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Awaiting Sith Approval

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  • Awaiting Sith Approval

    :: Preparing for this day since long ago, the Massassi entered seeking the acceptance of the Sith Empire to begin his formal training. ::

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    A tall light haired man approaches the one who has just entered, his arms folded over his chest. He stands there momentarily silent, then smirks.

    "Yes... what do you want?"


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      Awaiting Sith Approval

      :: Drops to one knee and bows his head ::

      "I wish to train in the ways of the Sith and utilize the power of the Force to destroy those that once annihilated my ancestors."


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        "Oh... not another avenging soul," the Sith Lord sighed and turned away from the now bowed man.

        He rose one hand up into the air and gestured it about lazily, laughing to himself.

        "And what makes you so special, hmmm? How are you any different from the droves of others who come here seeking admitance every day?"


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          Green eyes narrowed as the new arrival entered and stood there. He was a of the ancient breed used by a Sith Lord long since dead. The Sith Master had often conjoured up images of the beast to use against his foes or apprentices to train their skill. How rare it was for one of their kind to be here now when there was little left of their culture save that mentioned in legend.

          Listening to Vegas line of questioning he watched with interest.


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            Awaiting Sith Approval

            :: Now rising to his feet, the large creature focused his beady, red eyes on the back of the Sith Lord's head. ::

            "Aside from my lineage and physical attributes, I'm like every other I'm sure: filled to the brim with hate & anger and wanting to develop my skills in the Dark Side of the Force. My ancestors once fought for the Sith, and now I wish to also - as one."

            :: He folded his arms across his chest and stared with intent as he waited for a response. ::


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              "Mmmhmm, Mhmmm. That's all very good and well,"

              Vega spun on his heel back to face the now risen wouldbe darksider, one eyebrow raised.

              "So you are a literal maelstrom of dark energy waiting to happen, bent on destroying those who wiped out your family."

              The Sith canted his head and nodded it fairly nonchalantly.

              "What do you believe you can bring to the Empire aside from your unique and ever so curious race?"


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                "Myself. I have the strength; I have the dedication; I have the hate. All I need is the training to guide me on my path of destruction."


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                  Vega scooped a datapad out of the pockets in his robes and tossed it to Tir. It listed all the available tutors.

                  Sith Masters

                  Dara Shadowtide

                  Sith Lords

                  Darth Phantom
                  Darth Snack
                  Darth Varlon
                  Vega Van Derveld

                  Sith Knights

                  Athena Lady Darknss
                  Chaos Alexander
                  Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
                  Eve Siren
                  Laran Katern

                  "No further questions from me. Although I can't say the same about the Council," his voice trailed somewhat as he turned to look towards the seated Council members expectantly.


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                    "Very well. Am I to wait until after I've heard from the Council?"

                    :: The hulking beast perused the list as he waited in anticipation for one of the Council to speak to him. ::


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                      I simply shook my head, gave a quick nodd to Vega and walked out.


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                        "When a Master or member of the Council has formally greeted you, and found out whatever they want to know about you," he added, "then you may state who you wish to train with."

                        Vega grinned slightly.

                        "That is, if they decide to grant you membership."


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                          "Well, well, who might this be ?"

                          Eve asked, almost murmuring but loud enough for the others to hear as she appeared behind Vega, peeking over his high shoulder at the newcomer.

                          Her motorcycle skull helmet on, she tilted her head to the side, studying the newcomer.

                          "Well ?"


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                            Dyne patted Eve on the shoulder as she turned to look at his shadowy figure. He put his finger to his lips and motioned her to stay quiet for now.



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                              :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped forward after listening to the answers of the newcomer to the questions of her apprentice, Sith Lord Vega Van Derveld. She walked over and stopped just in front of the man ::

                              "I am Dara Shadowtide, one of the leaders of this organization. I have listened to your direct answers and have some questions of my own. First, what is the Dark Side to you?"

                              :: Her gaze never left him as she awaited his response ::