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Arrival of a stranger

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  • Arrival of a stranger

    The night was young and still in it’s infancy when a shadowy figure ascended the steps leading toward the Sith Empire’s recruitment facility. The young... being was clad solely in black, where material garments were used. His uncovered head was a sickening brown, adorned with scabby scales in the process of shedding. He had no hair, and the most of his body was covered in his dark robe. A tail, long and thin, but covered in the same scales as those on his head peeped from underneath the upper-part of the robe. Ears were taken place by two small holes on either side of the head, and as he walked a thin, red-forked tongue played outward reluctantly, tasting the air through which he strode. Eyes were alert with a dull yellow gleam, much the same colour as the handful of unaligned teeth that rowed his gums. That same colour was easily duplicated further down his body, first to be found as a stubby yet sharp tip aiding the tail, and also, in it’s longest form, of the same material on his claws. The claws were with him on two places on his body. First, on his hands, which were tough, brown and scaly as the rest of his body, while the claws were long and thin, growing straight out of the finger and thumb tips in place of fingernails and harbouring the same dull yellow as his eyes and teeth. The claws on his un-booted feet were much the same, although they were different in positioning. While a normal humanoid would have five nailed toes pointing straight forward, this creature had three facing front, and two reversed. Out of all of these grew the same yellowed (yet slightly muddier) claws as did on the hands. These made a click every time his foot fell, although if need be he could easily raise them off the ground and walk only with the scaled underfoot. Hissing breath that escaped his thin lips left a trail through the cold night air, and his eyes picked out many details of the surroundings, as they were designed for this time of day. The black material he wore he called a robe, and it met it’s ends just below his elbows and again a while lengthier than his knees. It started in a V-neck on his upper section, displaying his scaly chest and short neck.

    He came close to the door which he was seeking, now, and his cold blood pumped slightly faster as he made for it. Out in the shadows to his left he could taste and hear another humanoid lurking. Making no immediate sign of this knowledge, he continued step toward the door.

    When almost upon it, however, he turned sharply on his heel to glare with cold eyes onto the shadows. Silently, he watched as the figure emerged.

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    Belial stepped out of the shadows, her dark, cold eyes glancing over the newcomer.

    "Welcome to the Empire..."


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      “Whelcome, haam Iess?” The creature hissed, sizing Belial up as he scraped his claws against each another, producing just a faint audible sound. Unconsciously, he wriggled his back two claws out of the small rut they had carved in the stone when he turned to face Belial, and glanced around cautiously to see if anyone else was going to show.

      OOC: Yes, another Sith with a permanent speech impediment. Fun, fun, fun...


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        Lana's eyed narrowed to slits as she observed the creature. He was, without a doubt, a creature not to be toyed with, so she kept her welcoming speech to the point. Remaining in the darkness, she spoke quietly to him.
        "Welcome, Talus... I don't suppose that's a tinge of fear I sense in you, hmm?"
        Though her words were spoken quietly, they echoed throughout the room. She blinked slowly, then cast her eyes off into space.


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          “Feah?” Talus asked, turning his eyes silently on the patch of darkness where he perceived Lana to be standing.

          A slight spark of annoyance floated into his mind, although Talus was only mildly surprised that he had been identified. He was, after all, now among other Force users.

          “Noh, noht feah,” the words were distorted, but Talus spoke them slowly to allow for time to understand them and their meaning. Nevertheless, he had a feeling that the Sith would comprehend them weather or not he changed the speed of his speech.



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            The Sith Knight made her way into the area. She smiled at Lana and The other disciple. Athena didnt know who he was.

            " ohh but it is Fear she could sence... For I feel it as well. If it was not why are you here? Tell us about your travels to this empire."


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              “Why haam Iess heere?” Talus asked, letting a small chuckle seep into his words. “Hisn’t hit hobviosss? Tha same rhason Iah thienk you ahh... powah!”

              Talus moved back slowly, eventually resting his shoulders on the wall and moving into a position that allowed him to see the spots where all three of the Sith were standing.

              “Miah trahvels begahn with miah liafe, ihf that ihs what you whish toh lhern abouht,” Talus said, as he unfocused his gaze, remembering something that happened not long ago. “Iah wos... crheathed ohn tha plahnet Tahlus, ihn ahh devihce sihmihlar tooh ahh Spaahrti Cyhlindher. Iah rhemembher lihtle, buht thare where mahny dohctohrs ahnd schienthists. Iah knhow that Iah whasn’t clhoned, mohre soh, crheathed ahnew. Iah fhound knohledge ahlrhedy ihn miah mihnd, knohledge ohf tha univhers, ohf tha Sihth, buht noht mehmory. Iht whas ihmplahnted thare whilst Iah whas behing growhn, Iah knoh.” Talus began scraping his claws together again, as he recounted his beginning. “Tha dochtohrs ahnd schienthists pehrforhmed expherimehnts ohn mhe, once Iah whas cohnscious. Iht whas paihnfhul, ahnd ahfter ahh thime Iah chould bhear iht noh mohre, soh Iah kihlled them, ahnd flhed. Iah mhanaghed toh puhll tha fhile they had ohn meh, ahnd fhind ohut what they where trhying toh acheve. They whanthed toh chreate ahh crheatuhre that chould use tha Forece, buht beh cahpahble ihf uhndher Ysahlihmahri ihnfluhence, buht ahlso cohntrollahble bhy them. Iah whas noht tha fihrst, Iah knoh, ahnd when Iah eschaped, they where ghrowing ahnother, which Iah kihlled. Iah nheeded toh lhern abouht miah powah, ihn ohrder toh ghrow, soh Iah sohught this plahce ohut. That, Iah behlieve, ihs ahll you nheed toh knho...”


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                ((OOC: What a nice way of talking... I tried it myself, and it makes me sound really cool. :Laughs quietly: Anyway... ))

                Lana nodded to Athena, and continued to watch Talus curiously. She liked to watch those enter TSE... So she took everything in carefully.


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                  Athena listened to the mans answers. Interesting to say the very least.

                  " Wait for a Master or Council memeber to greet you. Their questions will be more indepth then mine. Other then that Welcome to this Empire. "


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                    Sith Lord Van-Derveld let out a gruff annoyed sigh as he listened to the newest would-be darksider speak. The way in which he talked irrated Vega immeadiately, he couldn't pick out half of what the creature was talking about. Grudgingly, he sneered a welcome.


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                      Laughling quietly at Vega for a sec, Sieken gave a hello with a comical look to the newcommer, and carried on quietly laughing to himself looking at vegas irritated face.


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                        Re: .

                        Talus noted Van-Derveld’s sneer of annoyance with a sidelong glare, something he had seen many a time in the faces of his creators... and other, less honourable sentients.

                        “You doh noht uhndhersthand meh, Iah think?” Talus questioned, bearing his teeth just slightly but failing to visibly faze Van-Derveld. “Iah thought this mhight happhen... Miah crheahtors had tha shame prhoblhem, soh they ghave meh this...”

                        Talus reached a hand inside his robes, and when he withdrew it he had between his thumb and forefinger claw a flat circular piece of metal, barely a centimetre in diameter. He reached up, and affixed it to his throat, half way up his neck.

                        “There,” Talus said, his normal hissing voice quiet and being drowned out by a stronger mechanical one. “I believe you can understand me now, hmm?”


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                          Re: .

                          She watched with interest as everything began to take shape, noting that the creature had an interesting way of speech. However, she was not one to judge. She observed a Sith Lord's appearance and his unmistakable disgust at the being's accent, and then how the creature changed his voice. Now that was something she didn't expect...