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The Darkness Enters.

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  • The Darkness Enters.

    A tall figure in a heavy black cloak enters the chamber. He moved slowly and smoothly, and not even the bottom of his cloak seems to be disrupted by the movement of silent feet beneath. None of his face was visible beneath the hood of his cloak.

    His hands are in the sleeves of his cloak, held out in front of him. His inner darkness blots out any of the compassion felt by others in this room, and they all feel a deep sense of loss in his presense, an overwhelming void emenating from him.

    He doesn't speak, here merely waits, knowing that his presence alone would be enough to initiate the proper events.

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    The Sith Knight had just returned from an unhappy event. The darkness that had filled the room as she walked past had been felt many of times. Stopping to peek in she only noticed a lone man.

    Athena sent her own wave of darkness into the council room then casted one of her own Illusions and sent it in. The Illusion was of Athena. The figure of herself walked with the same confident stride and grace.

    " Can I ask why you are in our Council Room? No wait let me guess you seek to join as so many normally do. Well let me hear your line....I am Sith Knight Athena."

    Her voice rang into the empty room and the dark mans ears.


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      Night Brood

      I walked up behind Athena and tilted my head to view the woman who was casting such a illusion...anyway id di not matter, i took a quick peek around the door fraim and viewd the new man i took a quick chuckel and called out.

      ' Hello good man, what brings you to the darkside' i said mockingly


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        A dark voice.

        A dark voice, deep and masculine with a slight rasp comes from under the cloak. The figure does not move.

        "You'll find no good man beneath this dark fabric. Know only that I have come."

        After a slight pause the voice, which sends icy chills up their spins, begins to talk again.

        "Where is the one I am to meet with?"


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          Re: A dark voice.

          Athena dropped her Illusion then walked into the Main council room.

          " Alright Tall, Dark, And Iced... Me You get to meet with me."

          She stood there and just looked at the man.


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            Mocking tone.

            In a slightly mocking tone, the voice sounded again.

            "And you are one of the Seven, or a master of the Sith?"


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              Re: Mocking tone.

              She raised her eyebrow slightly as she remained hidden in the shadows of the room. Lana glanced at Athena, then to Sieken, and back to the man. She just remained silent, eager to know the outcome of this meeting.


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                Re: Mocking tone.

                Vega sneered slightly as he listened to the newcomer speak. He folded his arms over his chest and stared at the hooded one; obviously unimpressed.


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                  Must I wait all day.

                  "Have the Seven made their discision yet, or am I to wait even longer?"

                  There was no impatience in the voice, just a matter-of-fact dull monotone to it.


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                    Re: Must I wait all day.

                    Athena didnt like this mans attitude. Nor his words to her.

                    " Wait..Oh no you will not wait my friend. "

                    Athena didnt need to be one of the Seven Masters. She knew all she had to do was kill the man before one of them got here.

                    She moved with grace and elegance gripping the man around the neck and slamming him into the wall. She lifted him off his feet and held him against the wall. Her grip was enhanced with the force and would be hard for the man to break.

                    " Now you WILL wait until I am told to let you go. And if that is not soon, you will die slowly from lack of air. Or the fact Im crushing your wind pipe. I personally dont like your deminer.Sir! "


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                      Re: Must I wait all day.

                      Her eyes lit up as a silent gasp broke her cover under her veil of darkness. Lana quickly contained herself and stared at both Athena and the newcomer as she bit her lower lip. The man was most ignorant to Athena, and she feared the worst for his future at TSE.


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                        The voice...

                        The voice speaks out once more. There is no vibration from the throat of the hooded figure, nor is there any sensation of the hard cartilage of a wind pipe as her fingers grip his neck.

                        "I am now eager to meet the Seven. It would be interesting to see just who is in charge of creatures who use their abities clumsily at best"

                        With slow, deliberate motion, the mans hands raised up. Long, yellow fingernails extending from boney white fingers slid out from the sleves of his cloak. One hand rested on the inside of her elbow, the other hand upon her wrist.

