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    [i]A young girl no more then the age of ten walks into the recruiting center. Although she is young the hatred and rage has built up to the point of madness within her,thus the deadly venus preys with her anger on the guardians of light known as jedi.The young girl leans against the wall nearest to her and awaits someone from the empire to notice her<i/>

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    Tempist noticed this girl, and wondered abotu her. So young, what reason had she to be angry? Her life had harldy begun. Never the less, the greeted her.

    "Welcome to the Sith Empire. My name is Tempist Opps, a sSith warrior. You have to wait here for a master or council membrer to greet you. After this, you can choose a master to train you in the force."

    He smiled at her, and handed her a list of names, the names of the possible masters.

    Sith Masters

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Darth Varlon
    Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      [i]she shifts her yellow cat-eye gaze down to the list that was handed to her. She continues to look the names up and down,ever so slowly. Herself deep in thought and knowing that is a rather importent event in her life,she folds one arm over her stomach and awaits a Sith master or Council member<i/>


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        [i] The Lady Pirotess had just made her way into the recruiting hall when she had noticed the young girl with another member of TSE. She quickly made her way over to her and tilted her head to the side,first she just stood there switching off her gaze to the both of them<i/>

        Why such a young age full of anger little one?

        [i]She then quiets down noting that it is not her place to ask these questions,she takes a step back and nods to the both of them keeping her eyes on Krista<i/>


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          [i]After she heard the question from Pirotess she snapped her gaze upward.Looking her up and down the girl went back to looking at the list and then muttered,"Dalethria Mal Pannis."


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            Laughing at the new young gril, i looked down from the chandaleer, i sat on the rickety old thing looking down apon the girl with a slight grin on my face...

            'Tut tut little girl, a girl of your age should not be so mad...why dose this one want to join such a realm...'


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              [i]glancing upward at the chandaler,the young girl turned red faced when she saw the Warrior laughing at her,but with rage<i/>

              I hate the light and the people who surve it. My father was a Sith and he taught me about the war that seemed to go on for eternity against the two forces. He was killed by my aging of five and so I decided that it was my turn to enter the battle and I have been a Jedi hunter ever since. I hadn't known the rest of my family and had heard of this empire not to long ago. Since I had grown up among other Sith I thought it would be best to come here.

              [i]She stood up straight and focused her gaze back onto the list<i/>


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                The girl had quietly said her name but Dalethria watched the banter between Sieken and the newcomer with passing interest.


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                  [i]Krista felt the council member ( Dalethria ) was near by and made it clear she was aware of it. The young girl pushed off the wall and looked towards where the council themselves sat,paying no heed to Sieken<i/>


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                    "Sieken can be very prodding but pay him no mind."

                    Dalethria stepped out from the shadows, "No family since you were five?" It was a familair story ... "How did one so young manage to survive?"


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                      As I said my father was a very powerful there is any other kind. He taught me how to take care of myself and how to defend myself,I always seemed to hang out in dangerous crowds. I worked for different people and that is how I earned my money,that or bounties I every once and awhile brought in.

                      [i]Krista looked in Dalethria's direction and her features were drained out by an impish grin<i/>


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                        "Is your only reason to be a Sith is because of your father?" ask Dalethria with a hard stare.


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                          [i]Krista focused on her main purpose of being here and then said firmly,"I am here because I want to learn the ways of the darkside,I do it on my own free will,I have many other reasons but that is my main."<i/>


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                            "Then let us here those other reasons ... there is always more in ones heart then just to learn ..."


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                              The Sith Knight of the Empire watched her sister and others speak to this child. She stayed with in the shadows and made no noise.