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    ::The great doors of the sith empire blow open in a great gale. A figure enters and takes in his surroundings. He can sense many a eye watching his every movement as he walks to the Council room. Upon entering he kneels before the Great Sith Council and speaks::

    "Greetings masters of the dark side. My name is Kard and I wish to study under one of you."

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    *Snack stood in the open, the hood of his cloak draped around his back.*

    Why have you decide our Empire?


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      The Sith Knight watched the new man as he annonunced his name... Kard, interesting. Then a voice she knew rang out all to well. That of Sith Lord Snack. Athena waited to see what the newones answer would be.


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        From his usual post in the Council room the Lupine Sith Lord watched, the newcomer catching his attention with his most melodramatic entrance. Vega smirked a little, and listened for the mans answers.


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          I stood next to my old blonde headed friend, who watched in silence.

          ' And they say...those who pass wind are not intelegent' i said with a light smile


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            "You, great masters, are the most skilled in the manipulation of the dark energies. I wish to be able to harness those powers for my own dark uses. And use them to destroy my enemies."


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              Your enemies?

              *The Lord questioned as he took a few steps towards Kard.*

              What of the Empire's enemies? Members here put the Empire above themselves, at least I do. Are you willing to do the same?


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                "Nobel warrior, the empire's enemies are mine enemies as well, if you would accept me into your ranks."


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                  Await a Master or Council Member to officially welcome you, then you may choose your own Master.

                  *Snack tossed the recruit a datapad containing the following list of teachers.*

                  Sith Masters


                  Sith Lords

                  Darth Phantom
                  Darth Snack/mystevil
                  Darth Varlon
                  Lord DarkStar
                  Vega Van Derveld

                  Sith Knights

                  Athena Lady Darknss
                  Chaos Alexander
                  Dyne Darkforce
                  Eve Siren
                  Laran Katern

                  ooc: If that needs changing, the tell me. ^_^


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                    Athena took a step froward and looked at Sith Lord Snack.

                    " May I sir,? "

                    Looking at the man, as he studied the data pad.

                    " Can I ask of there are any skills you may have, this could help the council with their decision of your fate, within the Empire."


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                      :: The Sith Lord watched from the shadows as Athena and the rest questioned the newcomer. His Crimson colored eyes look over the hopeful from under his pitch black hood ::


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                        :: Dia leans forward in her seat and awaits the newcomer's answer to Athena's question. ::


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                          "I have a knack for intrepreting dreams of myself and of others. It is through my dreams that I was able to find the Sith Empire."


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                            Re: joining

                            Dreams.... Well that totally stumped Athena. She turned and looked at Master Dia.

                            " Umm hes all yours. "


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                              Re: joining

                              :: Dia meet Athena's gaze and raised one eyebrow, as if also surprised by the newcomer's answer. ::

                              "Thank you, Athena."

                              :: Dia turned to Kard. ::

                              "Dreams, you say." She paused. "How... interesting."

                              :: Rising from her seat, she began to move toward him - a slow walk of dignity, as if she had all the time in the world and he was but a pesky problem. Her face was a mask, no longer surprised, revealing no emotion. She stood in front of him, face to face for a moment. Then, she smirked. ::

                              "Kard. What an unusual name. I wonder, is it a common name where you are from? Where are you from, Kard?" Before he could answer, she continued. "Ah, that doesn't really matter, now does it?"

                              :: She began pacing in a circle around him, looking him over as if assessing him. ::

                              "What matters to me right now are these enemies you mentioned."

                              :: Her circle complete, she again faced him. ::

                              "How is it that you haven't, shall we say, disposed of them yet?"