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    Lucine paced into the room calmly, having collected her wits in her walk from Rama's Corner to where she now stood. A cold, angry look still shown in her eyes as she looked about the room. The girl shut her eyes for a moment and drew in a slow breath in attempt to control her emotions.

    "I want to join..."

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    (blade had found a quick route from the bar to council chambers and knew that sieken was not far behind. blade hide in the shadows not moving and not speaking. he noticed lucines anger still from the bar. blade had not ment for that to happen he just wanted to but siekens mind at ease so that his little sister would be allowed into the TSE ranks but now she defied her brothers wishes. blade watched and waited.)


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      Xavier lays back against the wall, just a little less than half of him covered in a shadow though all of his face is shown. He rests his right leg back against the wall, his arms crossed over his chest as he nods to the woman slightly.


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        Daegal smirked as he saw the women attempting to control her emotions. So many came hoping to be Sith each day..and each thought they were the 'One'.

        "Do you now? Tell me, then, what is the Dark Side to you?"


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          <Syren smirked slightly as she watched the girl being questioned. It was always most interesting to hear each potential recruit's replies and observe their facial expressions as they spoke. Leaning against the wall, she crossed her arms and waited for her response.>


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            My plan had worked..i was hopeing she would double cross me to show me that she had some nastyness to her side.

            My i can take care of her again....i'd like that...i'd like that very much.

            I gave a nod to her with a smile she knew what i ment


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              Lucine glanced towards her brother for only a moment before she returned her gaze to the man that had asked her the question. She bit down on her lip in thought before wetting her lips and speaking.

              "The Dark Side is to me, as it should be to everyone. A way of life. A Master. A companion. There are no words to truly describe it.. It is something that has enchanted and taken over me, and I long to simply understand it and serve it and the Empire."


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                Daegal nodded, not making it obvious whether he was pleased with the answer or not because it really didn't matter what he thought. It only mattered what the Council thought of the woman's answers.

                "What skills do you possess that would make you an asset to this Empire?"


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                  "For now, I have only my loyalty and the few fighting skills I've learned over the years..."

                  Lucine cringed slightly, hearing the rather pathetic words leaving her mouth. She wet her lips again and looked to the floor for a moment. Finally, after a few moments of thought, she lifted her gaze slightly.

                  "However, I am a fast learner, and I feel that given the chance, I could quickly add more to your ranks."


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                    "I have no more questions. I only remind you that patience is a virtue and in this place means the difference between life and death. Wait patiently for more questions or the welcoming of a Council member."

                    With that, the Sith Warrior took a step back and leaned on the wall.


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                      DarkStar entered the chamber from where he had been listening. The girl had sparked the ancient Sith Lord's intrest, a rare occurance these days. He glided past the warriors in the room and lent against a pillar near the girl. He gave her a single nod but said nothing as he waited for a member of the council to arrive.


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                        Salem stood hunched in the shadows to the right of Lucine. He watched her with unblinking, solid black eyes, apparently staring at the girl.


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                          Lucine nodded softly, murmuring a small "thank you". She lifted her head and looked about the room at the few who had gathered. Though most were choosing to keep to the shadows, she could still feel their eyes upon her. Lucine sighed for a moment and folded her arms as she stood in waiting.


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                            Tempist said nothing more, but gave a low smile. He too knew how Sieken felt for family to be with him.

                            Congratulations man, I'm happy for you. Tempist said to Sieken, through the force so only he could hear.