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  • My time to join

    :: Dark B Shadow seemed to be always evil no one knew why this had happened. That's because he was adopted when he was a child but no one knew except his foster parents. They both were Jedi's that killed his real parents who were sith's. They took him to raise as their own to try to take the sith power out of his blood. It didn't work. But what happened they never expected he found out about it and ran away. So he decided to go join the Sith Empire to train and then when he's strong enough to destroy all Jedi's.::

    "I have come to join the Empire." He said.

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    "Welcome to the mighty Sith Empire. I am Tempist Opps, a Sith Warrior. Wait here untill a master or council membrer greets you, then you can choose a tutor in the dark arts from this list."

    Tempist handed Shadow a long scroll, it was not his fashon to use datapads. The list read:

    Sith Masters

    Dara Shadowtide

    Sith Lords

    Darth Phantom
    Darth Snack
    Darth Varlon
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Chaos Alexander
    Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      :: Dark read over the list and thought who he should choose as a master. He figured he should choose the strongest one on the list so he could get a tougher training then others. He was ready to go. But he waited for a someone on the councle to great him


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        "Just because dear Tempist here gave you the list doesn't mean you're in, boy."

        A voice came from behind the two men as the Sith Knight stepped in, one hand on her waist, the other holding her helmet. She made a slight movement to the side with her head that caused her long dark hair to flip behind her shoulder. She studied silently the newcomer for a long while before asking.

        "What is your name ?"


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          "My name is Dark B Shadow from the Cloud City"


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            :: From the Darkness Phantom steps. He slowly enters, his cloak waving in back from his movment. From under his hood two growing red eyes peer out on to the new recruit, He nods to Eve with a smile on his face, He thinks to himself ::

            * She interigates people like I do, it must us be geneticlly engineered people *

            :: He grins from the thought and moves to her side ::

            Indeed, why have you come to join?


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              :: He had to think about it for a second for he did know why he was here for before but he was scared but full of anger at his foster parents. But he built up his confidence and spoke. ::

              "I have come to join to learn the way of the sith and so I can get power so I can defeat my enemy's. Which are all Jedi's. I want to follow my real parents ways as they were both Sith's. Then get my revenge on my fake parents as they killed my real parents. I know that if I will be excepted into the Sith Empire I will become powerful."


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                OOC: Damn Eve your sigs get sexier every day lol.

                IC: I gave a nod giving my welcome to the man.


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                  :: Dark Shadow nodded back ::


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                    Eve nodded to the Sith Lord, and backed away as he came near the newcomer. She stepped backwards, but still didn't let go of the newcomer with her eyes.



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                      :: He looks as Eve steps back ::

                      Oh, I meant not to take your spot in questioning.

                      :: Phantom motions for her to return ::

                      Please continue...


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                        Xavier leans back against the wall in a shadow. He smirks slightly and crosses his arms over his chest slowly, the only thing seen of him at the moment are his ice blue eyes.


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                          :: at that moment were no one seemed to be talking he remembered anouther thing to why he want's to be in the Empire and that was to Further the Empire to Greatness. For the Sih's are the strongest force in the Universe. ::

                          " I also forgot to mention to why I would Like to join The Sith Empire. So I can further the Greatness of this Empire for Sith's are the strongest force in the Universe."
                          <p align="center">________________________________</p>


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                            "Oh, no, you go, my Lord. You know I am not very social ..."

                            Eve nodded to Phantom, and bowed her head down, motionning her hand for him to continue in her place.


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                              :: Phantom nods in respect and gives her a slight smile ::

                              What makes you different from the rest, the rest who storm in here everyday?