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  • Returns...

    ::A cloaked figure enters and looks around briefly before speaking::

    "Greetings everyone. I have returned and would be honored to serve the Sith Empire once again."

    (I'm not sure if any of you remember me or not but I was a member here about a year ago and had to leave unnoticed for personal reasons. But I'd like to come back if that were possible. :-) )

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    "I remember you....."

    The sonds of stone being walked upon echoed in the room as the Sith Master appeared out of the shadows, his face barely obsecured by a hood he wore. Turning an eye to the returning Sith he gave Darkstorm a look over.

    "Why is it you return now out of all times? Do you think you can still contribute to this place and walk among its people?"


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      <html>::Nikka pulls her hood down slowly and casts her fiery glance in his direction, green eyes gleaming death and showing no sorrow or emotion::"Some of us do tend to get lost in their way and that was me... Now, I know where I belong."</html>


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        "Many get lost....they fall from the path set before them and loose their way until circumstance or time shows them the divine way once more."

        Standing up straight as he looked at the female he gave no experession from his own cold and pierceing green eyes that gave off a chill more than an understanding look.

        "You say you know where you belong.....are you sure it is here? If it is, what would you do for this place...and those that inhabit its domain"


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          :Her eyes seem to glow brighter at the question as she does not break eye contact from him:

          "I know this is the path set before me... and I would lay down and die serving the Dark Side, the Sith Empire and all that serve here within..."


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            Drackor stepped into the room and listened to them. After the woman spoke for the last time he spoke. "Excuse me I do not mean to interupt but, if there is one thing I have learned from being here even for a couple months is we do not lay down and die here. We fight and we win."


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              Nodding at the assertion of the joining Drackor Lightsinner Lynch never took his eyes from that of Darkstorm. "He is right. We do not fight to die, we do not seek to show those who falter and stumble about blindly to merely exist only to perish on a cold day on some God forbidden planet. We fight to....educate others in the divine path, it is through our rule they will know the proper way of the galaxy. We fight to survive and bring death to our enemies, not the other way around"


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                <html>::Nikka looks to the man who entered and simply nods::"You are not interrupting and yes he is right. Your point is well taken and I understand what lies within here. I have served the Dark Side for as far as I can remember... just not in a specific place. I had begun my training with Darth Renegade just before I had to leave. Pregnancy prevented a lot of my training and now--"::She unfolds her cloak from around her... her stomach appearing normal in size...::"--THAT is no longer a problem."</html>


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                  The young boy just nodded and looked around. He never quite understood how one as evil as a sith could marry, but that wasn't his place to think. Drackor just nodded. "Congratulations, I suppose..."


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                    <html>::She looked back at him, an almost painful expression on her face but she buries it deep down and remains focused. It would seem a mother that has just lost a child would be emotional, but as of now, Nikka remains emotionless...::"No congratulations will be needed...the child did not live."</html>


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                      Dyne stood silently as the veteran Sith Master was questioning his friend Nikka. It had been awhile since they even spoke to each other. He didnt wish to interfere in the current event taking place. The knight decided to speak to her later on when there would be a better opportunity.



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                        "May I ask one thing. When you were carrying this child why did you not tell the sith empire?" Drackor just looked at her realizing she must be truely affected by this child living.


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                          <html> :She continues her gaze upon him, not breaking it for even an instant, oblivious to her surroundings.::"I did not inform the whole Empire because I did not want to burden anyone with the ordeal. My master knew... he did not wish to begin combat training until I gave birth and recovered."::She shifts on her heels slightly, feeling a little impatient, but continues to remain focused, not wanting to disrespect any of the council members present.::</html>


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                            Remaining silent but giving a short smile and nod hopeing Nikka would understand he watched the proceedings take place.


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                              <html>She closed her eyes for an instant, bringing about what she had learned... she reaches out with her mind and tries to sense if Laran was near, but in this instant senses no Force vibrations of him anywhere nearby."If you wish to speak to Laran Katern about my returning before granting me admittance back into the Empire, I totally understand."</html>