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  • Guess who's coming to dinner?

    He tried. He really did.

    He watched one man single-handedly take over the galaxy. But still he denied it. He was forced to flee back to his home in the farthest corner of the galaxy. Yet he continued to wear the Jedi code like a security blanket. When the noble Jitarn embraced the darkness and ultimately died by his hand, he punished himself with self-exile.

    And what did it get him? A lifetime lost. His people and the CSA Espos in perpetual stalemate. A sentient out of time. An outcast.

    A Nova-Drive EX-31 Cruiser approached the Sith Empire training complex, the friend-foe transponder returning the name Djreeshan's Legacy to any security that pinged it. Finding this location wasn't easy, but months of tracking Sith initiates finally revealed the contact point for those who wished to join.

    Drin Kizael grinned as the ship made its descent to the duracrete tarmac. Through the viewport he could see security converging around the landing pad entrance like mynocks on a crashed freighter. They must have run a crosscheck on the name Djreeshan.

    Kizael was out of his seat before the ship had completely touched down. He ran toward the cargo hold, hitting the ramp release as he passed.

    Blaster fire peppered the ramp as it lowered, but soon stopped when the realization hit the guards that no one was on it.

    Suddenly a blur of orange fur erupted from the back of the cruiser. Two guards who had the wits to turn in time were immediately downed by a flying vibro baton to the head. The area lit up crimnson as the blur closed in at blinding speed.

    The orange and white streak materialized in the midst of the guards. The 2.1 meter Trianii roared, whirling a force staff in one hand and slashing with the viscious claws of the other.

    It was over in seconds. He considered some would see the fact that he left them alive suggestive of some deception ... but it would be hard to imagine the Sith being in a giving mood after forcing them to replace costly security guards.

    Security seemed lighter than he would have expected, but he also knew that this was merely a contact point for the elusive Sith, not their main temple. Secrecy was their most effective security and no one can find them without knowing where and how to look. Given that, he suspected that his own queries did not go unnoticed. Chances are, they were expecting him.

    Kizael ripped a keycard from one of the guards. Collapsing his staff and tucking it under his cloak, he unlocked the doors. His lightsabre was in hand by the time they fully opened.

    His feral roar echoed through the chamber, "Show me the power of the Dark Side!"

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    The Sith Knight looked at him. After she entered the room where the man had been standing. His saber was in hand so she gripped hers.

    " Show you the power of the Darkside. I think you best get back on your ship and go back to where ever you came from. Before the power of the darkside takes each limb from your body. "

    Athena looked at the guards.

    " The council shall not be pleased. "


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      Kizael casually looked over his shoulder, then back to Athena.

      "They live. Had I entered under a pretense of peace, would you have listened?"

      The Trianii tapped his lightsabre hilt against his leg, as if to remind the human that it was not ignited, merely ready.

      "Is the way of the dark side not strength? Has your dominance over the galaxy made you as complacent as the Greater Jedi Order?" He sneered with a noticeable sarcastic taint on the name of the new generation of Jedi.

      "I suspect the Council will be more amicable when they learn I have come to join their ranks. I wish to hone my strength in ways the light refuses to allow. I am no stranger to the dark side." He accented the statement by opening up a part of his mind, revealing to Athena when he first tasted it's power.

      Brochiib, over 20 years ago. The CSA Espos moved in without mercy, shattering the life of solace he finally acheived and claiming the life of his betrothed before his eyes. The rage was still palpable. Two squadrons ... 24 men ... never knew what hit them.

      "I realize I will most likely have to accept a whole new way of doing things." He extended his hands outward. "I am your servant."


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        " No the council is not going to care that you over powered them cause you sir Think you are stronger. There is no need to force your way into nuetral space. And for the matter I don't care when or how you started your Path to what you think is true Darkness. I don't care if you killed a planet or a galaxy worth of people. I don't even care who in your beloved family was killed. We all have our reason."

        She took a step closer to the man. His need for power was unruling. But if left up to her it would not be found here. At this Empire.

        " You attackl our people and yet you still want the council to take you in. We see many of people who come and ask for the same as you. But they don't attack our people. "

        She looked him up and down.

        " And further more. You sir are not even remotely qualified to be anyones Servant here. "

        She pointed back down the way the man came with her sabers shaft.

        " The door sir, is that way. "


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          Kizael raised an eyebrow quizzically. "I said ... they live. I left them alive for this very reason... so you would not turn me away based on that. Now I wish I had killed them if you're so convinced I did anyway."

          "If my view of the dark side is naive, it is because of the propoganda I once fell for. If I have the wrong idea of it ... or my motives are not what they should be ... then teach me. It is why I am here."

          Kizael set his eyes down on the woman, curling his lip up just enough to expose his fierce canines. "You have no idea what kind of opportunity you are throwing away if you turn me down."


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            " Then that Sir is my mistake. One I don't mind Making right now. You have attacked our own. I never said you killed our own. The darkness is more then just some fancy power trip. It's respect, honor and undying loyalty. And I don't feel that within you. And had you killed the guards. I would have already attacked you for it. "

            She looked at his teeth.

