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Jades Son Arrives

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  • Jades Son Arrives

    Jade holds the hand of her 10 year old son. She kneels before the Council Members and motions for Amnon to do the same. She bows her head in respect before speaking.

    "Great Council, my son Amnon Universe has informed me he would like to become a Sith. I thought that I might be able to get him a Master here, if the Council approves."

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    Looks around. Then as he looks to his mom, she kneels. Motioning for him, he does the same. He listens to his mother speak to the council, and he stays quiet.


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      *looks over at the child from where he stands nearly crowded by sith and @#%$ a smile*


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        Jade stays kneeling and lowers her head once more, Amnon still next to her.


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          Stays next to his mother. His head bowed, in the same position as her. Almost a mirrior.. But not quite.


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            "Welcome to the Empire, newcomer. Before you join, the Council must converse on whether you will be accepted among our ranks - however in the mean time you may browse over this list of possible Masters to teach you in the Sith ways."

            Sith Masters

            Darth Havok
            Lady Vader [TSO]

            Sith Lords

            Darth Varlon
            Vega Van Derveld

            Sith Knights

            Athena Lady Darknss
            Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
            Eve Siren
            Laran Katern


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              Takes the list, and nods subtly. He keeps his head bowed, as he reads over the list.


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                Jade watches her son with great intrest, realizing that his decision to be a Sith Lord is what makes him different from his twin sister, Amazon Jael Universe, who has recently demanded to her mother to find a Jedi Master for her. Just the thought of conversing with those pathetic infidels who call themselves Jedi made her want to kill every one of them she sees. But Jade loved all her kids. And if thats what Amazon wanted, then so be it. But soon, Amnon must test the strength of the bond between them.

                She watches him closely and whispers to him in a language only a few of her children know, a private language she came up with so family can talk privately.

                *Amnon, dear, we must change Amazon to the Darkside soon, or the two of you will drift apart, much like Angel and I have. You do not want that, do you, my son?*


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                  :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide Rayial steps forward from the shadows after observing LadyEmeraldJade address those present. Dara looks over at her son and then back to Jade ::

                  "Hello LadyEmeraldJade. I see that you bring your son before us to apply for membership. Is he prepared to answer some questions in order to determine if he can gain entrance into our organization?"


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                    Jade looks up at the voice who spoke to her, and bows her head once again. She then looks over at Amnon for a moment, then lowers her head.

                    "Aye, Master Dara, I believe that he is."

                    Jade speaks to Amnon from where she kneels.

                    "Amnon, this is up to you now."


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                      :: Dara shifts her gaze to the boy ::

                      "Well.. what do you have to say for yourself? Why do you seek entrance in the Empire? What do you have to offer this organization?"

                      :: She folds her arms in front of her and awaits his response ::