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    A blue-haired woman walked in. Silence was everywhere, all that could be heard were her steps. One by one. She finally stopped when she reached the middle of the Council Room, and kneeled down. She never talked, she leaned her gaze down towards the marble ground, and awaited for a member of the Council to notice her.


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    Xavier leans back against the wall slowly, his arms crossing over his chest. He watches the woman who just entered, his trenchcoat sliding back slightly, revealing the hilt of the saber under it.


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      Cloaked in shadows as he normally was, Daegal stood next to his brother. He stares at the newcomer, awaiting a comment from some of the higher ranking members.


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        Vega stalked out of the shadows and swept around the woman, looking down his nose at her.

        "Yes? What do you want?"

        He came to a halt infront of her and folded his arms over his chest.



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          Looking from the shadows...a small chuckle came from the back, as i found what vega did ammusing.

          ' welcome'


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            Eden's eyes looked up but went down almost immediately. That man ... He wasn't a member of the Council. She would only respond to one of them, and not to anyone else, so she remained silent.


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              Xavier growls at the disrespect this new comer showed to his Master. He leans off the wall and takes a step out of the shadows. "You answer a Lord when they speak to you!"


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                " Yes. Speak."

                *From within the shadows of the council room, two cold glowing white eyes peered out at her, waiting a response to the eerie, hissing psychic message it had weaved into her mind. The sound of the creature's voice echoed inside her head, seemingly refusing to release it's grasp on her mind. Looking over out of the corner of her eyes, she noticed the source, and found that the sight sent an almost numbingly cold shiver throughout her body, no matter how hard she tried to contain it..*

                *It was not that it had any interest in the girl, it was simply a matter of showing some respect to it's Master. This one had not done so, and that was not suitable.*


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                  Others Siths had insisted on her to speak. They didn't understand. Nobody would ever ... She shivered lightly at the Sith's cold white eyes, but still remained silent. Not stubborn ... She just knew who she had to speak to. She just shook her head gently, her gaze stuck to the floor, her lips not even cracking a smile or frown.


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                    "Lord Vega asked you a valid question."

                    :: Lady Dia's voice came from the back of the room where she had been observing the events of the past few minutes. She walked in, nodding to those she recognized, then took her seat and looked at the girl. ::

                    "Well, what do you want?"


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                      "I ..."

                      Eden finally spoke softly, almost murmuring. She bit her lower lip gently, trying to find the words, then decided to speak with the Force to the Sith Master.

                      "I'd like to join the Empire ..."

                      She bowed her head down, in direction of the Sith Master.

                      "And learn the ways of darkness."


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                        Dyne arched his eyebrow at the newcomer, Eden. He looked back and forth between her and Sith Master Lady Dia. Standing quietly, he awaited what Lady Dia's response would be to her.



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                          :: Dia sat quietly for what seemed to be hours, but was really only a few moments. She studied Eden before responding. ::

                          "You have come before this council, surely you have enough courage to speak aloud."


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                            Eden remained silent for another long while, then decided to speak, knowing she'll somehow have regrets later on.

                            "My name is Eden Sorne. And I am here to study the ways of pure darkness."

                            She bit her lip slightly afterwards, her gaze still locked on the ground and the locks of gray-purple hair covering her eyes.


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                              "Such is the aspiration of all those who come before this Council. But why here? Why have you chosen TSE instead of one of the other groups?"