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  • The Simple Wish Of One

    A darkened form slowly makes its way into the Registration Room of The Sith Empire. A long black clock drops from his shoulders, a hood atop his head, shrouding his face in darkness. A light click of talons against the floors suggest he is something other than human.

    Through the darkened hood, he slowly peers up to the Council of the Empire. He bows low before them before speaking.

    "I request before the Council...I wish to join The Sith Empire.."

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    Really? Why? Why The Sith Empire, why not the Dark Jedi?

    :: A Sinister voice rang out from the Shadows ::


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      Phantome had made a good a good answer would be needed.


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        His head raised up, looking across the room to where Lord Phantom's voice had come from.

        "I have no desire to have the word Jeedai affiliated with me. It is my desire, however, to eliminate every last trace of the Jeedai from this galaxy. And to further my knowledge and power in the Dark Side. Unless, of course, you have a different goal in mind, Lord Phantom."


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          Dakkon stood in the shadows and observed the creature.

          Another one? Interesting. Perhaps i could stir him up a little!

          Dakkon concentrated, and when he was finished coughed to gain the hopefuls attention. He stepped out of the shadows, revealing a mirror image of the hopeful. Only difference being that on closer inspection his looked a little duller, less lifelike.

          The newcomer blanched. Dakkon said nothing, but remained in his view. He knew it was... Disconcerting.


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            :: The Dark Lord laughed somewhat finding what he'd said amusing, he was created to hate the Jedi and all that is good and pure, if there was such a thing. He emerged from the Shadows, his Crimson eyes peered out from under his hood, looking over the creature ::

            Very Well. What is it you have to offer this fine Empire, besides your undying devotion and promise to wipe the Galaxy of the Jedi?


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              His gaze slowly glanced over the mirror image of himself before returning to Lord Phantom. His right hand extended slowly from his sleeve, revealing a creature coiled around his forearm. It slithered slowly down into his scarred, clawed hand before straightening and hardening into an amphistaff.

              "I have expretice in weapons which aren't known to the Sith or the Jeedai. Also in several hand-to-hand combat techniques."


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                :: The Dark Lord laughed a bit shaking his head ::

                Is that all, you have different weapons then us?

                :: With a flash Phantom had his lightsaber in his hand and lit, he moved it slowly toward the creature ::

                This can cut a man in two belive me I've done it, but just my weapon does not make me Evil and Servent of the Dark Side. The Jedi use there as well. You will have to come up with something better. What manner of creature are you?


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                  A small smile crept upon his lips as he hood slowly fell back from his head. The light played over his face slowly, revealing the many scars and tattoos across his cheeks and forehead. The smile across his lips grew a bit more.

                  "There is much you don't know about this weapon, Lord Phantom. Or my race, for that matter. Forgive me for being frank, but it is the truth."

                  His smile slowly faded back to his expressionless face.

                  "It seems as though you have never heard of the Yuuzhan Vong, have you Lord Phantom?"


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                    :: Phantom's eyes went ablaze and his grin quickly fadded into a look of Anger. He walks closer ::

                    A Vong??

                    :: Phantom's voice grows deep and Dark as if posesed by a Demon. His eyes glow Red. With a snap Phantom holds the Vong by the throat, his fingers dig deep into his flesh ::

                    I hate the Vong, I try and kill as many as I can.


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                      Like a beast to the feeding, Daegal moved effortlessly from the Shadows and in between Lord Phantom and this newcomer. Turning to face the newcomer, Daegal reached his hand out and grabbed the Vong by the throat. Lifting him several inches off of the ground, Daegal spoke softly, his voice almost raspy and obviously serious.

                      "It seems as though you have never heard of Lord Phantom, have you newcomer? You are lucky that I have chosen to attempt to spare your miserable life, but I will advise you not to be in the presence of Lord Phantom again."

                      With that, Daegal threw the Vong into the wall that was closest. Crashing to the floor in a slump, the Vong was obviously injured.

                      Turning to Lord Phantom, Daegal spoke quickly, knowing of the Lord's intense hatred of Vong. "Lord Phantom, spare this idiot's miserable life. Let these sacred Recruitment Halls remain so, just as the Sith of old would have wanted."


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                        Vega watched what was going on from the side of the room before eventually stepping forward as Daegal entered. His arms were folded tightly over his chest, and he smirked lopsidedly as he listened then spoke.

                        "Aye, Lord Phantom. Do not judge him simply upon his race, for it is not his fault that he was born as such."


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                          Lana glanced around at the current activity that inhabited the Recruitment chambers. As always, she was held in the arms of the shadows that surrounded. Her eyes scanned the newcomer emotionlessly as she remained silent, anticipating the outcomes of yet another request to join the infamous Empire.


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                            Jodah watched the proceedings from the shadows. Despite Lord Phantom's obvious and intense hatred of the creature, Jodah was pleased and curious. Something that even a Sith master hated could be a very valuable asset, both personally and to the Empire. Even if his request was turned away, Jodah was sure he would engage this newcomer later.


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                              He rose slowly from the ground, shrugging the dust from his cloak. His head tilted towards the Warrior Daegal slowly.

                              "I have heard more than enough about Lord Phantom and the Sith Empire. If what you say is a challenge, Daegal, I shall gladly accept."

                              The amphistaff he had once held in his hand slithered back over towards him, recoiling itself around his right forearm. His gaze shifted back towards Lord Phantom and the appearance of several others around him.

                              "Do not merely judge me by race. I'm different from the other Vuuzhan Vong you may have killed, Lord Phantom. ...Much different."