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  • A Dark Presence

    From the shadows steps a young girl, barely much older then nineteen. Her midnight hair is tied up into a ponytail, a few long bangs sweeping close to her dark golden eyes. She's dressed in her usual black leather body suit, heels of her boots softly chiming against the floor as she walks. Her eyes carefully scan the area, searching for any sign of life; only those with talent able to see the dark power hidden behind an innocent looking face.

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    Moving toward the newcomer, Daegal kept to the shadows. After looking her over, he revealed himself. "Greetings, I am Daegal, a Sith Warrior here. Welcome to the Empire."

    Pausing slightly, he began again. "You must await the greeting of a Sith Master or Council Member."


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      "Greetings, newcomer."
      Lana's voice trailed to the girl as she stepped into one of the few hues of the room and bowed before her.


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        Moves to bow to them both before straightening, tossing a few strands of midnight hair behind her shoulders before smiling softly.

        "Greetings...I have come only to pledge my alliance and blade to the Empire, but I am not sure if I'm ready to consider a master. I only wish to improve my skill and knowledge of the dark side. sister believes I should do otherwise."


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          Jade steps from the shadows as she hears Andias voice saying 'sister'. Her dark pink piercing eyes glow brightly, an evil smile toying at one corner of her mouth.

          "Nice to see you have taken my advice, dear sister. Its good to know the Darkside has brought us closer together, Andia."

          Jade nods deeply to Andia, then becomes quiet as not to disturb the Council Members when they arrive.


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            Chuckles softly, turning her eyes to her sister and returning the nod without a responce to the comments, her silence for the same reasons.


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              A Dark Presence

              watches from the shadows as he sees his 2 sisters and watches them closely as he folds his arms.


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                A big family reunion. Eve thought. She folded her arms lightly over her stomach, and tilted her head to the side. Her motorcycle Skull helmet on her head, Eve studied the newcomer silently on her own.



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                  [i]Jezebella was walking by the recruiting office when she caught sight of a new comer. She quickly made her way toward her and bowed low. Her golden brownish gaze looked over the new comer and a slight grin tugged at her lips<i/>

                  "Welcome to the Empire."

                  [i]She nodded to the others in the room and leaned against the wall,watching her closely<i/>


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                    Returns the bow to Valkiry, a small grin forcing its way past her usually emotionless expression. She sets up a small communication with Jade, a conversation for the two sisters alone.

                    "Greetings, thank you for the welcome."
                    To Jade- <I haven't been watched this much since Dameos caught me acting nice to some little child. Have I done something wrong already?>


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                      :: An Evil presence engulfs the Recruitment Center, sending a chill down everyones back, like someone had just walked over there grave. A tall shadowed figure appears from a Darkness only a few could create. From under his hood he over looks the newcomer, studying her, His red eyes seem to glow brighter ::

                      If you wish to be trained in the ways of the Dark Side, you will need a Master.


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                        Athena noticed that yet another memeber of a Family was here to join. She thought to herself Soon this will not be the Sith Empire, But the Empire of one family... with only one blood The thought sickened her.

                        Athena made her way towards Andia..... She looked at the child. Athena's deadly violet eyes shined and danced with darkness. The Sith Knight wanted answers and she would have them. In a chilling tone Athena's voice could be heard in the room.

                        " WHY here? Cause one person thinks you should? What do you think? The darkness it lives within you, but you do not live with in the darkness. Not like others here."

                        Athena looked at The Lord Phantom and her fellow Sith Knight Eve.

                        " Tell me why we should let you in? What could you offer to someone for taking you as their apprentice? What can you offer the Empire? "

                        Athena was annoyed in taking in so much of one family. If a family fight started to many of one family would be gone and that was memebers of the Empire...

                        Athena looked at the child.


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                          Turns her eyes to Lady Athena, pausing only momentarily to bow in respect to Darth Phantom. She offers the same bow to Athena, her eyes regaining their cold expression as she speaks with a matching cold tone.

                          "I came by the request of my sister, yes. I also came because I wish to prove myself worthy carry the title of Sith."

                          She pauses for a mere moment, regaining her line of thought before continuing.

                          "So many creatures say they are true Sith these days, it's purely sickening. Idiots, though that honored title was a mere occupation to passed around. I want to prove myself able to carry that title; and that recklessness and determination is all I can offer. If that is not what's needed in this place, M'Lady, I will gladly leave to find a location that does. But I ask you not to mistake me for my siblings-I am quite a different being."


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                            Eve had moved behind Athena, and turned around, their backs facing each others. Hiding in Athena's shadow, it looked as if Eve simply vanished.

                            Interesting ... She sent to Athena through the Force.


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                              :: The Sith Master rises from her council chair and approaches the newcomer, studying her closely ::

                              "Greetings. I am Dara Shadowtide Rayial, one of the leaders of this organization. I have watched the discussion thus far and sense a lack of committment on your part to join our organization."

                              :: She begins to pace slowly around the newcomer, like an animal hunting its prey ::

                              "Being granted membership in the Empire means not only a complete dedication to the study of the Dark Arts, but also to the advancement of the Sith Empire throughout the galaxy. It is not merely something to join on a whim, nor is it something to be used and discarded once a certain skill level has been attained. To join the Empire is to join the Dark Side."

                              :: Dara's ocean green eyes lock on the newcomer's as she stands directly in front of her ::

                              "Why are you here if it was not your own desire to seek membership in the first place?"