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The Jawa.

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  • The Jawa.

    A jawa walks in covered under a gray cloak already with a sabre from beneath a crease there is another sabre. The jawa speaks (in jawanese) it then speaks again (in baisic)" I am here I do not need training I have fought many and killed many(jedi that is) I am here for fellow sith not dark or fallen jedi, sith I need an apprentice plaese join me." The Jawa walks to a corner and waits it's(his) eyes glowing sickly yellow.

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    I am waiting I have little time. One of you talk. Or one of you will suffer MY force!


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      This order does not function properly I have examined you all you have jedi instincts in you I am leaving none of you scum could be part of the new sith order.

      I give you this advice:
      the dark side does not need paitence or physical power it need's greed


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        The small creature is thrown out of the doors of the Council room by a force push tainted with a little force lightening for good measure.

        "Get out and stay out," Vega says with a smile.


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          *It's cold white eyes stared out from the darkness of the council room, consuming all heat in the little creature's body the instant it looked up and saw them. The deep chill that came from seeing it's form was apparantly just as efficient on Jawas as it was on humans.*

          " You lack intelligence and power. Your order will fail, as will your life."

          *The blunt telepathic message weaved it's way into the Jawa's mind, the eerie, almost hissing sound causing it's small limbs to tremble ever so slightly, as the hallway around it seemed to grow slightly darker, and much, much more hostile.*

          *It stepped out into the light, it's double-jointed legs only further adding to the insanity that seemed to make up it's body. Large plates of what seemed to be a metal of some sort made up a rather effective layer of armor around it's body, whilst other areas seemed transparant, glistening muscle tissue showing through. It's arms ended in long blades that seemed almost ethereal in their thinness, as if they were there, but not quite.*

          *As the Jawa trembled in an unnatural fear, the creature's arms stretched out to either side of it's body, raised out at perfect 90' angles. Long moments passed, where no party was entirely sure what it was going to do, but finally the tension was broken, at least on the Jawa's part, when another message burned into his mind.*

          " Leave. Leave Now."


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            Behind the jawa loomed a massive shadow, that encompased him five times over.

            "You do not come here and try to make us turn on ourselves, not if you wish to see the sunrise one more time with your own eyes."

            Tempist could well hold through with his threat, the jawa's head was aligned perfectly with his claws, and his fingers were twitching slightly, as if he had to physicly hold himself back.


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              :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped from the shadows and nodded to her comrades ::

              "Do what you wish with him, he will not be allowed to join."

              :: She turned on her heel and exited the chamber ::


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                Tempist unvailed an evl grin, and let loose. He grabed the jawa by his throat, and held him above him in the air. He held him there for a moment, watching the little one struggle.His hand tightened slightly, before he threw him into a wall, no more than four feet from where they had been standing. The power of the throw would have broken many bones in a human body, he could only imagine what it would do to a jawa.