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  • A timely return...

    Having left the Sith Empire long ago, shortly after the departure of her Master, Saurron. Lady Razielle Lynch returned not knowing what to expect. Desiring to be readmitted to the noble ranks of the Empire she was back and ready for action.

    "I wish to be reinstated in the Empire, if it is the will of the Council."

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    The scent of the Vampyre was a catalyst for much displeasure in Vega. It wasn't that he disliked Razielle, or even that he hated her, she just was one of those people. Vampyres, that is. Didn't go down at all well with his race - it was just a natural fact. Sadly there were no lightsider vampyres for Vega to take it out on. Pity really. He'd learnt not to act on it, though, at least not on the vampyres - there was always some pleb nearby just waiting to be gutted.

    "Mmn... it is good to see you returning, Razielle," he said, grinning toothily.


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      A familar sense drifted over the Sith Master as Razielle arrived. The dark bond the two shared alerted him to her presence as he was sure she knew of him being somewhere near. Walking to the council room where the Sith vampyre now waited he heard her words and raised a brow.

      Seeing that the wolf one was there Lynch folded his hands behind his back as he walked up beside the vampyre woman and gazed at the back of her skull. "The will of the council alone does not decide everything. You ask to rejoin....why now and do you think you can prove to this group you do belong? Can you serve the dark side proudly once more." Questions, always there existed many. It only took a few reponses to answer them.


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        Razielle gave a regal nod to Lord Van Derveld and at once set about the task of looking through her cloak for a tissue for him. He seemed to be plagued with the sniffles, if one could tell by the look on his face.

        Her task was forgotten as her husband materialized at her back. She raised her chin proudly and answered his questions without pause.

        "I never ceased serving the Dark side. I merely changed my location while doing it. I do not presume to be able to walk back into the Sith Empire, I ask only for the chance to fight as one of your number again. As for my belonging here.. This I cannot answer, it is not for me to decide. Let time and my actions dictate whether or not I belong."


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          Daegal moved from the shadows at the back of the room toward Razielle. He nodded in approval, not wanting to interrupt her conversation with Master Lynch.


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            :: Sitting at his desk in his quarters within The Sith Empire's HQ, he sat reading a holopad. He had just finished reading a long text about the inner workings of The Sith Empire when a dark and familiar presence struck him. With his eyes a blaze he stands up pushing his chair clear across the room ::


            :: He yelled. Wrapping himself within his cloak he disappeared in his Darkness and headed to the council room. Several minutes later he arrived, still within the confines of Darkness he watched Raz and Jedah conversant ::


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              She was there Raz...
              What could Athena say of her sister other then she always made a great return. From with in the darkness she smiled as her sister asked for her place within this Empire. Athena wished nothing more then to have one family member back with in the Empire, Athena served. Saying nothing to her sister Athena watched and waited.


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                :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide smiles from her council chair as she sees Lady Razielle enter the recruitment area. She had one day hoped to see the vampyre's return and knew that this only meant a strengthening for the Empire for the Warrior to return to where she had started her journey into the darkness. Serving as Raz's mentor after Saurron's departure from TSE, Dara was well aware of this woman's skills and dedication to the darkness. She nodded to Raz and watched her husband speak with her ::


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                  Her answer was a suitable one, not overly dramatic as some would often make their case when they first arrived or returned and made speeches enough to make most politicians glow with envy. "Time and actions prove all things in due time. You of course know failure is not an option. There is no doubt in my mind you are committed however you shall need to prove your worth to any who may think otherwise." Sensing the lupine curling his lips up at the vampyre presence the Sith Master gave a false grin. "Perhaps you could beat some furry rugs around here that need beatings....." Chuckling below his breath he didn't bother to give the wolf one a look. "But then as a Sith such duties are beneath you. You shall be given another chance.....and what you do with it is up to you. Choose the one who shall educate you further in the dark divine path and we shall see how far you tread."


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                    Her expression didn't change from one of sheer determination as he spoke. She knew her own mind, her whole being was set on her return to the Empire and resuming her training within it. When he was finished addressing her, she made a respecful nod of her head, then narrowed her eyes in silent speculation.

                    "Master Lynch, if I am to choose, then I would have you. Surely one such as yourself would ensure that I never stray from the Dark path. You are known to be hard on those you train and I do so wish to prove my dedication..."

                    She knew very well that she was getting herself into more then she wanted. He would be hard on her, perhaps moreso then anyone else if he accepted her proposal and decided to be her Mentor.


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                      Giving her a stare down as he judged her emotionlessly the Sith Master wondered if she exactly knew what she was getting herself into. Many times did he educate his apprentices in pain besides that of words, to further prove their capabilities by testing them in not only the art of combat and the way the mind worked. Physical and mentally they had to be prepared for the path they walked least they fall down into the abyss.

                      "Very well, than I shall take you on as my apprentice...but know this my wife, due to our connection I shall train you harder than most for there can be no failure. And I shall make sure you know the ways of the darkside or not even the gift of immortality will save you. Welcome back to The Sith Empire"


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                        She once again nodded respectfully to her new Mentor in the Dark ways.

                        "I have every faith in your ability to perfect me, husband."

                        With that she finally acknowledged the group that had slowly gathered upon her entrance. Many faces, all of whom were close allies and dear to her. It stengthend her resolve to have them close at hand under the scrutiny of her husband.

                        A smile both sincere and chilling broke across her face, and to those who knew her, they knew it spelled trouble for her enemies.

                        "Well, it would appear I am back..."


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                          A smile spread across Daegal's face as he chuckled. "The Empire grows stronger this day by your presence, Razielle!"


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                            Vega laughed the comment off and nodded slightly to Lynch, noting mentally not to return the quip. He tightened the fold of his arms over his chest and smiled slightly.


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                              :: Phantom's eye begin to glow a bright red as he peers out from under his hood. A low growling sound radiates from Phantom as he continues to look upon Raz, he looks to Jedah and snarls as he retreats into the shadows. Just as he leaves a voice echoes in Jedah's mind ::

                              I thought you were too busy to take on another apprentice, Master Jedah...