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  • Seeking the truth....

    A dark figure entered the recruitment center of the Sith Empire. He kept silent and walked near the walls, bathed in the shadows. Stepping into a patch of light, his identity was revealed. He was a tall muscular boy about six feet tall. His blonde hair was shoulder length, but was concealed in the hood of the black robes that he wore. For being only seventeen years old, he sure did not appear as such. His dark blue eyes almost glowed black as he looked around the room for anyone. Walking to the center of the room, he knelt to one knee and removed his hood.

    I wish to be accepted in the Sith Empire and train in the ways of the dark side......

    He spoke as if someone was there, lurking in the shadows. He could feel the presence of many around him, but could not locate their exact positions. He knew that one of them would have had to heard him, least he hoped so.

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    She watched the person come in and announce why he was here. Like so many others there was yet another who wished to learn the ways of the Darkness and serve its every need.

    Few ever really could.

    " Yeah so? So do about 50 others, everyday...Tell me why us and why now? "


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      Kai turned around and saw the woman behind him. He bowed respectfully and looked into her eyes as he spoke.

      M'lady, I wish to join the Sith Empire because it is the only real place to serve. All the rest are just mockeries that bring the Sith down. I wish to serve now because it is my calling. My father tried to train me as a Jedi, but I would not listen to him. I left his home.......after I killed him. Now I am here by will of the Force.

      He said as he shifted his weight on his feet uneasily.


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        Vega watched in silence as Athena questionned the newcomer. He smirked silghtly, quirking an eyebrow, wondering what would become of this one.


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          " The will of the force??? Or do you need a place to eat and sleep child? "

          The Sith Knight looked upon the child before her.

          " Ok tell me what skills you have..."


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            Kai looked at the Sith woman and smiled when she questioned his skill.

            I am skilled in sword play, and saber fighting....though I lost my saber in a battle. I was trained to the rank of a Jedi Warrior...but then I figured out that they were too weak. I could harness my aggression to make me more powerful than I could ever be as a Jedi. I learned many things, such as the healing aspects of the Force.....I can make Force shields and small balls of fire to attack my enemies with. Basically, I am just skilled in combat...but as for formal Sith training, I have none.

            He resolved and clasped his hands behind his back.


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              Athena looked at the man. Either he spoke the truth or he was a liar. Either way she didn't belive him. Each had a story to tell here...

              " I would love to test that. Maybe the council would allow it. "


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                :: A smile escaped Phantom's lips as he listens to Athena. His Crimson colored eyes peer out from under his hood, looking over the young Hopeful. His pitch black cloak makes it nearly impossable to see him while he sits in the Shadows ::



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                  Kai shifted nervously on his feet as he stood there. A test.....from the council? He thought to himself. It sent fear throughout his body.....what kind of test? Was he prepared enough? Thoughts flooded his mind and he looked into the eyes of Athena, putting a wall of courage up so she would not see his fear.

                  Yes, m'lady....I suppose a test would be in order for my admittance to the Empire.

                  He nodded and his eyes fell to the floor once again.


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                    She didnt need so see his fear, she could smell it. And it was a smell she knew well. A test only if the council would allow it.

                    " Im sure you are more then willing... you wont be after I am done with you...That is if they allow me to see if you are worthy or not. "


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                      Kai nodded slightly. He was more afraid than ever. He did not wish to be killed before he got the chance to join.

                      Yes m'lady.....I am more than willing. Put me through whatever test you want and I will still be willing......

                      He said as he clasped his hands behind his back. He was still knelt before her on the floor and would not rise. He did not feel at all equal to anyone in this room......she was definatly one to be standing. His place at this moment was on the floor and he knew that.


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                        She looked down at the man kneeling.

                        " Get up I am not your Master. I don't and didn't ask you upon your knees. And I shall not test you now. I'm sure that if the council grants you access here then your Master will test you well. "


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                          Kai rose to his feet and bowed to the Sith woman before him.

                          Yes, m'lady.......I am hoping so.

                          A cold smile decorated his expression as he clasped his hands in front of his waist.


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                            Athena moved her hands into her cloak and retrieved a small Data Pad. She handed it the man who stood before her. Her ice cold gaze never leaving his.

                            " These are the one who can train you if you are accepted to the Empire. Read each name, and watch a slight clip of their training ways. Then make up your mind. "

                            -- List of Teachers is as followed --

                            <table style=Filter:glow(color=red>Sith Masters</table>


                            <table style=filter:glow(color=red>Sith Lords</table>

                            Darth Phantom
                            Darth Snack
                            Darth Varlon
                            Lord DarkStar
                            Vega Van Derveld

                            <table style=filter:glow(color=red>Sith Knights</table>

                            Athena Lady Darknss
                            Chaos Alexander
                            Dyne Darkforce (Morale Officer)
                            Eve Siren
                            Laran Katern

                            -- End of list --

                            The Sith Knight looked at the Man as he read.

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                              Kai took the Data Pad from the woman and viewed each name and a small clip about them. A few teachers caught his eye as he went through the list. Once at the end, he had a hard decision to make. After viewing a few of the teachers over again, he made up his mind.

                              M'lady, if I am accepted to the Sith Empire, I wish to train under Sith Knight Chaos Alexander.

                              He said as he handed the Data Pad back to her.