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Inspiration: Karrix the Mad (Joining)

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  • Inspiration: Karrix the Mad (Joining)

    OOC: My AIM would be GashJiren, in case it anyone requires it... enjoy.


    This one, of an artificial sort, not of the variety which permeated the soul of the man which it cloaked. Cloak was, too, the correct word for it. He wore the darkness as if it were clothing, a dark cloth with which he concealed what lay within and without. Such was the mind of Karrix; an endless mass of cliches and contradictions. Clutter was, they said, a sign of genius, and no mind could be more cluttered than his.

    But was that darkness only cast by the lids covering his eyes? Nay, impossible... the madman's very presence cast shadow, of course! Yes... a god among men, or at least in his own mad, fevered vision.

    The madman sat patiently aboard a public transport shuttle, one outbound from Coruscant. Indeed, he appeared at rest to the casual observer; calm and controlled. But the mood and mindset of this one was as fickle as the winds, and changed as often. A pale-green skinned stewardess passed by, her lekku twittering nervously by her sides.

    One of the dark eyes of the man who sat in the seat closest to the viewport slid open, the alien nature of the woman becoming evident in the bright lighting of the grey, durasteel cabin. A Twi'Lek, he decided, and smiled slightly.

    Beautiful creatures.

    But as quickly as that thought came, it went; carried from his mind's eye by the insane anger which perforated and flooded his very being.

    Ugly, hiddeous, stupid, ignorant, inbred ***** of a being, not fit to wallow in the Hutt slime from which she had likely been born, least of all fly aboard the same ship as Karrix Moraei!

    Both of his eyes shot open. Karrix stood swiftly, his simple clothes taking the form of the plate of thin armor they were supposed to conceal. The Twi'Lek woman smiled with false pleasantness, motioning that he should sit. The only served to infuriate the dark-haired man more. His hand shot out, striking her across the face. She backed away, shreiking for help from those other attendants aboard the craft.

    One rushed toward Karrix, a male human. Dressed in plain Imperial clothing, he could be easily identified as a security officer; he drew his blaster pistol, shouting at Karrix to sit down immediately. But the madman only smiled back insanely, wondering vaguely why they were so upset. Could they not see that hiddeous being in their midst? But...

    The idea struck Karrix like an Imperial Star Destroyer. He could see them all... ugly... misguided. Fools, all. They were in, with that ***** Twi'Lek!

    Karrix's smile faded into a sadistic grin as the security officer's shouted orders faded into the background, mere pleas of mortals at a God's feat. The madman's hand shot up with unbelievable speed, grasping the human officer's arm, as it continued to hold the pistol in his face. The larger Karrix squeezed, bones crunching with a sickening pop-pop under his palm. Karrix took the blaster pistol from the man's now-useless hand.

    And he killed them.
    [c]* * * *[/c]
    With a four hour's hyperspace journey behind him, Karrix entered his intended destination. Time meant nothing to him; he was a god among mortals! Not bound by time, nor by space. He could move without the use of such a crude vessel, made by the infidel fools who were Corellian crop-eating ants at his feat. He merely used those foolish tools as a concession to his stay on that plain of mortality.

    Odd questions pestered the corner of his mind. Hadn't he wanted to end up here, all along? Why had he taken a vessel destined for Nar Shadda...? Strange. How had he planned to get to the Sith Empire world, without killing the crew of that shuttle?

    Karrix shrugged the thoughts away. He had not planned to kill those aboard; it was they who had done him such paramount wrong that their punishment could be naught but death.

    But he would walk no further. They would come to him; how could they do otherwise, but grovel at his feet in gratitude for gracing that place with his mere presence!?

    "Come... destiny has arrived..." Were the only words he spoke in his utter madness.

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    :: Hours passed and no one came to greet him ::


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      OOC: Well isn't that... nice.

      Of course, time held no sway with Karrix.

      Small amounts of time.

      But of course, small things would tick away in the corner of the subconscious mind of even a madman such as Karrix Moraei; just as his madness had guided him to the Sith Empire, his madness could guide him into it.

      The shadows in the back of his insane mind began in the fifth hour. He paid no heed to how odd he must have looked amongst the various human attendants bustling about the spacious recruitment facility; he merely stood, time passing with a warped slowness for him. But as he stood, he noted one man, standing behind a durasteel desk, long shadows drawing across his face. The lighting overhead cast them down his facial features, giving him a hiddeously evil look.

      Or deliciously evil, depending on your point of view.

      But his mind warped itself curiously, once more, drawing those shadows across the attendant's face, if only to Karrix's eyes. This drew the stare of the stoic figure, with a slight smile dancing across his lips as he marched over. He placed both hands on the desk with a clanging sound.


      The attendant glanced up, seemingly unconcerned by the presence of the tall, thin, menacing man in his midst, even despite the insane light dancing in his eyes. The shadows on his face shrank as his eyes focussed on Karrix.

      But to the madman's eyes, the shadows pushed back into the man's face as he looked up, dropping back into a hollow head. Karrix cocked his, smiling slightly as the Imperial-looking human responded, 'How will I assist you?'

      The white teeth in Karrix's mouth gleamed as he smiled broadly and slapped the man across the face. "I don't think you can..."