            " The Lupine Sith Lord has pretty teeth too. You shall not wave my choice, Although my choice is not the last choice. The council as yet to speak. Although, they don't like waves in the waters here. And you speak of propaganda, you are the one who fell for it not us. Can you not tell the truth from a lie?"

            The Sith knight watched the man once more.


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              Kizael chuckled at the water reference.

              "You must be one of Shadowtide's disciples."

              His features took on a more serious air. "Your lakeys fired on me first. In fact I hoped my restraint with them spoke of my sincerity."

              "Belief in the Force at all, much less the ability to wield it, requires more conviction and faith than most sentients are capable of. Again, in this I have proven myself 10 times over. But on realizing that what I devoted my life to was a lie, I seek a new path."

              "Your attempts to dissuade me only strengthen my earnest to learn more. Your passion for the dark side intrigues me. It surely has more depth than any of us were led to believe.

              "Take me before the Council. They will see what you cannot or pretend not to."


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                The body of the beastly force user is lifted straight off of the ground and tossed backwards, slamming hard against the now closed doors of the Council room. As Drin his held in suspension, pinned by his neck against the woodwork, a man walks calmly out into view. He hands one hand against his forehead as he looks down, his shoulders jerking from laughter.

                "I don't think you quite understand,"

                The face hidden by the hand looked up and shook from side to side, a deep look of rage covering every feature.

                "You, shut your moronic trap. The Council will see you if and when they see it fit - and at the rate you've been going so far I have to say, you don't have a cats chance in hell of getting anywhere near them, boy."

                The Sith Lord strode forward towards his cornered prey, glancing down with a slight laugh.

                "You walk in here, attack us both physically and verbally, and expect to be welcomed?"

                The Lupine Sith smirked, head still shaking.

                "Whats more, you have the utter idiocy to bring Mistress Shadowtide's disciples into this. You see, in doing that, you have signed your death warrant, because as you will no doubt notice if you - by some miracle - get into the Empire ... we are great in numbers and full of hatred for those who dishonour such a powerful being such as our Master."

                Now, he stood right infront of Drin. He brought one hand upwards, gesturing out to the side.

                "I guess what I'm trying to say is..."

                In a flurry of red, a fist was in Drin's gut, and the Force hold on his body was disengaged, allowing for the wincing creature to fall to the floor as Vega turned and walked away, disgusted.


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                  The Sith Lord entered the chambre to see what the disturbance was. His eyes drunk in the scene in a moment.


                  The word was quiet but the lupine Sith heard in clearly. DarkStar nodded to his friend the beconed the man to come join him.


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                    :: After Vega's punch the creature's Saber begins to be pulled from him, he makes and sttempt to hang on to it but it will not be denied the call. The Saber Jumps across the room to Shatan's Hand. He looks down at it and then approaches the new arrival and gets toe to Toe with him and Nose to Nose. The Creature could see no eyes inside the skull mask, but he knew they were there. Burning and probeing his mind, yet he still made no motion to move or speak. Just countined to stare. ::


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                      Athena looked from The Cat man, to Vega, then to Lord Darkstar, Finally her eyes lay rest upon Sith Master Shatan.

                      Each of them knew who he was, but she didn't. She woundered if she had been in the wrong, as fast as the comment hit her mind she sent it away. She was not in the wrong, something would have stopped her from her 'attitude'.

                      Although the comment of her Master angered her had Lord Vega not stopped by she may have removed his claws one at a time. She walked over towards Lord Vega to watch the rest of the events.


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                        Vega looked towards Athena and gave a light nod and dissaproving glance at Drin. He then turned and approached DarkStar slowly, offering a quizical look.


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                          DarkStar's eyes danced, the fire in them burning bright. Vega could tell the Sith Lord's eyes were dancing evily. He grinned.

                          "Well my friend,"

                          He said quietly, out of earshot of Shatan and the fallen Jedi.

                          "I don't think you hit him hard enough. He isn't dead yet."

                          The fires in his eyes danced more

                          "I think you should go back there and finish what you started, before Lady Shadowtide finds out you let him go relatively unpunished for his disrespect,"


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                            April Fool! =)

                            Drin tries to glare at you all savagely ... but can't. A smirk creeps into his face and grows into a wide grin. Chuckles turn into snorts and soon raucous laughter echos in the chamber.

                            Okay okay, that's enough. This really ran away from me after I went to bed I see. This was all just a gag, guys. But glad it was good enough (believable or not) that you all to got so into it. <img src= ALT="">

                            I hope you took it all in the spirit in which it was intended, part of which is to laugh at yourself. I'm still lost on how "You must be one of Shadowtide's disciples" because she made a trademark water reference is insulting ... but ah well. It was all in good fun.

                            Athena: You really made me work hard for this April Fools joke. I kept it going because 1) I couldn't tell if you were falling for it or not and 2) you made it a fun RP. Well played.