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  • *Flowing Red Robes*

    * The Sith Disiple enters The Council Room much unnoticed. His long blood red cloak flows behind, his hood covers most of his face, only the lower half of his jaw is visable. He walks before the council members and bows his head in respect. In a deep and sinister voice he speaks aloud *

    " Lords of The Sith Empire, I have returned and wish to rejoin. I have already have a Master in mind "

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    Belial stayed hidden in the shadows, her arms crossed as she observed this ... being. She vaguely wondered when he said that he wanted to "rejoin" if he had left the TSE on a mission - or was just tired of the Darkness. Either way, it was not her place to decide his fate. She waited for a higher ranking member to greet him and make their choice.


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      Athena watched Belial and Exar...

      " So you wish to return... Why? "


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        The Lupine Sith Lord watched from his usual position in the Council room, staring at the crimson cloaked would-be with cold cyan eyes. He was much like many others that had passed through the doors - dressed up in their finery to try and impress the mighty Sith, yet all the jewels and the gold in the world could not sway the Council of the Sith Empire. Such extravagency was pointless, needless to say, and did nothing but humour Vega.


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          * The Young Disciple turns to face Athena, he nods out of respect with a slight smile on his face *

          " I wish to return to the Darkness I once served. "