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::Walks in a figure following close behind::

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  • ::Walks in a figure following close behind::

    Members of the council, may I present Kat Kariena. Formerly of the Greater Jedi Order, she has expressed to me her desire to learn the truth, and as such her desire to become a part of the Empire.

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    *A very familiar face, Kat was. A fellow Jedi Knight back in the day... The thought brought a smile to his lips. Snack kept quiet, waiting to see what will transpire.*


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      Kat showed no expression on her face, she kept her eyes alert. Some here she had known as friends... some as enemies. Her time had come and she was willing to accept it.


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        Kat Kariena... You've been a Jedi Knight longer than I can remember. Why the sudden change?

        *Snack asked, breaking his own silence. He didn not forget, however, that Kat had fought and beaten his apprentice, Knight Poreon, in battle before.*


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          OOC: This is Kat.


          Kat looked at Snack, she remebered him from the Jedi, she remembered him when he turned. "Two reasons. One, some Sith have been better and stronger friends than the Jedi have ever been to me, and two, beacuse I've found I'm sick and tired of hiding the creature inside of me. I've hid my life in the Jedi, now it's time it came out."


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            The quiet, rarely seen young Sith Lord watched from his usual post within the shadows of the pillars lining the recruitment halls. His face contorted in a mask of neutrality, hiding any emotions he may be feeling. Crossing his arms across his chest, he leaned back against one of the pillars, continuing his silent observation.


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              :: The laughing of utter Darkness fills the room suddenly. A Dark figure emerges from the Shadows, hood draw. Two crimson red eyes peer out from under it, Kat can feel him looking over her, pircing her very soul it seemed. He moves closer as he does his eyes brighten, he moves until he is right before her ::


              :: Before he is even done speaking his first word he grabs her by her throat, his claw like finger nails dig deep into her neck, her blood runs down his arm and on to the ground ::

              ...should I let you live one second longer?


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                Kat made no move, when he grabbed her by the throat, and she made no effort to get away either. She didn't even wince when he dug his fingers into her skin.

                "I give you no reason to let me live," she replied, not a hint of fear in her voice. "But then again, I give you no reason not to."

                Her eyes narrowed slightly as she continued, "I do not make choices like this lightly. If there was a future for me with the Jedi I'd still be there. As you can see there is not. I come as I am, I'm done with the Jedi. I am no longer one of them, and as far as I'm concerned as of now I never have been."

                "Kill me if you wish, but that leaves one less in your ranks. One less in strength, and one less in strength is one more in weakness."


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                  Daegal looked on from the shadows, the darkness within him everburning. His facial expression changed slightly, from one of indifference to one of anger. He stepped forward and looked at Lord Phantom.

                  "Lord Phantom, I respect you highly and I know that you are a powerful force within the Darkness, one that should not be trifled with. I must, however, express my opinion. Is not the fact that she was brought forth by one of our own reason enough for her to be gifted with life? Obviously she cannot be given immediate entrance, but I should think that if out of respect for Xanatos, if nothing else, she should be allowed to live."


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                    ::Chaos stood beside Phantom. He had grown to see the man as a Role Model in many cases.::

                    "I agree Phantom. Lets not kill her...."

                    ::A wicked grin crossed Chaos face. He had a hatred for all Jedi. Even his father. This woman....disturbed him somehow.::

                    "I say lets break her....."

                    ::Chaos called the guards to bring in a slave. They brought in a man. He was old and thin. Chaos dismissed thegurads and kicked the man hard in the gut sending to his knees. He threw a dagger int he ground at Kat's feet.::

                    "I say make her slay this man with her own hand. Make her rip his throat out. Make her show us her 'true' life. It will do one of two things. Prove to us she can be a Sith, or break her spirit giving us a reason to rip her still beating heart from her chest."


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                      :: He turns to Daegal and snarls, his eyes go ablaze ::

                      Ahhh yes Xanatos...

                      :: He smiles a whicked smile as he hears Choas's Idea ::

                      Very Well...

                      :: He looks to Kat, she can feel him grinning from under his hood. He releases her throat with a growling sound. He takes a step back ::


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                        Jared stepped half out of the shadows, he was a bit interested as to what Kat would do.

                        "Sounds Good." He muttered.


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                          *Snack kept his smirk and circled around as Phantom and the others made their pressence felt. He nodded silently to himself as Chaos proposed his idea. He finally came to a halt standing next to Phantom and gave him an evil smile.*

                          You're too kind, Phantom. You had to kick my *** before my turn, yet you let her go with a scratch?

                          *His voice was light and filled with jest as he spoke to his old friend and chuckled.*


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                            Kat's eyes came to life as she picked up the dagger, a fire burned in them that had never been seen before... by anyone. "Do I bother you, Chaos?" she asked with a wry grin. "I don't know why, if you feel the need to test me than so be it."

                            Kat's aim was flawless as she casualy threw the dagger at the man and watched it sink its self deep into the flesh of his throat. Her eyes watched emotionlessly, the fire still burning, as blood flowed from the lethal wound. She waited a few momments before she looked up at Chaos and Phantom again.

                            "Anything else you wish done to prove I'm true?" she asked. "As I said before, I do not make choices like this casualy. Once a choice like this is made it's done. No turning back. I've made my choice."


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                              Flapping of wings on the air echoed in the chamber as an large shape dark and corrupt swept down from high above. Two wings belonging to a vile and foul being that bathed in the the dark ashes of the force made his way down into the midst of Sith and former Jedi alike. First landing on the ground crouched surrounded by obsidian robes and cloak that shifted tall and menacing, sharp finger nails on hands showed briefly for a second as the figure moved in the blink of an eye towards the woman.

                              His hood covered the Sith Masters eyes showing only the lower part of his jaw where fangs from the devils mouth did bare for a moment. A finger rose up beside her face, a sharp nail barely touching her skin that was moved from one side of her jaw down her chin across her throat up the other side of her jaw. "Tired of hypocrisy? Ah the trials and tribulations of the Jedi....working for senates and politicians. Lap dogs of the galaxy for every beggar and common rubble that has the intellect to ask for help. Ah....such is the glory of the Jedi."

                              A grin lighted his lips as he moved back his neck, his eyes glaring at her from beneath the hood for the smallest of instants. "You speak of darkness within you." Pointing to the dead man he glared back at her. "Men kill. Women kill. Children kill. Even the just kill in the name of whatever goal they seek to accomplish. It takes little to kill any man, any woman or child. One move, one instant and in that flicker of flame that is reality all is possible."

                              Jabbing forward his fist he brought it dangerous close to her throat before moving it before her face, a finger pointed directly at her, his finger nail an eye lash from piercing her eyeball. "Through trials and deeds you will prove your commitment or you will pay for your failure."