                        With a very subtle motion, the edge of the hand on her elbow pressed against a soft tendon. She most likely didn't have elegant training. Her training was probably brute force at best. The tendon wiltered beneath his grasp, and failed her.

                        His other hand dug a fingernail into her wrist, and searched somewhere in the middle. After only a moment, it too found the point it saught. All at once the woman's arm disengaged from it's endeavor, and the man fell to his feet. There was no noise as he came to a stop.

                        "I'm sure the Seven would be a little disapointed if you killed a possible future member of their ranks. I'm sure my abilities could just as easily be lent to the Jedi...that is, unless the Empire could use them easier."

                        We walked away from the wall back into the center of the chamber, the cold void emenated from him with such an intensity that it filled Lana, playing off of the good that she secretly held within her.

                        "I come here not to show my lack of respect for the subordinates of the Seven. However, if disrepect they doth find, then apologies they may well seek. Using the Force comes with a great responsibility, be it Light or Dark, that all should know the appropriate times to use it, and direct their energies in an intelligent manner."

                        Great fear began to fill Lana, and the man spoke, obviously to her.

                        "There are some members who know not the true nature of the Dark Side. Who may have joined for the wrong reasons, or are not...whole their endeavours..."

                        The fear that filled Lana brought her to her knees. It was a mind numbing fear, travelling up her spin and into her cranium. Her heart began to race, and she could feel her palms grow moist.

                        "However, I come here not to play games, or muse with intrigues. I come here to offer my blade to the Council of Seven, to the Sith Empire."

                        The hooded figure tried to probe Athena, but she was obviously too strong, so he left it best to avoid her and not anger her- too much.

                        "However, if the council wishes to let my skills go to waste, and deny itself that much more power to it's cause, then that is the choice of the Empire."

                        The figure stood there, once again in silence, the void emenating from him could be felt even in the hallway outside.


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                          Re: The voice...

                          :: Stepping inside from the back of the recruitment area, Sith Master and Council member Dara Shadowtide Rayial had seen quite enough of this display by the newcomer as she strode into the room, the double doors slamming open.

                          Approaching the visitor, he is met with a blast of pure Dark Side energy from an extended palm as it forces him backwards and away from the two Sith women. Dara then holds her thumb and first finger a short distance apart and the newcomer's trachea begins to constrict due to the intense pressure exuded from the Sith Master ::

                          "That will be quite enough from you. You will not trifle with my apprentices nor will you waste the time of the Sith Empire with your misplaced demonstration. I care not for your lectures on how you deem things should be in this organization nor do I care for your treatment of two of its members. Indeed, strikes against you already in such a short time here. Now, you will choose your words carefully or they will be your last."

                          :: An aura of pure evil emanates from her as she looks upon him and diminishes the pressure so that he may speak ::


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                            No Trachea

                            OOC: I have no trachea, nor do I need to inhale to speak. Just in case you didn't catch it in my previous post.

                            The front of the tall man's neck begins to constrict, making it hard for him to swallow, and allowing for quite a bit of discomfort.

                            He was pushed back, and as soon as the Force exerting upon him was lessened, he stooped low, and knelt before the lady.

                            "My apologies, my Dark Mistress, for my abhoritious conduct. I was merely testing the meddle of your organization, and I see that it is truly fit of the great Sith legacy."

                            He had collapsed into a pile of dark fabric on the floor. His voice had changed from it's defiant tone to a more submissive one. Indeed, his voice didn't allow for much expression of feelings. However, his voice was not altered by any pressure upon his neck.

                            "I have come to pledge my allegience and my life to your cause. I have come in search of a master, as the members of my race do when they come of age."

                            "If you would have me, I am yours in Darkness."


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                              Re: No Trachea

                              Seraphim snapped to life in Vega's hand as he took one step towards the knave that acted so stupidly before the Council.

                              "Let me carve him up right now," he rasped through his teeth, the darkside swelling inside his body to ebb out in a violent rapid wave of energy.