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  • Seeking admission

    ::Ravana entered the admissions chamber, and stood waiting. now that she had found her brother, she wanted to make sure that she didn't lose him again.::

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    <Syren stepped out of the shadows that had concealed her until now. She glanced over the woman then took out a list of names.>

    "Welcome to the Sith Empire. You must wait here until a Council Member greets you. Until then, you can look over the list of names of those who could train you in the way of the Darkside."

    <Syren handed the woman the list then took a step back.>

    Sith Masters:

    Darth Havok
    Lady Vader [TSO]

    Sith Lords:

    Dalethria Mal Pannis
    Darth Varlon
    Firebird1 (Morale Officer)
    Raine Sarin
    Vega Van Derveld

    Sith Knights:

    Athena Lady Darknss
    Eve Siren
    Laran Katern


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      Sitting in the corner, i lifted a finger to make a candle ignite and show his face just the little bit more, as the light touched my face all the woman saw was a smirk.

      'Welcome tot he Empire miss'


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        ooc: didn't LV leave very recently?

        ::Ravana looked to the two who had greeted her, and noded.::

        Thank you, if waiting is what is needed of me, then waiting is what I shall do.


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          Vega approaches the woman and hands her a datapad, glancing over to Syren.

          "It seems your list is rather outdated," he paused, then looked at Ravana, "Here is the current list of Sith available to train you, newcomer."

          Sith Masters

          Dara Shadowtide

          Sith Lords

          Darth Phantom
          Darth Snack
          Darth Varlon
          Vega Van Derveld

          Sith Knights

          Athena Lady Darknss
          Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
          Eve Siren
          Laran Katern


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            (( OOC ~ Sorry about that .. I got the list from someone else. ))


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              Daegal leaned on a wall at the rear of the chamber, merely taking in all that was said around him. He nodded when the newcomer looked toward him.


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                "Welcome to the Empire... little one."

                The last words were so satasfying to Tempist's tounge that he allowed himself a smile. It wasn't often that he would be able to look down on his older sister like he just had, but for this instance, it was perfectly fine to.


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                  :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide stepped forward and nodded to her fellow comrades present. She walked over and stood directly in front of the woman ::

                  "I am Dara Shadowtide, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire. What is the Dark Side to you and why do you seek membership here?"


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                    "Thank you, all."

                    Ravana turned to Dara, and answered as best she could.

                    "The Dark Side, to me, is somthing greater than I can put into words. It is love; while it is hate. It is pleasure; but it is still pain. But most of all, it is power. Power to do what you wish. It allows you to seek vengance on all who have done you wrong, while still allowing you to grow and become a pillar of fear to all who oppose you or stand a chance of standing in your way."


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                      :: Dara nods to the newcomer ::

                      "Impressive response, indeed. Tell me a bit about yourself.. have you travelled the galaxy a great deal? Do you have any weapons or force training thus far?"


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                        "I have traveled quite a bit, Mistress, and have seen more places than most. I have no force training, but I did recieve some weapons training with a sword from my father, and I have learned how to be efficent with a blaster in my time alone."

                        Ravana's look remained solemn, and unwavering.

                        "A long time ago, when I was young again, I left my family... I abandoned them for my own selfish whims. While I was gone, jedi came through our village apparently and slaughtered my family, all except for Tempist. Now it's just a case of sibling rivalry. I want to eraticate all jedi before he does."


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                          "I see. Well, here at the Empire, the needs of the group far outweigh the needs of the individual. The Sith Empire is not a place to fulfill one's desires nor is it a place to stop off on a path to another role in the galaxy. This dark organization is made up of many members with a lengthy history in the galaxy. We work together collectively as we seek to increase the grasp of the Dark Side in all that we do for this group.

                          To quote one of my fellow council members, Sith Master Rama Sha, 'Your time at TSE is not about what you could benefit from being here.. it is about what you could do to keep TSE strong and alive. No one is more important than the team.'"

                          :: Dara pauses to let the words give off the full meaning before continuing ::

                          "I ask you now, why should you be allowed to join our fold?"

                          :: The woman's answers had been impressive so far, and the answer to this final question would determine whether she gained entrance or was denied ::


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                            After a moment of careful thought, Ravana spoke.

                            "I shouldn't be allowed to join for my persnal reasons for joining, I admit. I should for the benefit of the empire. Where ever I go, I bring my abilities and tallents with me. If they are brought here, then perhaps they may help this glorious empire achieve that dream of encompasing all that there is in darkness. And if not, then atleast you have another loyal fighter in the battle between light and dark, who will serve the empire to her death."

                            The tone in Ravana's voice was completely serious, without a hint of scarsasm or jokingness (is that a real word?) in it at all. Any who scanned her mind, as she knew some would, would see that she ment everything she said, and would be loyal till death did she part.


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                              :: Dara nodded to the woman ::

                              "Excellent answers, Ravana. It is at this time that I officially welcome you as a member of the Sith Empire. You may now choose a master to train you."