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She enters..

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  • She enters..

    The large double doors open quietly. She trails her fingertips along the sides of the empire walls, her eyes searching around, knowing yet in a distance someone was there with her. A twisted look appeared over her face, pushing away the strands of her midnight black hair.

    "I wish to join the Empire, and to be apart of the dark-side. "

    Her words echoed down into the darkness of the room. She crossed her arms over her broad chest, waiting for the response from whomever was inside with her..

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    Do you now, and why is that?

    :: A cloaked figure emerges from the darkness, his Crimson eyes looked over the young woman from under his hood ::


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      Not shocked by the sudden voice which pierced the silence, she doesn't hesitate to give an answer.

      "I wish to join the Empire for very many reasons. Mainly because I wish to be joined with my true self, my dark self. To be united with what I yern for. What I live on, and what I've always been. I wish to bring out my true self by training to serve the Empire."

      She finishes off, and tightens her elastic gloves, making a sudden slap as she lets go.

      "Plus the Jedi can be a real pain in my plans, and I'd wish to do away with them as soon as possible.."

      Her black midnight like hair flooded half her face, making it seem as though she was in the shadows. She then awaited a response..


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        She slowly studied the room again, breathing in the atmosphere of the evil that surrounded her. Keeping her arms crossed, she ran her finger through the darkness of her hair, and pursed her black painted lips.

        "Is there anything else you'd like to know?"