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  • Are you scared..?

    A scrawny, yet tall girl enters in. She slowly admires the structure of the walls, and her eyes twinkle as it leads down the hallway in wonder. She then slowly kneels, and bows her head down.

    "I've been to many places in my time, but whoever dwells here deserves great respect, and I'm honoured to be in their presence..."

    She stays kneeled, awaiting a response...

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    "Ah... Welcome, Miss."
    Lana cleared her throat, and bowed to the newcomer in the light hue that shone upon her.


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      "Welcome to the Sith Emipre, Miss." Jared, half in the shadows and half out, spoke into the room.


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        *Snack watched as the new recruit entered and got on one knee, bowing before the Coucil. Her words sparked question within the Dark Knight. He waited after his own apprentice welcomed the new girl in, then spoke out.*



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          ((OOC: I meant to comment on your new sig earlier, Snack. That's really nice. ^^ The colors and everything... Good, good. ^^**))


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            Athena was in the room as the young girl made her way in. Athena moved over towards Snack just as he had asked his question to her. Athena thought it best to wait and hear her (new chicks) answer first before a welcome.


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              The Lupine Sith Lord watches the girl who had just entered with a smirk, her comments amusing him for a brief moment before his attention strayed.


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                She slowly arises from her position, and nods.

                "Hm, thanks..."

                She then looks down at the palm of her hand, and then takes a quick glance at everyone else, but not a smile reaches her face.


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                  *She had still not answered Snack's question. His eyebrows bent inwards, anger filling him. Repeating his question in a louder voice, he asked once again.*



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                    Her attention drags up to Snack. She blinks, confused at his anger. Her eyebrows arch, but hides her anger.

                    "Why what..?"


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                      You say, "whoever dwells here deserves great respect, and I'm honoured to be in their presence..."

                      *The Knight walked closer to her, his face expressionless.*

                      Why do you say that?


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                        She grunts, and pushes back the black strips of her hair. But she nods, and begins to answer his question.

                        "I respect everyone and everything. Just not the ones who waste my time. Of a place such as this, I decided the ones here deserve the greatest of respect..."

                        She closes her eyes, her eyelids a dark black, and crosses her arms over her chest, hoping she answered his question.


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                          "Who could tell me a little more about this mysterious place, of which I have stumbled upon?"

                          Her eyes wander through the room, and slowly close once more, awaiting her response. She then leans on her staff, drifting into thought.


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                            Eve remained silent, standing behind Vega like she usually does. She studied the newcomer slowly. Something different about that girl ...


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                              She glances at Eve. She then gives her a respectable nod, and drags her attention into her thoughts once more...