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  • A Disturbed Mind

    A boy about the age of 11 stepped silently inside. Even though it was quiet in the room, his mind practically deafened him with thoughts. Keto! Don't let go of my hand! He grabbed his head with both hands, trying to get the voices out. Salemn? Salemn! Where did you go?! Don't leave me... Letting out an anguished cry, he fell to his knees, sending out a message via the Force.

    Please, somebody... Help me..

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    As i sat on the open stone floor i saw the ver possesed, disturbed boy, his hand crushing against his head...i dove my finger in my ear and releaved a itch.

    ' How may i help you child?' i said tilting my head.


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      Keto heard a new voice in his surroundings and his head snapped up, eyes gleaming a bright blue. "Who said that?" His gaze rested upon a grown man, sitting on the cold floor. All the voices in his head were gone now. Standing up, he looked at the man. "Yes, Sir, I would appreciate it if you could tell me, or get someone who can, more about the Sith Empire."


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        Sieken sercasticly chuckeld a second then stoped suddenly with a stern face at the boy.Raising up from the cold stone floor i began my walk towards the boy.

        ' You want to know more of this empire boy? ill tell you, its a place where death is a standard, blood drips from every creves of this place, sounds of screams and agoney become a way of life, torture of the mide, later becomes insanity everything you know will turn from light to dark...its not a pretty place for a little one such as yourself.' i was getureing at the boy with every word...

        ' A boy of your age...wanting to join such a...Dark group of make sufering spread to the galaxy....are you ready to do this boy?....'...i stoped and by this time i was nose to nose with the boy and kneeling on one knee..

        i tilted my head waiting for an answer....


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          He didn't break the eye contact between them, even when the man kept talking about the *horrors* of the Sith Empire. "I never said I wanted to join... I just want answers that can help me make my decision..." A sharp stabbing pain in the boy's rib caused him to stop speaking. The voices inside his head started to whisper again, the neverending torment of his sanity. His lower lip started to tremble as a tear rolled down his cheek. "Salemn..."

          Sitting down, he could feel the madness start to encloak him. "No, not now, not now..." He started to rock back and forth, mumbling to himself. "Go away... Not now... But I... No...I mustn't..."


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            Lana looked on from the darkness of the Recruitment Registration room as the boy cried out in anguish. She couldn't help but step forward and kneel before the boy.
            "Is it possible to contain yourself? We'll be a lot more able to help you if you just try and calm down a bit..."
            Her eyes softened from it's usual cold first impression glare as she placed a warm hand upon his shoulder.
            "Now, take a few deep breaths... Just try and relax, okay? No one will harm you here..."


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              "Age is no boundary for those with the will to suceed."

              Vega stepped forward to stand infront of the young boy, a constant image of his own son cycling through his mind.

              "Compose yourself and state your reason for being here. Now."


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                Keto looked up at the lady whose hand laid on his shoulder. His normally bright eyes were now a shade of a dull blue. He sniffed and wiped his eyes dry. It was the first time anybody had ever made physical contact with him since months, and he didn't know what to do...

                Age is no boundary for those with the will to suceed. The sentence repeated itself over and over in his mind and Keto thought it to be another one of the voices until another man appeared infront of him. When he looked up, he saw that the man had a look of authority. He took in a deep, quavering breath and looked back down. "I came here because I wanted to have a future... I'm tired of being beaten and hungry. I've somehow earned the label in the streets as diseased... am I? I... I want to be a Sith... I want to be known as somebody besides the 'diseased orphan boy'. I want to learn... Will you deprive me of that?"

                Frowning, the boy bit his lip and looked up at the man, his eyes big. "If you don't want me, I understand..."


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                  Lana's eyes widened at the boys story. What he said hit home for her, and she too bit her lip.
                  "Shh, quiet now... I understand. There's no need for you to be scared..."
                  Lana smiled reassuringly to the boy, then looked up at Vega with pleading eyes.


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                    *Bi0 walks out of the shadows where his usually leaning spot was and walks next to Vega*

                    "You can have your wish my friend, but in your state, your not fit to serve anyone or anything. Take control of your inner demons...then the Council might consider..."

                    *Bi0 looks down on the boy with burning eyes behind darkness*


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                      Standing and looking up to Bi0, (A zero in your name, correct?) Lana addressed to him with a very deterred voice.

                      "Perhaps, Sir, he needs something to take his mind off of these 'inner demons' you speak of. I'm sure it's not his will to have such horrid feelings within himself."

                      She paused, swallowing hard before pressing on.

                      "Such a hard done-by past cannot be easily wavered off... He's young, and time and patience plays a part in his healing. Couldn't the council, at least, give him a chance...?"

                      Lana's eyes strayed to her side, where she caught a slight glimpse of the child behind her. She somehow shared his pain... Or maybe that was a shared feeling with the huge lump in her throat. Afterall, standing up to someone she hardly knew was quite the leap. Out of character... Yes. But she believed in the boy...


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                        *A voice softly chuckled from the shadows*

                        "Pathetic. Compassion is the Jedi's main flaw. Why do I see it here today?"

                        *He glared at the others in the room as he stepped from the shadows and glared down at the boy that reminded him so much of a past self*

                        "Why are you here, young man? What have you to offer us? What have you to offer to the Darkside?"


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                          Calm down Lana, we will see what happens in due time. He may become a Sith. He may not. It is not a choice that anyone of us can make. Waiting it out is the best you can do right now.

                          The voice that filled her head was that of Tempist Opps, who had been standing in a corner off to the side for some time now. He had been watching this little one, and was also intreauged by it. He remembered his time alone, without anyone that he could even call a friend, and felt simpathy for this little one, but it didn't show in the slightest. He simply said to the child "Welcome, I hope you find what you are looking for."


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                            Her eyes scanned the room until she found the source of the voice in her head. Finding Tempist's eyes in the shrouded darkness of the room, she felt her gaze drop.
                            "I know how he feels, he's just like me..."
                            She wanted so desperately to say this in the open, but kept her thoughts to herself. Stepping away from the boy, she watched him and Raine converse from a distance, her heart aching with feelings of her past.


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                              *Bi0 didn't break contact with the weak boy onthe ground but answers Lana's question*

                              "Lord Raine has a point Lana. Compassion has never been one of our forte's"

                              *Bi0 looks up at Lana with his burning eyes*

                              "This boy should take that sorrow he bears and turn it into anger...such is the way of the Sith..."

                              *Bi0 flungs his wings out and recoils them back in*