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  • In search of absolution...

    ... the sith apprentice came. Long since had it been that his Master had graced him with his presence, it seemed that he had more pressing matters to attend to. Hence forth, Salem had come to the only other place he thought fitting to further his skills without the aid of Jeseth - The Sith Empire. A hive of darkside activity with tutors and fellow learners in a plentiful quantity; it did infact remind him (curiously) of the school he had attended prior to his locating The Sith Order.

    It appeared, from the others he'd watched enter, that the customary fashion in which one joined was to wait for a greeting from one of the present members and hopefully in due time a Council member. Ergo, he waited.

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    Daegal moved from the back of the room toward the newcomer. His eyes narrowed as he spoke with a booming, authoritative voice.

    "What brings you here?"


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      Salem stared at the one who had spoken to him in a fairly non-descrip fashion, his expression remaining pale and wan.

      "The same thing that brings all others, the want for knowledge, power and vocation."


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        The Sith Knight watched as Warrior of the Empire spoke to the hopeful Sith to be. She said nothing as she had nothing to say at the moment.


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          "Very well then, but make no mistake, your trials here will be the most difficult tasks that you have ever attempted. Becoming a Sith is neither easy nor quick, but the rewards in the end are well worth it."

          Daegal tossed him a datapad and continued.

          "Here is a list of potential Masters. If a Council member allows you to join, you will need to pick one to train you."

          Sith Masters

          Dara Shadowtide

          Sith Lords

          Darth Phantom
          Darth Snack
          Darth Varlon
          Vega Van Derveld

          Sith Knights

          Athena Lady Darknss
          Chaos Alexander
          Dyne Darkforce
          Eve Siren
          Laran Katern


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            "Then I await Council approval."

            Salem scanned the list for a short second and immeadiately knew who he had in mind to become his Master; he was drawn to the name instinctively - perhaps by will of the force.


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              :: The Sith Lord emerges from the doorway ::

              Mmmmmm. And what would you do with this new found knowledge and power...?

              :: Phantom tilts his head to the side ::

              ...Have you trained in the dark arts before?


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                "What would I do? I would use the abilities and skills to further my own pursuits and those of the Empire."

                Salem stares into the blackness of the hooded Sith's cowl, placid still.

                "I have learnt some basics in the use of the darkside from my first tutor, Jeseth Cloak."


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                  With a light sneer sieken nodded a welcome to the hopefull


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                    Ah, why is it that you have left his guidence?


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                      :: Sith Master Dara Shadowtide observed the newcomer's answers as Lord Phantom asked the pertinent questions which would reveal whether this man would be accepted into the Empire. She waited for Phantom to finish before asking a few questions of her own ::


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                        "I cannot locate Jeseth - I cannot learn if I have no one to teach me."


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                          Mmmmm, I see.

                          :: Phantom looked to Dara ::

                          Have you chosen a Master?


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                            "I request the one known as Laran Katern to be my Master, yes."


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                              :: Dara cleared her throat ::

                              "Tell me, what is the Dark Side to you?"