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  • I'm willing.

    The Door of the Recruitment slowly opened as nothing but a dark shadow stood in the light, his moved closer into the room as his identity was shown, his hands clenched slowly by his side as he knelt down on the one knee, the silence gave an eerie shrill through the wind, his voice slowly rose before the council.

    "I have been led here by my dark intentions...I wish to become a part. There is nothing more that I would rather do then to become involved. To be trained. To be as powerful as the people here. I have great ambition, yet it does not blind me from my motives. You have great much that I admire. So I beg of you let me join, whatever you need from me or whatever you must view..test, anything of sort. I will gladly respond and accept."

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    From the darkness, Lana crossed her arms over her chest and watched the man with narrowed eyes.
    "....You beg? Are you desperate, newcomer....?"
    Slowly, her head cantered to the side, her emotionless expression not altering in the slightest. The young disciple scanned over the man briefly before awaiting his answer.


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      Xavier slowly slides away from the wall and out of the shadows. He crosses his arms over his chest slowly and nods to the Disciple who answered the newcomer.

      "Begging is not a respectable action, newcomer."


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        He clears his throat, his eyes slightly narrowing, pulling his arm over his knee as he faces the two people.

        "I'm sorry, let me rephrase my words. I wish to be train by the best, only to become the best. Of course begging is a sign of weakness, I apologize for it."

        He stands on his feet, his hands clenched to his sides as his gaze is kept narrowed.


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          Daegal appeared seemingly from nowhere behind the newcomer. He grabbed his shoulder and spun him around. Standing just inches from the Sith, the newcomer could feel Daegal's cold, lifeless breath.

          "Tell me, what do you have that all of the others lack?"


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            He turns to face as the man, his eyes kept narrowed, yet his head lowered, speaking in a low-toned voice.

            "That is a question I cannot answer. I am new so I do not know what others are capable of. But to give my best traits. . .I am persistant in what I do. I'll put my heart and soul into whatever challenge I face. Success is my main priority. . .doing my best is second. But if it were to take something different, into to join. I'll gladly accept the challenge."

            His head raises to look into the man's eyes. Hiding the fear which is concealed within him. Wondering whether he has what it takes to "play with the big boys."
            (( OOC: I couldn't really answer it. I couldn't tell whether you meant personality wise, or fighting skill wise. ))


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              Athena entered into the room. Her black ebony cloak not moving as she walked. She looked upon the man. She didn't speak at first.

              She never moved her arms due to her wounds she recived in a fight againt 3 Jedi at once. Athena turned to Lana, Xavier, and Daegal.

              " Anything of interest in this one? "

              Her cold gaze fell back upon the man.


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                Xavier looks over to Athena and smirks slightly then back to the newcomer though even though his eyes are on the "recruit" he speaks to Athena.

                "He's had a few... interesting.. things to say but I do not see the use in him.."


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                  His head turns to the man, hearing his conversation with the lady. He retorts in a polite manner.

                  "I do not mean to intrude, or to be disrespectful, but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

                  He turns his gaze back to the floor, feeling rejected in some sort of manner, but doesn't let himself express it in any manner. He says in a low voice...

                  "I'm very skilled at fighting, if you wish, I can prove it to you. I consider myself good. But you may be the judge of that."


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                    Athena stopped her conversation with Xavier and just looked at the man.

                    " Ooh trust me. I am sure you think you are a perfect fighter. But I have shown my worth, skill , and loyalty to my Master and This Empire. "

                    Athena moved her cloak with the force. To show two gashes starting to heal over. One in each shoulder. Both the wounds from a Jedi Knight. She had fought a Jedi Knight, a Padawan, and started to fight a Jedi Master all in the same time.

                    " I fought and returned home the victor. Until you do so, DON'T smart off to me BOY. "

                    The Sith Knight looked down upon the man.

                    " If the council sees you as worthy then your lucky. If they don't I'm sure Daegal and Xavier here would love to show you their Worth. "

                    She narrowed her eyes at the boy as they flashed crimson.

                    " Tell me ooh great fighter, what skills in battle do you possess? "


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                      Xavier smiles slowly as Athena speaks. He tosses back the sides of his trenchcoat slightly, the hilt of the double-edged saber flashing for a moment before he crosses his arms over his chest. He cracks his neck rather loudly, closing his eyes as he does so then slowly opens them again and watches the man standing before them.


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                        Lana listened to the current conversation that surrounded her. Athena had asked her opinion on the man's potential, but she said nothing. Silently, she continued to stand and wait patiently for the arrival of a council member as the idolized Sith Knight drowned the newcomer with questions of sorts.


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                          A smile raises upon the man's face when he turns to face the lady. He hands move from his sides into his pockets as he tilts his head as he faces her.

                          "See now the words were put in my mouth, I only consider myself great. But you may have a different opinion. You tell me I'm weak, then it will only make me want to become greater. So...if you do me great kindness if you were to say I am pitiful, weak, and insolent."

                          He lowers his head then getting ready to tell the skills he possess, each one running through his mind to see which is worthy of the Empire.

                          "Well, for skills...I've been in a lot of battles before, so you shouldn't take me forgranted, if you wish do you so, that's your desire. Doing some infiltration, I found out that the force was within my grasp. Sneaking around is my speciality. I've learned how the ability works, but I came to the Sith to help me train with it. Such as with the Force Punch. I want to learn how to use this power....the ability to levitate...telepathy... I know of physical combat, but that's only basic fighting to me. I want to take it one step farther, which is why I want to learn how to become a part of the Sith, and as for collateral, my full loyalty and pledge to serve."

                          He sighs quietly, most likely knowing that it wouldn't be good enough, but he keeps it to himself..showing to them that he considers himself worth something.


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                            Xavier glances at Athena and smiles slightly. He slides his hands back through his hair slowly, tying it up in the back. He walks over to Daegal and whispers quietly.

                            "This one is one to watch.."

                            He smirks slightly as he glances back at the man, standing next to his brother. He would enjoy sparring with this one.. if he was accepted. Humility is the perfect teacher...


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                              His head moves slowly to face the man. That which had just spoken as he lowers his head once again, awaiting the reply of whether he is to be accepted or not. He judges by there superiority to inferior ones...he will enjoy the place for the most part. Having to fight the greatest, learning the dark force which he feels is as well consumed inside his soul. He whispers quietly, speaking to himself so that no one around him would hear...

                              " To be accepted...will be the greatest privilige that I will ever recieve..."