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  • Seeking Solace

    As his ships hatch slowly lowered, Dakkon stepped tentatively onto the ground which he hoped would bring the solace he needed, which was suprising since Dakkon rarely hesitated.

    Moving quickly towards what he believed to be the begining of his new life, Dakkon strides through the door, decisively this time.

    Approaching someone who appears to know what is going on, and yet is not busy, Dakkon gains their attention.

    "I need help, i seek solace, and wish to join the Sith Empire."

    Upon being directed to the council chamber, Dakkon opens the doors and surveys the rooms as he kneels in fealty. Then he simply says,

    "I wish to join your ranks my lords."

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    "How lovely!"

    Vega walked forward to the kneeling man. He shot out a hand and yanked him up to his feet.

    "Stand up, you fool."

    Giving a distasteful smirk, the Sith Lord looked the would-be darksider up and down.

    "Come on then. Give me one reason why we should let you join."


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      Looking down on the human, who despite his weak species seemed to exude power, Dakkon gathered his wits.

      "I come to embrace the Dark side, in all its forms. But my species believes in the survival of the fitest, which is why i come here, to the pre-eminent force of Darkness in the galaxy. I believe my love of the darkness to be an asset, one which when harnassed could serve The Sith Empire greatly."


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        "Your love of the darkness, ey?"

        Vega stepped back a pace and looked the creature up and down.

        "And do you have much experience with the darkside, apart from loving it?"

        [ OOC: Just FYI, Vega is not human <img src= ALT=""> ]


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          (OOC, thats ok, just wondering since i had to asume from the pic! If you dont mind me asking, what are u species wise then?)

          "At one point, i believe i was consumed by it. But that was under.... Extinuating circumstances. I have managed to control myself fully since then, i slip, but never fall. I have a limited ability to mould it, and sense the Darkness in others. But other than that, i am a complete novice."


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            "Very well. And if you were trained by us, what would you use your new found power and abilities for?"

            [ OOC: Lupine, or Garou. Which is basically another name for werewolf <img src= ALT=":lol"> ]


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              "Although i believe this may sounds cliched, i would use them in service of The Sith Empire. My people have respect for warriors who train others to much greater potential. Therefore I would be guided by both myself and the Eternal Darkness to sanguish the enemies of the Sith."


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                Vega folded his arms tightly over his chest and took a few steps around Dak.

                "What skills and traits do you have that would be beneficial to the Empire?"


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                  Staring into the space infront of him, Dakkon centred himself, collecting his thoughts. Reaching out with the Darkness within, Dakkon attempted to enter the mans mind and project an image of the time he was consumed by the Darkness, and the damge he caused. But the Siths mind was much too powerful for such a jagged, untrained maneuvre.

                  "As you can see, i have developed some abilities. I have more, but they are controlled by something other than... Me. Atleast i can control myself using simple mindprobes. But i have been raised to acknowledge and follow power, and the power i have found here is more than worthy of my fealty, to an extent. The Darkness will always guide me, deep down."


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                    "Ah-hah... what about things such as combat experience? technical knowledge?"

                    Vega gestured up and down Dak's body.

                    "Electrical know how and whatnot."


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                      Although sensing this cursory examination was leading nowhere, Dakkon continued to answer the questions.

                      "I am a trained combat pilot, excellent reflexs, even for my kind. I have won Cona's Combat Arena Challenge, but that was long ago when i was but a child. Other experiances.... There have been some. More than one would assume. I had what most would be called a poor upbringing. I never understood that..."

                      Dakkon trailed off, contemplating his past, and all the events that moulded him into what he was today. Especially that one moment, when he first felt its touch, the cool comforting feel of his solace...


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                        He quirked an eyebrow. For a moment, there was nothing but silence.

                        "Alright ... I've got no other questions."

                        Vega held out the generic datapad with a list of Masters on it to the recruit and stepped back into his position in the Council room.

                        "Have a look over that. You will be picking from that list once that Council have passed judgement on you."

                        The datapad read, as usual:

                        Sith Masters


                        Sith Lords

                        Darth Phantom
                        Darth Snack
                        Darth Varlon
                        Lord DarkStar
                        Vega Van Derveld

                        Sith Knights

                        Athena Lady Darknss
                        Chaos Alexander
                        Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
                        Eve Siren
                        Laran Katern


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                          Examining the sheet with a bare glance, Dakkon quickly looked at the Sith before him.

                          "If its all the same to you, since you were the one who greeted me, I shall choose you."


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                            Athena watched her Lupin friend with the new hopeful..

                            " Ohh I'm sure Vega here would kill for another apprentice. But you have to be greeted by a Master or Council member. But do keep him in mind. "


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                              Turning to the newly presented face, Dakkon nods his head in greeting.

                              "Of course. But i stand by my choice. I sense alot of controled Darkness in him. A trait i wish to have."