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  • Ascension to Power

    Looking for his father, Darius entered the Recruitment Area. After Darius had killed his mother, he was unsure of how his father would react. The time had come, however, to find out.

    Darius' intense craving for power had to be quenched. He had to rise to his full potential. The only way to do that was to seek training in the ways of the Dark Side.

    Noticing a guard near the entrance to the Recruitment Area, Darius spoke in a commanding voice.

    "Summon my father, Lord Vega Van Derveld. Tell him that his son has come to ascend to a higher power. Tell him that I have come to train in the ways of the Sith."

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    My eyes darted towrds the little...well little boy i could think of more words to call him but it was not the right time to taunt. He killed a good friend of mine i had known her for nearly a year and we confided in eatchother often, Gi held all my secrets and never told a soul even took it to her grave, i loed her as a friend very much....her death in my case was not going to be in vein.

    ' Young, young Darius, how good to see my best friends son on the trot this late at night. You know my little "friend"...i hate to say this, but you are not safe out here alone at night...alot of people are not happy with you...'

    the little fool knew what i was speaking of and he was not dumb enough not to rearlise he was lucky his father was here with him...Vega was my closest friend and i could not do that to him...but if it was somone elses son...his blood would have been shed long ago!.


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      "Welcome, young one. I can sense that the force runs strong through your veins, much like your father's. I welcome you wholeheartedly into the Empire. You must await the greeting of a Council member before you can formally join us, though."

      Turning to Sieken, Daegal spoke with authority. "You shall not threaten those who wish to apply to our ranks, whatever your problems are with them. If you have agression you need to deal with, then perhaps I can oblige you on the battleground. Otherwise, do not insult all that this orginization stands for by making threats, subtle or not, to those that wish to join us."


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        Darius sneered at Sieken's comments and grinned slightly as Daegal stood up for him.

        "One day, I will be powerful enough to defeat them both without breaking a sweat.", he thought to himself.


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          "Fellow ease"

          *Sieken and Daegal both turn to see Bi0 standing to the side of them*

          "Whilel I pose no right to put you in your places, I do advice against any hostile aura's in this place. This is a Recruitment Center, not a battle field. Besides, you are before the Council..please do not stain the welcome of potenial fighters to the SE"

          *Bi0 spoke a firm yet calm tone...his words weren't meant to arise fires*

          "Now, regardless of what this boy has done in the past, we lowly Warriors have no authority to judge him. Only the Council can decide such actions. All we can do is say our welcomes without anger"

          *Bi0's wings flung out for a stretch and then recoil back in. He looks at the boy then turns around into the shadows where his usually leaning spot is*


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            "Your words ring true, Bi0.."

            Turning to Darius, "I welcome you with open arms, little one. May your glory someday approach that of your father's."

            Turning to the Council, "I was out of line to address Sieken in that manner, and for that I apologize. However, I stand by what I said, and I shall stand by it to the death."

            Daegal then moved to the wall to await words from the Council.


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              OOC: Deagle i never said one word of threat to the i will ignore that perticuler part of the post.

              Crossing my arms firmly over my chest and gave a more than a wild grin to Darius, my mouth was twitching and my anger was building up, however i was not going to be the one sent out for striking a fellow siths son...and it was my friends son...made all the diffrence..i walked toDeagle and spoke to him close up so that we would not disrupt the proceedings.

              'Deagle, you are so quick to judge such a small boy that killed part of our close nitted sociaty, a woman that played a great part of keeping this empire"Welcome him with open arms"....your challenge is accepted for the training grounds....after this i will meet you there.'...

              I said that with great confidence, and walked away and stood next to BI0 waiting for Vega or the council to speak.


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                Umm ..

                "Darius ?"

                Eve had appeared behind her nephew, tilting her head to the side. One hand loose and the other hand hoding her helmet.

                She looked at the boy silently at first, then spoke softly.

                "Darius, you shouldn't be here ..."


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                  Re: Umm ..


                  You know my little "friend"...i hate to say this, but you are not safe out here alone at night...alot of people are not happy with you...'
                  That looks like a threat to me...


                  "I welcome him because it is an insult to our Empire and all that it stands for to shun him because of past events. You and I have both done bad things in the past, yet the Empire has accepted us. It is not your position to judge, it is the Council's and his father's."

                  A dark smile crossed Daegal's face as he finished, "And I look forward to teaching you proper manners on the training grounds."


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                    Re: Umm ..

                    OOC: Alot of people are not happy with a threat?..i beg to differ..anyway...for the benifit of the thread ill go along with it.


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                      Re: Umm ..

                      OOC: I was referring more to the "you shouldn't be out here alone tonight.. Let's talk about this on AIM so we don't clutter his thread up.


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                        Re: Umm ..

                        *Bi0 looked both Warriors from the corner of his eye*

                        "Fellow Warriors...I again ask that you remain at ease...I too know what Darius did to much as it has pained us all, we still have no power to condemn him or expel him away. Council will decide his future....or have him erased on sight".

                        *Turns his eyes back to see Eve next to Darius*

                        "Sieken...Darius...again, do not see my words that could arise fires. We just have to maintain our composers and wait this out".


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                          Re: Umm ..

                          "I am here to further my power, Aunt Eve. What reason is there that I should not be here?"

                          Darius shifted his weight to one foot, awaiting a comment from the Council.


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                            Re: Umm ..

                            "All of your. Silence your squabbling."

                            Vega entered the room slowly, his eyes gliding from Warrior to Warrior, to rest finally apon his own son.

                            "You speak the truth that Darius is not thought of well here, however it is not your place to judge whether he should be allowed within our ranks. It the council alone who will permit his acceptance or deny it."

                            The Sith Lord stared stonily down at Darius, waiting.


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                              Re: Umm ..

                              Lana stayed quiet in the darkness, just looking on at the most current event. Like on some occassions, she found that no words seeped out from her mouth. Not a single one...