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  • i wish to join

    I walk in the double doors and look around. I can feel the darkside very well in this place, which tells me i have come to the right place to seek training as a dark jedi.
    I reach the middle of the room, kneel and bow slightly, and saw

    " My name is Nomi Kun, sister to Exar Kun who has come to this same place to serve the empire, I wish to join and become the best dark jedi i can be."

    With that said i wait and hope they hear me.

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    " Then you have come to the wrong place. We here are not Dark Jedi. We are Sith. Now be off with you. "

    The Sith Knight turned and left as fast as she entered. She didn't hear the needed footstep and turned to see what was going on.


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      ooc: Sith are dark jedi. It's the name they took after they found the sith species.

      ic: " Well let me rephrase then i have come to become a Sith, and train in the dark arts."

      Still bowing i hopeed she had heard me.


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        OOC - Grah.. I'm just gonna shush here. ^^; Said something, decided against it.


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          OOC: Actually, the Sith were originally a species, although they all killed each other so now being a Sith is just an occupation. As for Dark Jedi, they are just Jedi who turn to/are seduced by the darkside.


          Salem watches whats going with a quirked eyebrow, sizing up the newcomer.


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            ooc: I know but they were a species who were taken over by dark jedi then they killed herself. What people don't understand i that my character was a jedi before she found the sith empire.


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              OOC: So was mine....but I do not go around saying I am a Dark Jedi, although I more then likely have a better claim to the title then most who wear it. But Im not gonna accept Dark Jedi and Sith as one and the same, till George Lucas puts that on film. EU contradicts it's self and the movies so I don't go by that.(Although that is just my opinon.) So untill Yoda explains that "Sith" was a Species and that all Sith nowdays are actually just Dark Jedi in Ep1 or EP2 then Im not gonna accpet that. In Fact EP1 was kinda working in the opposite direction. but never the less "Dark Jedi" is a bad word aroun here, and claiming to be one and not a Sith is a surefire way to get some people a little upset.


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                ooc: very good point