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Standing at the Recruitment doors...

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  • Standing at the Recruitment doors...

    Michin turns his head to the right as he enters the unknown area. He had been looking into The Sith Empire for some time, he had been aware of many of the Dark Aura's that stood out of place here...

    His long black hair kept up in his motion as it touched the air lightly, whisking back somewhat, but basically staying in place. His cloak hovered over the cold steel floors, moving ever closely to his feet as they move over the floor...

    He bides his time by looking at the walls that are glittered with the black decor, and the pictures of the Empire Council...

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    A Lady walked into the council room....

    " Those are the old council as well as the current council. The one you are looking at is Sith Master Lady Dia... Although I dont know her well she is powerful. Welcome to the Empire good sir. Although if you dont mind telling me why you have chosen this place to seek out power? "


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      Michin turned around to look at the woman in the face, his long straight hair moved by his shoulders, his eyes moved to hers slowly.

      "Power...I feel that I need to speak to one with that power, first."

      He didn't know who this woman was, possibly she was just an infiltrator who was poking at him for questions, he would soon find out...


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        :: A cloaked figure emerges from the dakness of the council room, from under his hood two red eyes peer out on to the new recruit. The Figure covers the distence between the two with great speed. The figure begins to growl as he approaches the new arival. As he is upon him the figure grabs the newcomer by the throat and lifts him into the air, his claw like nails digs deep into his skin ::

        How dare you speak to her in that manner...


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          Vega chuckled at Phantom, folding his arms over his chest as he circled the elevated recruit.

          "I think some how that our friend here was simply implying that he wished to speak with the Council,"

          The Sith Lord strode past his comrade, Phantom, and rose one hand, patting him on the shoulder.

          "... I doubt he would have the stupidity to be abusive towards one such as Athena."


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            His right hand came round over the man's hand that is at his neck, holding it so that he may get some air. He opened his mouth to speak and managed out the words easily, his eyes staring back to the red pupils that stare from under the darkness...

            " As the man speaks...I meant only to speak with the council."

            His dark eyes moved the the man that was behind the man garbed in shadow, then back to the endless hood.


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              ' You will not speak to a member of this empire with such tounge...she is conciderd by many if not all of the empire to be a noble part of this clan.' I said adding a slight raged tone of voice.

              The Sith Warroir walked into the room, the candle light flickering of off my red cloak, my white hair flopping to one side as i tilted my head to the man my body just tempted to punch my fist through his rib cage.

              ' I highly surgest your sercasem remains outside of this room, or trust me if i dont rip you apart, Vega or Anthea will do...and it will be more painfull than you can imagin'

              I was not in a good mood, the man had picked the wrong time to get cocky...insulting my friends was not a good idea..mixed with sercasem aswell?...he was messing with the wrong group of people.

              ' Other than that...welcome to the empire' i said giving a grin


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                Indeed Vega, I know what he ment entirly, but none the less it gives him no right to speak in such a manner.

                :: The figure tilts his head to the side and releases the newcomers neck. He could feel a grin coming from under his hood ::

                Welcome to The Sith Empire...

                :: The Sith Lord turns as he hears Sieken enter the room, he smiles as he hears his words ::

                Ah Sieken what would I have done?


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                  ' Unspeakible things Phantom...i did not mention if purely for that reason'


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                    Backing up away from the men that were talking, the hooded figure speaking out from the darkness that he is shrouded in. Strange how he hid his face, but maybe he just wanted to keep it hidden, until the correct time to show it. Michin seemed to segregate himself from the others as he waited for a council member....

                    He peered upwards to the pictures and paintings once again, looking at each one with equal interest...


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                      :: Phantom looked back at the newcomer and raised an eye brow ::

                      Have we lost your interest?


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                        Michin turned back to the shrouded figure and shook his head slowly, his long black hair flicking lightly against the wind...

                        " I am just gazing into the past..."

                        EDIT- spelling


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                          :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide strode into the room, her cloak billowing behind her as her leather boots treaded silently on the path to the newcomer. Nodding to her comrades, Dara turned her attention to the man who was gazing up at the portraits ::

                          "Greetings. I am Dara Shadowtide, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. I see you have already met several of our members. I would ask how your path has led you to us this day and why you seek membership in this particular dark organization."

                          :: She observes his mannerisms while awaiting a response ::


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                            He turned to look at the woman who had just entered the area, she was a leader, that much was sure, he had seen her picture on the wall with the others. He turned his full body around to face her and he walked towards her slowly, his cloak moving slowly along with him...

                            " I have been observing some of your members, and I have heard of the Empire... As to your other question, I come here for the pursuit of power; and the pursuit to further myself to become a Dark Entity in this universe. I want to learn the Dark arts, how to harness the Darkside further..."

                            He tilted his head to the side as he looked to the woman, his eyes pushing to hers momentarily.


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                              :: The Sith Lord walked to Dara and stood at her side. He nodded to the newcomer in respect of his reply ::