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Silent footsteps.

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  • Silent footsteps.

    Renja made her way into the recrutment center after following the signs hanging in the walk ways. Her dark hair was pulled back, tight against her head. Her deathly black eyes shined in the dimly lite room. On her belt rest her fathers saber and her mothers pendent. Strapped to her thigh was her dagger.

    She paused and looked at the many seats that seemed to fill the front of the room. She binked her eyes and stood there. Waiting.

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    Xavier leans back against the wall slowly, running his hand back through his hair as he looks to the woman who just walked in.



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      She turned to see who had spoken to her. Finally her eyes set on a man with long hair.

      " Thank you. Sir. Can you tell me who sits in those chairs? "


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        "It is the place of the Council Members, that's who."

        <The woman turned around to see who had spoken and saw Syren, leaning against the wall with her arms crossed.>


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          :: Renja looked at the chairs as the ladies voice rang into her head. ::

          " Thank you. Umm hello. "

          :: Renja had turned to put a face to the voice. Syren was standing against the wall. For a moment she thought this was going to go nowhere. But only time could tell the answer. ::

          " May I talk to one of them? They are the leaders right? "


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            'well well...another hopefull to join this empire....well...all i can ask is....why choose the darkside young lady?'


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              <Syren looked at Sieken then back at the newcomer. The woman asked alot of questions, that was for sure.>

              "They will talk to you ... when they see it fit."


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                Lana glared soundlessly from deep within the shadows of the Recruitment chambers. She listened intently to the conversations that surrounded, and decided on adding her own voice.
                "Patience is a virtue."
                The statement was directed to the newcomer.
                "--...And ignorance is bliss. No wonder so many of us Sith are so damned happy..."
                Lana then looked at Syren. Emotionlessly, at first, then smirking a very little at the simple humor her last comment offered.


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                  Renja looked at the lady who's voice had just entered the conversation. She was shockingly stunning...

                  " Im sure it is, But it is also one I don't have. "

                  She looked at the other lady Syren.

                  " Then I shall wait for them. "

                  She turned and allowed her eyes to befall upon The man.

                  " Darkside, humm interesting question to propose. I was born of darkness. My family didn't want anything to do with the light. Each a fighter for the darkness they served. So I stand here and offer my skills to the Empire. "


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                    Daegal moved quickly from the shadows when he heard the newcomers words.."Im sure it is, But it is also one I don't have." In a second, he was standing next to the woman. Glaring deeply at her, he reached up and grabbed her by the throat. He lifted her off of the ground and up to eye level with him.

                    "You are lucky that I do not lack patience, newcomer. If I did, you would already be a lifeless corpse. Patience is something that is necessary for survival in this place, as is respect. You will respect the members of this Empire, or you will not leave this room alive. Am I understood?"

                    Daegal let her back to the ground and removed his hand from her throat, allowing her to answer.


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                      Vega smirked as Daegal appeared from the shadows only to grip the newcomer by the throat and hoist her into the air. The Sith Lord canted his head, watching in amusement. It was always interesting to see how members treated newcomers to the fold; perhaps they felt threatened by them so needed to embarass them infront of others.

                      "Good luck," he murmured to the woman, nodding lightly.


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                        Renja looked at the man who had lifted her into the air. Fear was not within her eyes. She only smiled a most playful smile.

                        " I will show respect where it is due. And right not, its not with you sir. So far I respect those who have spoken to me. And not attacked me. I said I didn't have it. I never said I wouldnt have it. "

                        Ren just looked over at the man who told her good luck. There was something in his eyes. She smiled.


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                          "You will show respect whether you believe it is due or not. You do not have to like me or the other members of this Empire, but you will respect us. Every member of the Empire has shown courage and honor and has put in his or her time toward furthering our goals as an entity."

                          Daegal did not acknowledge Lord Vega's comments. There would be a time and a place for the two Sith to convserse and this was not it.


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                            Ren looked at the man who seemed all to ready to attack her. She figured it would not make the best of impressions to backhand the man. Although then again, these where fighters for the darkness. IT might show them her worth. If they even wanted her.

                            " Good then I dont have to like you, So I shall not torment myself in doing so. "


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                              Daegal smirked for a moment before extending his hand.

                              "Welcome to the Empire. Your courage is admirable. With training, you could prove to be a most valuable weapon for our cause. As was said before, you must await the greeting of a Council member."