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    [i]The scarlet worrier entered the recruiting area with a deadly grin on her face. It had been awhile since she had been around the powerful and honorable race of the Sith,she longed to be trained by one. The passing away of her master had left her untrained for some time,although she still followed the path of Darkness,she was not ready. She sighed with heavy grief and leaned against the far wall,awaiting for someone to finally get curious and ask whom she is<i/>

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    *Sith Lord Snack kept to the shadows as a woman walked into the area. He watched her with unwavering eyes, noting her movements and composure. A Dark Aura ran throughout her body, emminating off into the room. She looked around, a tad curious, then leaned up against the wall as if waiting for something. The woman kept silent save for a sigh.*


    *He emerged from the shadows, his cloak on and hood concealing his face from sight.*


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      OOC- Is it just me, or is her icon insanely big ?


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        :: From under his hood two glowing red eyes peer out, looking over the newcomer. The Tall Cloaked Figure stays within the confines of his Darkness as he watches his good friend Lord Snack emerge from the shadows and begin to talk to the new arrival ::


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          :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped into the recruitment area from the training grounds. Her twin saber hilts rocked back and forth on her belt as her silent footsteps neared the newcomer. Nodding to her comrades she turned her attention to the woman ::

          "I am Dara Shadowtide, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. Why do you seek membership in our organization?"

          :: She studies the woman's every move as she awaits her answer ::