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  • I want to join

    I want to join the Sith.

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    A dark figure moved from the corner of the room. He walked toward the newcomer, stopping several feet before him. He was covered in black Sith Robes that concealed his entire body, including his face. A loud growl eminated from the Sith Warrior as he looked at the newcomer. After several seconds, he spoke loudly and confidently.

    "What will the Empire gain by allowing you into our ranks?"


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      I will be eagar to learn and to serve the Sith. I have a sharp mind and will help to achive victories. I will follow orders given by a superior. I can learn at a good pace, and will obey the teacher's instructions. i will obey your orders.


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        Daegal continued looking at him, his eyes hidden beneath his Sith Robes.

        "What sets you apart from all of the others that enter here and seek to join our ranks?"


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          With a quick smerk i looked at him with a nod and crossed my arms over my chest.


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            I will work harder than the others. I will strive to be the best. I will work to bring more glory to the sith under you. I will obey orders given to me. I will obey all of those above me and respect them. I will also respect those below me. In time I will become a better student. I will do as you say.


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              "Very well, then. You must await the greeting of a Council member before you can join our ranks. Wait patiently, though, for an absence of patience shows a weakness of the mind."

              With that, Daegal turned and made his way back to a darkned corner of the room, nodding to Sieken as he walked.


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                "Greetings, I am Tempist Opps, a Sith Warrior. After a council membrer or Master greets you and allows your admission, you must choose a master for yourself. You may choose from this list when the time comes."

                Tempist handed Wild Fire a long scroll with the list. It read:

                Sith Masters

                Dara Shadowtide

                Sith Lords

                Darth Phantom
                Darth Snack
                Darth Varlon
                Vega Van Derveld

                Sith Knights

                Athena Lady Darknss
                Chaos Alexander
                Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
                Eve Siren
                Laran Katern

                ooc: you can look through the training grounds to see how each person teaches and which one would be best for you


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                  Thank you. I will choose a teacher and gladly serve the sith


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                    :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped into view and walked to stand before the newcomer. She glanced around the room and nodded to those comrades already present before addressing the visitor ::

                    "Greetings. I am Dara Shadowtide, council member and one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. I see that you have spoken with some of our current members already. However, I would now ask you.. Have you ever experienced the power of the Dark Side first hand? Do you have any weapons you are proficient with in battle already?"


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                      The light hits the top of my cloak still hiding my face as i turn to face the new comer. I am proficent in a blaster pistol, rifle,
                      daggers of all kinds, swords, and unarmed combat. I learned from my father these things to better defend myself aginast others. He taught me well then i left to make aliving on my own. Working as an assasin for hire.


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                        Lana stared at the newcomer emotionlessly from the shadows, waiting on the outcomes of this meeting with little anticipation.
                        But she waited, nonetheless.


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                          "I see. Tell me, what is the Dark Side to you?"

                          :: The Sith Master studied the newcomer closely ::