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    ::After a while on a small planet, where her thought s ahd been her own a decision had been made, her father a jedi and her decieced mother a sith, she had decided to go to the sith. Her calling was here::

    I wish to join this order.

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    A small figure made its way from the shadows of the Empire walls. A small voice was heard although not to loud it almost echoed with power.

    " I see you have come like so many do each day. To join our Empire. Most only come here because they will then have the Name of The Sith Empire along with their own. What it is you can offer to this Empire? "

    The Sith Knight then looked at the hopeful... awaiting an answer.


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      I came to see if I wanted to join once, this or the jedi.
      I am Saphire's daughter, I am not sure fi you have heard of her. saphire and Warren Azalins.
      I came back now after two months and have made a decision. I bring myself and my talents and my loyalty, I am afraid that is all I can give at my disposal.

      ::She looked dircetly at the sith, truth in her face and voice. She did not have money to give, nor anythign of possesion and hoped that this place valued skill and willingness to learn than profit. But if not..she was not welcome by the jedi, nor by her father.::


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        "So you are self-decidedly Sith, Saharia?"

        Behind Athena, in the shadows, stood the massive form of Tempist. He had met Saharia a few months back, and aided her in her start... or, whatever you want to call it. She was different from everyone else he had ever helped out, like he had said once before, as if she 'wasn't from around here'. It mattered not now, he was just happy to see that she had finaly come to a descision, and quietly happier at what the descision was.


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          :;Saharia concentrated for a second, concntrating on speech patttern and started with her answer::

          Lets just say that I have issues with the jedi and I will never like the group as a whole for it..and my mother was a sith, she felt a place to belong and had happy times here.
          I do not know what is in store, but what I do know is I hear a calling here.

          ::She looked at the man she had met a month or so back and nodded respectfully,acknowledging that she recognized him::


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            :: The Sith Master steps from the shadows and walks to stand before the daughter of her former apprentice, the deceased SapphireDragoness. Her eyes focus on the girl ::

            "Greetings Saharia. I am Dara Shadowtide, one of the leaders of the Sith Empire and as you may recall, your mother's master during her time here. I see that you have found your way to where your mother spent a great deal of time. Tell me, did she know you wanted to join our ranks eventually?"


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              ::Saharia did not smile, nor flinch.::

              My mother I never not know, only what my matron who held my mothers memory told me of her. I doubt she knew anything about me but I was a girl and could force use.


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                *Sapphire's daughter? That was rather interesting indeed.. This lady seemed older than MnT, yet he had figured her mother to be around the same age as himself. Quietly he stood amongst the shadows, blending in well with his black apparal. It would be interesting to see where she decided to go from here..*


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                  ::Saharia looked at the man who stood among the shadows, but only for a second, he probably didnt want to be noticed.
                  He reminded her of someone matron used to describe::

                  I am loyal, I will do my best and I wish to be accepted here. If I am not then I know I have tried to follow the path of my choice and will be forced to improvise with other dark groups. I came to the place my mother first dwelled as a dark sider.


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                    "What is the Dark Side to you?"


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                      ::She wondered what Dara meant by that, but continued::

                      The dark side is a way to touch one I wish I knew better, to forfill the promise she ahs passed on, and it is a calling of home.

                      :;That must have sounded bad, calling home, but it was. She had seen her mother only once and for the last time a week ago..she ahd things passed onto her and now the darkness felt like home::

                      It is darkness knowledge, calling and knowing one is where it belong to. It is power, truth. It is thing not fully understood yet but growing as I grow.

                      :;That was a half form of her dialect and the other, for she did not know how to express it other ways::


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                        :: A tall cloaked figure emerges from the shadows, his two red eyes peer out from under his hood, looking over the new comer ::

                        To call home?


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                          what do you call it in your dialect... a calling of..

                          :;She thought of the word then nodded::

                          a calling of where you belong.

                          ::Frowning she took out a small device and inserted it into her ear. Trying to get used to this dialect was proving hard, and this was a cruetial moment. She wanted to become a sith and show what the darkness can achieve, and needed the right speech::

                          I want to become a sith. I want to use the darkness as an ally. I want to find a place in the darkness and a place where I can be in touch of a person I never really knew.
                          I want to use the darkness because it feels familiar and I feel like I belong in it's presence. It feels more like a home than the light does. I do not expect you to believe me, youve probably got a lot of bullsh*t artists around, but this is a choice im making with consequences and hard trials ahead. Not a thing you take lightly and not an easy decision to take. I've spent some time at the jeid and sith bars, feeling inside myself what is right. I spent three months away thinking on the decisions ahead of me and I have come with a choice,a nd I do not give up lightly.

                          ::Nodding, finally getting the right speech she looked at the sith directly, a fire within her mind and a serious expression on her face, feeling more confident with what she has said::

                          Anger must be worth something. hatred must be a useful tool if cultivated in the right way. And pure hatred is something that can be considered a gift in the sith way. I have hatred, I have anger and I want to use that. Let me use that.


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                            :: The Sith Lord rasied his eye brow as he watched the young female fumble with something, he looked to Dara and nodded in approvel ::

                            Well that is not for me to deside.


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                              :: Dara studies the woman as she speaks with conviction to Lord Phantom ::

                              "How can we be assured of your complete loyalty to the Sith Empire should you be allowed to join?"