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  • To long of a wait...

    The Sith Knight of TSE walked into the Council room with a young male behind her. She turned and looked at Tarnak then returned her attention to the council. She knew her Master was sitting there wondering just what Athena was doing.

    Athena lowered herself down upon one knee and lowered her head. She would await the council to speak to her, that or another member. Either way she would wait.

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    Tarnak knelt silently behind Athena, waiting aswell.


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      :: Sith Master and Council Member Dara Shadowtide sensed one of her most loyal apprentices enter the recruitment area. As her ocean green eyes fell upon her blood sister, Dara saw a young man behind her. After watching the Sith Knight and the newcomer kneel, Dara wondered who Athena had brought to join the Empire and why ::

      "Greetings, my apprentice. Who do you bring before the council to join our dark organization this day?"

      :: Her eyes shifted from her apprentice to the newcomer and then back ::


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        Athena lifted her head when she heard the words of her Master and Blood sister. Still kneeling before the council she finally spoke.

        " Master Shadowtide, and Council members. I have brought before you today Tarnak Somir. He is the son of a friend of mine. I truly and honestly belive he has much to offer, and learn from this Empire. His dark ways are that of the Sith of old. He is willing to learn. I think he would be a valued member here. "

        Athena still kneeling looked at her Master and the rest of the council as they sat there. She had never brought anyone to the Empire, she saw no need.. But Tarnak was different. He was something she thought the Empire could benefit from.


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          A small smile manufactured itself from my mouth....fresh meat...


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            *With his eyes perking up, Snack leaned forward in his seat.*

            'Sith of the Old,' you say? What makes you say or believe that?


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              Athena looked at Snack and wondered if he would like her to answer or Tarnak.

              " Well He is deadly, ruthless, and undyingly Loyal. I'm sure if he is welcomed here you all would see this. But it is not my choice. Plus I have known of Tarnak for sometime. His father was once a friend of mine. So that the council knows I would not bring just anyone here to waist your time. "


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                :: Phantom exits the Shadows beside Sieken ::

                Fresh Meat indeed.

                :: The Dark Lord grinned. His eyes glowed, he knew this man from Rama's. He tried to pick up on Athena, which would hurt his good friend Ket he clinched his fist not wanting to make a scene ::

                This is true...

                :: His Deep, Booming voice echoed ::

                ...I wouldn't think you bring us someone useless...

                :: Phantom moved more closely to the new young hopeful. His Crimson eyes peered out from under his hood, looking him over ::

                Ruthless and Deadly, Mmmmmm...

                :: Phantom walks around him, with his hands behind his back ::

                What has he done to deserve these titles?


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                  Athena looked at Phantom. She listend to his words and then thought of something to say.

                  " Enough, he has done enough to earn such title's. I have seen it first hand. If he is to prove himself to this Empire, May I ask if it is before or after he is greeted and spoken to by a Master or Council member. "

                  Athena would defend her friend until she could no longer. Soon Tarnak would speak for himself. But she rather smooth out the edges.


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                    Tarnak's voice rang through the council chamber.

                    "If it pleases the council...."

                    He paused a moment.

                    "I am not powerful.. yet. However, I am loyal until death, I am good with a blade, and I can fly a ship like no one's business. You have my blade, and my loyalty, if you choose to accept it. I will serve only to better this Empire, and myself."


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                      Enough? ... Enough? ... Mummmmm.

                      :: The Dark Lord continued to encircle the young man, like a lion to a gazell. His eyes never moving ::

                      Well maybe your enough differs from mine...

                      :: The Sith Lord speaks with a hint of anger in his voice ::

                      It is also my understanding that you hardly know this man. So how would you know if what he has done is enough?

                      :: Phantom stopped just in front of the young man, he bends down some and looks into his eyes, Phantom's glows Red ::

                      Gooood. You said before that you served your Father, why did you leave, was your loyalty to him not as potent as yours is to us?


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                        "Sir, I was trained by my father and served with him. His instructions, and our plan, was that when I reached maturity I would choose my own path. So I have."


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                          :: As she sits in her council chair and observes the interview in progress, Sith Master Dara Shadowtide's gaze shifts to Darth Phantom as she calls upon the Dark Side and touches upon his mind ::

                          < Lord Phantom, be mindful that we do not lose focus that it is the newcomer that is being questioned right now and not my loyal apprentice. >

                          :: Dara's ocean green eyes move to her apprentice and then to the newcomer as she continues to watch his actions and reactions ::


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                            Athena looked at Phantom.

                            " You know it doesn't Matter how long I have known Tarnak. And for all you do know, I have known him longer then I have known you Cale. Please don't comment about my personal interactions with him. It is of nobodies business. "

                            Athena knew she was going to more then likely get spoken to about her out break, but to her it was none of their business.


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                              :: Phantom looks upon the Sith Master and nods before entering her mind ::

                              I have have not lost sight, all I am doing is questioning her judgment and...

                              :: Like a needle torn from a record player, Phantom jerks his head to the side and snarls at Athena, his eyes go ablaze ::

                              Your damn right its my business as well as the Council's. You are vouching for this man and it does matter how long you've known him, you have to give us more then just because you say so.