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  • Seeking Admittance

    A small grey figure walked briskly into the room. His hips jutting out to the side, and his large head with small eyes giving him a "distinct" look from any other species. The sharp talons that jutted out from each of his members looked extremely deadly. He was a Graethian, hailing from the planet Graethia, a small, blue-green planet in the Unknown Regions. He stood in the middle of the massive room awaiting a greeting.

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    :: A large figure engulfed in evil emerges from the darkness. The figure was hooded and clad all in black, all that could be seen of his face was his two bright red eyes. A thick layer of mist covers his feet and he seems to be floating several feet above the ground ::



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      The small figure reached out, attempting to communicate with the figure dressed in black.

      "Greetings. I am a Graethian from the planet Graethia. I am unable to communicate as most of you do, instead my species relies on communication with the mind. My name is unpronouncable by any but my own species, most simply call me Xi."


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        :: Phantom nods slightly as he uses the force to communicate ::

        Greetings, I am Lord Darth Phantom of The Sith Empire. What brings you here?


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          Daegal merely nods at the newcomer from the back of the room.


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            Staring at the Dark Lord, Xi begins to speak again.

            "I seek to learn the ways of the Sith. I wish to further my skills in battle and develop skills in the Force."


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              *The new Dark Lord watched on from his place in the shadows as Phantom questioned the new recruit.*


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                I see. Mmmmm

                :: Phantom thinks for a moment ::

                What do you know of the Sith and our ways?


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                  "Only that Sith are force users dedicated to the complete eradication of the Light."


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                    Athena made her way towards the new hopeful Sith. She smiled at the Lord of Darkness as he greeted the new arrival.

                    " Tell me, Why are you here? Why our Empire? "


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                      Turning to the lady, Xi began to speak into her mind. "Upon investigation, The Sith Empire is by far the strongest Sith group. The strongest are that way because of a reason. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Seeing as I have set my goal of becoming a Sith, I might as well learn from those who do it best."


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                        "What is if someone accepts you and teaches you the proper way so you can be put to good use instead of dying as some common low born. You might have a future, but fail in anything given before you and the consequences will be quite harsh."


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                          Xi turns to the Sith Master and begins speaking into his mind. "Yes, a teacher. Yes."

                          Xi turned back to Phantom, with whom he had conversed earlier. "Would you educate me in the ways of the Sith so that I may eventually become a force to reckon with?"


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                            Mmmmm, Indeed I shall.

                            :: Phantom vanishes in the darkness that he himself has created, but his voice lingers in Xi's mind ::

                            Meet me at the training grounds