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  • Little Devil Child

    The Sith Knight walked in slowly with a little boy. She kneeled down in front of the Council as she let go of the child's hand and motionned for him to do the same.

    "I, Eve Siren, present to you, dear Lords and Lordesses, this child who I wish to take as apprentice ... Knate Val Kear."

    She turned her head to look at Knate and nodded slowly.

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    The little boy went to one knee and moved closer to Eve as if for protection and wrapped his arms round her waist hugging closer and pushed his head against her chest.

    His near bald head was scard ,bruised and shaved , the boy looked as if his parents had beat him about and mistreated him, and Eve had taken him in from the wondering streets, and Eve was the only one he trusted in the galaxy, looking down but his big brown eyes looking up as if like a terrified puppy he spoke in a soft tone and a little whine.

    'Dont let them hurt me Eve, please dont' the little boy said pushing even closer to the warmth and safety of her body


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      How old is he?

      :: Rama looked down at the small child. ::


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        "12 years old, Master."

        Eve looked up at her Master and stood up slowly, Knate's little arms still around her waist, she gently put her hand around his shoulder.


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          12 years old......I could say I didn't like like these, but that would make me hypocrite.


          Come here child......

          :: Rama motions for him to come over to him ::


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            Knate looked up at Eve who only gave a short nod in return. Knate moved towards the ugly man slowly but takeing eatch step carefully and looked back to see if Eve was there every few steps.

            As Knate made it to the bottom of the stairs he stood there his head lowerd and eyes still looking up, and with a fearfull shake it looked up towards the Master.

            With a whine and a soft voice ' Yes sir?'


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              :: Rama squated down to look Eye to eye with the Child. ::

              Are you scared?