      His left hand shot out then, grasping the attendant's neck, applying the slightest pressure--just enough to allow Karrix to lift him a few inches off the ground. Still, the man's eyes showed no fear--only morbid curiosity, similar to Karrix. This earned the madman's slight respect; he repaid it by dropping him, and punching him in the face, drawing blood from his mouth and nose.

      "...or perhaps, you might. Fetch me someone..." Karrix's eyes slid up to the ceiling slowly, scanning the place with a form of mad fascination. "...someone I can speak to about joining this... 'Empire'..."


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        (( I know this name is dead, But your last post sucked massively...Please Edit or find me on AIM thanks...))


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          Xavier walks in slowly, his hands sliding back through his long hair. He smirks as he sees the newcomer punch one of the Empire's workers in the face.

          He clears his throat loudly and looks at Karrix.

          "It's not a very good idea to abuse anyone in this Empire, newcomer. You are lucky I do not seperate your head from you body right now.."


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            Daegal stepped out of the shadows and stood next to his brother. His face turned to that of sheer anger as he saw what was happening. He heard Xavier's threat, but decided that action was needed.

            Without a word, the Sith Warrior closed the distance nearly instantly between himself and this newcomer who seemed to possess so much stupidity. As Daegal neared, he leapt high into the air and spun to the left. Daegal extended his left leg and executed a spinning kick, connecting with the newcomer's jaw. Landing in a crouch, Daegal saw the newcomer had fallen to the floor. He stood to his full height and savagely kicked the newcomer in the face, causing him to roll twice in an attempt to gain distance. The ploy did not work as Daegal was once again on top of him. This time, he stepped on the newcomer's throat, slowing his airflow nearly to the point of suffication.

            "Perhaps now you have learned some manners?"


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              For a moment, Karrix could only stare up at his attacker, a maniacle gleam dancing in those dark eyes of his. Without warning, he began to cough- a hacking, resounding cough, which shook his entire body.

              His thoughts swirled about, a whirlpool in a malestrom of misguided glee. They dared attack him...? The audacity! Of course, he had allowed this Sith to abuse him such a manner, both for his own amusement and as a concession to the order he wished to join. Or so he thought, anyway; the madness and bizarre sense of humor in his mind once again twisted reality into a more... favourable form.

              The revelation came fast that Karrix was actually laughing- apparently oblivious to the mortal danger he was in. Breath came slow and hard, if at all, yet his compressed windpipe seemed not to bother the insane man--until, of course, the physical reality of Karrix's limitations stopped his mad laughter, leaving the man paling in the face, staring up at his aggressor.

              In his madness, he decided it was best to let the fool have his way, lest he cause a commotion taking Daegal's life. As always, the idea that Daegal could end his life with a thought only penetrated that guiding subconscious mind.

              Karrix nodded slowly, responding silently in the affirmative to Daegal's question.


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                Stepping out of the shadows, Belial looked at the newcomer with disgust.

                "You know,"

                Her voice came hissing out from the shadows.

                "We don't tolerate unrespectful fools who march in our Empire, thinking that they'll gain access right away ..."


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                  Karrix's head lifted slightly from the ground as he heard the words, their candor drawing a slight smile to his lips. Perhaps, not a smile of amusement--but then, everything seemed to bring a smile to this madman's face; joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure. He stood slowly, nursing his welted jaw upward with his right hand.

                  "Then it is a good thing, perhaps," He said, his tone laced with a fiendish chuckle, "That I am not a fool, lest I fit all three of those criteria, hmm?" As he spoke, his voice seemed to modulate in pitch and tone, creating the impression of multiple speakers.

                  Karrix the Mad turned to face the man who had assaulted him, Daegal, his own eccentricities forcing him to intone his speach with a slight respect. "I am Karrix Moraei," he said simply, his tone still modulating madly, "And I come to join the Sith Empire."


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                    The Sith Knight leaned back against a wall, pretty much behind the Council chairs, specifically, Rama Sha's chair. Her Skull helmet on her head, she cocked her head to the side to look at the newcomer. Something unusual about him.


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                      Daegal merely stared back at the man who had chosen to finally show the due respect to the Empire. For several mintues, not a word exited the Sith Warrior's mouth until he finally said, "Await the greeting of a Council Member."


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                        *From the shadows a figure sat, crouched near the ground. A dagger was in one hand, the tip at the ground. The other hand was lazily propped up over his chin and mouth by it's elbow. From here the Sith Lord watched the supposed "madman" with a sick curiosity.*


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                          I raised my brow, like i did when i thought something was oddly mad with a certain person. Sitting next to my long time friend Eve Siren i viewd the newcommer speak. He seemed un experienced with the force...atleast i couldent feel anything "speacel" about the creature...but then im a heartless do i know?


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                            :: The Dark Lord emerges from the Darkness he creates for himself, clapping at the uncanny performance of his friend Daegal. Walking closer to the new arrival, his hood covers most of his face all that can be seen is his glowing red eyes ::

                            " It seems Daegal I have taught you well. "

                            :: Phantom looks over the newcomer with a grin ::

                            " Disrespect will only earn you death and torment. "

                            :: Phantom begins to walk around Karrix, inspecting him ::

                            " Why do you wish to join the Sith? "


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                              Xavier's lip curls upward slightly as he growls quietly. He clenches his fist, holding back from reaching for his saber. His jaw clenches tightly as he resists the urge to take this fools head as a trophy. He turns quickly, his trenchcoat whipping around after him as he walks out.