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  • Inauspicious arrival ...

    From outside the recruiting room a long hand reached for the brass knob. Upon grasping the knob with a slight twist of his wrist he smoothly opened the well over seven foot wooden door. Releasing his grip on the knob, he pushed the door open ostentatiously.

    With his golden brown eyes he quickly scanned the room for anyone. As he expected no one was there. He turned on his heel to face the left wall; there was several plaques their dates dating far before he was born, more than likely before his grandfather was born. To the east of the plaques, there was a common unelaborate wooden dresser nothing unoridnary about it; though that was the probably the only thing not in the room that was not lavishing in nature.

    When he first entered there was quite a large desk not directly placed in the nub of the room, but somewhat close. There were several pieces of pearl white paper atop it, fine black print marked on every sheet. Though, that was nothing to special, what was behind the desk caught his eye. It was a large fireplace. From what he could see it was built into the north wall, above the fireplace entricate designs were carved into the wood, as two small wooden pillars -- that were both even, and close to a meter in length -- held up the mantlepiece. The stones placed on the floor near the fireplace itself, which also were placed around the fireplace encircling it shimmered as if they had just been polished. It is weird, how something that is used by only some of the poorest people shows up in one of the richest and influential group's recruiting room. He was not trying to be offensive to the group, and was certainly not saying they had lack of taste, but this by far was one of the most intriguing things he had seen all day.

    He looked around again, still no one had entered the room after this long. He let a small sigh escape his body, as he loosely walked over to a lavishing crimson chair. "This better not take the entire day.. "

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    The Darkness had alerted her to a new person within the chamber halls of TSE. The Sith Knight slowly walked, due to her injeries and made her way down to the Recruitment hall.

    As she walked she looked upon each of the plaques that adorned the walls. Reaching the waiting room she peeked inside. She noticed a Male who seemed to be human, although from here she was not sure.

    He was looking at the fireplace. Something one of the Council members of old had loved. She noticed his demenor and almost smiled. He had wished for this not to take long.

    She thought to herself It could, I have seen it take a long time. But then again, if he can answer questions and stay alive hes going to be fine. The Sith Knight stepped into the Chambers where the man sit in wait.

    " Greeting I am the Sith Knight Athena. May I ask why you have come to this Empire where I serve? "


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      "I am splendid to meet you, Athena." Gabriel spoke softly rising from his chair, his left outstretched hand grabbing the female Knight's right hand lightly as he softly kissed her hand. Gabriel did not waste anytime talking to the Sith Knight like many people he knew had done to other semi-important people, he was a straight-shooter getting to the point, "Why I have come to this Empire, it is simple. You, and your fellow friends within the Empire are the most skilled inhabitants in the universe in the manipulation of the dark energies, as well this Empire harbors most of the great blademasters and wielders of lightsabers this galaxy has been known to have. I know where power lies, and I can sense it amongst you all. I want to harness that power of manipulating all that dark energy, I want to be one of those great blademasters and prosperous wielder of the lightsabers." Gabriel spoke harshly to the woman who looked not much older than him, who he thought couldn't have been even past twenty-nine.


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        "You need to learn manners first, newcomer, before you learn the ways of the sith...."
        From the shadows, Lana spoke to the young man via the Force. Her gaze rose ever-so-slightly to scan the high-hoped drifter, and silently, she shifted on the wall she was leaning against. She smirked and shook her head.
        She had read his thoughts, felt his feelings, and it was apparent that the Sith Disciple was not impressed by the lack of respect emitting off of him.


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          Mmmmm, Lana your so rash...

          :: An evil grin tugs at his lips ::

          Respect....Respect is a corner stone of this Empire...

          :: A claoked figure most know as Darth Phantom emerged from the Darkness, his crimson eyes peer out from under his hood, looking over the young man ::

          Lana is correct when she says you must learn that before the Dark Arts...

          :: He turns to Lana and flashes a smile ::

          But I do belive you speak the truth, what is is that you can offer us? Hundreds of people come here in search of becoming a Sith, what makes you different?