thinking.