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**Tracing silently along the steps she took long ago**

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  • **Tracing silently along the steps she took long ago**

    A long wile ago I was here as an apprentice to Darth Nuriko...I was then Sukura

    Now However I have returned with a new determination...I Sakuya Ka wish to be welcome back into the TSE and to continue the training I left so long ago...

    **Kneels down on one knee, awaiting a council member**

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    "The Council must converse on whether or not your request will be accepted, Sakuya Ka."

    Vega give his old comrade a soft nod, a slight smile appearing on his lips.

    "It is good to have you back.."


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      ::Gryfon approaches Sakuya and nods.::

      "Welcome back..."


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        **A slightly wicked grin flashed across her face and then vanished as quickly as it had come**

        Thanks Vega and Gryfon..


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          Re: ^-^

          "I don't know who you are... But welcome back, anyhow."
          Lana's soft voice could be heard coming from a wall she was settled beside. She gave Sakuya Ka a nod and a slight smile.


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            **Sakuya glanced up at Lana and smiled**

            Thank you m'lady...Tis nice of you to welcome me..


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              Re: ...

              Welcome Home Sakuya...


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                Re: ...

                *It had been some time since he'd last seen her, yet instead of sending an audible greeting of welcome back - no doubt Sakuya would recieve enough of those - MnT simply implanted the mental suggestion to look over into her mind, and when she did, smiled and nodded a greeting that said all..*


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                  Re: ...

                  *Bi0 had never seen this women before but he was not one for bad manners*

                  "I know not where you hail from but a Sith who returns with still loyality in there hearts, is welcome back in my eyes".


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                    :: Sith Lordess Dara Shadowtide Rayial entered the recruitment area and walked down the center aisle, nodding to comrades already assembled. She came to a halt just before the woman ::

                    "Greetings. I am Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. I remember you when you were here last.. what made you leave back then.. and why do you seek to return this day?"

                    :: She observed Sakuya's demeanor as she awaited her reply ::


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                      **Sakuya looked up at the Sith Lordess and bowed her head respectively for a moment and stood up before her**

                      I left then..because I did not belong...Because then..I could not make a full commitment I did not have the patience, I wasn't used to having to wait. However I have returned with a new confidence and a new determination, this time I will stay and continue my training and to become what I set out to be, a Sith and one of the best there is.

                      **Flicking a stray strand of her hair out of her eyes she looks at Dara, holding herself proudly**

                      That is, if you accept me...


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                        Re: ...

                        :: Dara tilts her head as her eyes lock on Sakuya's ::

                        "What proof do you have to offer that you will finish what you start here at the Empire this time though? How can I be certain of your loyalty to this organization and that you will strive to ensure its future in all you do.."


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                          **Sakuya blinked and fixed her eyes on Dara**

                          For one, I've come back haven't I? I have returned I did not turn away completely I said I would be back.

                          **Sakuya sighed slightly and turned her head away for a moment**

                          All I can say is that I will try...because this time I'm here to succeed not fail. I have no proof to say that I will remain I just have my remaining confidence and a desire to continue what I left...


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                            Re: ....

                            :: Dara gives an evil grin and nods ::

                            "Indeed we shall see. Sakuya, you are hereby welcomed back into the Empire and granted your membership back. You may choose a master to study with. I would like to point out that several of our Knights do not have active apprentices and are able to spend a great deal of time on training if you are interested in getting right back to developing your dark talents."

                            Sith Masters


                            Sith Lords

                            Darth Phantom
                            Darth Snack
                            Darth Varlon
                            Vega Van Derveld

                            Sith Knights

                            Athena Lady Darknss
                            Dyne Darkforce
                            Eve Siren
                            Laran Katern


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                              **Sakuya grinned wickedly and thought for a moment and then replied**

                              Thank you, and my choice for a master is Eve Siren...