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  • i wish to join

    A young man enters the sith registration building hoping to become a memeber of the mighty Sith Empire. He caries his body like he is not afraid of anything nor does he look it. In his heart though he is very afraid. Afraid of what they might do to him if they don't like him for any reason, but he dosen't think much of it. He just wont **** them off in anyway and he should be fine....Hopefully.

    " Hello, my name is Clay Dennatta. I wish to join the Sith Empire. "

    After that is said he kneels and bows and waits for the Sith leaders to answer him. All the time hopeing they will answer him and accept him into the empire.

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    I take it you have changed your mind about joining here..


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      ooc: ya sorry forgot to tell you guys to just ignore it. my bad. But i know Exar Kun still wants to join. His post was responded to by tempistopps, but he is now waiting for a master or council member like you to interview him.