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  • Bite me.

    The recruitment center doors swing open and a girl steps inside slipping into the middle of the room. She chews the inside of her cheek whilst looking around in silence. Folding her arms tightly over her body, she glances downwards before sighing and looking up towards where she can see someone advancing from.

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    My hair was tied back...a rare feature of myself. I walked forwards slightly curving inwardly around a pillar concentrating directly at the woman at hand, my grey eyes not moving an inch from hers.

    ' hmm...sighing?....fed up even before you have seen the essance of darkness that awaits your arrival?....heh' i gave a wide open sercastic grin...sercasem as many know in the empire was my main attitude to everything.

    I raised my hand slowly and the candle light slowly grew.

    Dont judge a room by its darkess.... i said showing her the whole hall in its large and evil state.


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      "I'm not fed up, I'm just tired."

      She smirked, "I had to walk all the way here."

      Letting one arm fall down to her side, she looked around as the candle that the man held illuminated the room and shrugged questionningly.


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        My left eyebrow raised as the candle floated upwards to above 4 feet above both our heads so i did not have to carry it everywhere that this woman wanted to see.

        'hmm..' i simply said unbotherd by the womans reaction.

        She and manyothers did not know the full rage the i could go to only seen rarely in battle if im truly angry, if i was a lord or master my anger would be truly devastating....this woman so far was to kind. have not killed before have you?..I said strait out.


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          For a second or two she stared at him.

          "Of course I have. Do you think I would come here if I didn't have the urge to do it again?"


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            ....yes..i do...when i came here, the only people i killed were in battle and in the stars......self defence...i had never killed for fun.... i said uncliping the base of my saber, the green light saber named Losorus.....

            ' You see, this?.....this is not just a mere no no..THIS! part of you!...this can express feelings...actions and words rage, sadness, think i beielve after useing this for years that you have killed for fun....pleasure.....hatred....i dont think so young lady....then...why join this empire....why join a band of blood hungry, innocent muterlating force weilding people?....why?


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              "Didn't you hear me? I want to kill, and as you know," she paused and cocked her head to one side, "You do that here."


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                "Is slaughtering others, innocent and guilty, your only reasonings for being here?" Varlon said as he stepped from the shadows of the council room, appearing as if out of a thick fog. "Or do you have a real reason to join the Empire?"


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                  "I'm not just going to do it for fun, obviously."

                  Jena looked across to the second man, he seemed a bit more ... composed.

                  "I want to join the group, the community, and add to it .. make it thrive, so it will help me. A mutual transfer."


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                    And how can the Empire help you?

                    *His voice carried out from his chair on the Council.*


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                      "By developing my abilities so that I can help it."


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                        <Syren stood far off in the shadows, her blue eyes watching the newcomer curiously. There was something that she couldn't quite put her finger on about this girl.>


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                          Heh. Fair enough.

                          *The Dark Lord chuckled, leaning ever-so-slightly forward in his chair.*

                          Tell me of the abilities that you already have. If you have any.


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                            "I've been fighting, small scale, for the past four years, whilst working as a mechanic on Coruscant,"

                            She loosened up her posture a little, keeping her eyes on the dark haired man in the chair.

                            "I've not had the chance to control the darkside ... but I've felt it."


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                              Fighting and working as a mechanic? Sounds like a good life. What type of fighting?