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  • Dark Sun Rising...

    Damien walks into the recruitment area of the Empire. He bows his head down slowly, knowing to be respectful of all who approach him in this place. His right hand grips his left wrist infront of him as he waits patiently.

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    <A feminine voice rang out to the ears of the newcomer.>

    "Greetings, and what brings you to our Great Halls?"


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      Damien looks to the woman who greeted him for a moment but then lowers his eyes to the ground. He clears his throat quietly and speaks.

      "I am Damien Kuat.. I wish to join the Empire and assist it as much as possibly can..."


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        "As do many others who come here, hoping for a Dark Future."

        <Syren stepped out of the shadows, her cold, blue eyes glancing over him.>

        "What does the Darkside mean to you, Damien?"


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          Damien raises his head slowly and looks to Syren. He slides his gloved right hand back through his hair.

          "The Dark Side is destruction and fear. It is the more powerful side of the force and is against everything I loathe in the universe."


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            <Syren canted her head to the side slightly.>

            "Is that all? It means no knowledge or honor to you? Does it even mean respect?"


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              Damien smirks slightly and nods his head.

              "Aye.. it means respect for the people who use it. The members of the Sith Empire deserve respect."


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                "I see ... What skills do you have that could benefit the Empire?"


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                  "I have been training to enter the Empire for a long time. I had found an old sword a few years back and have been training with it ever since. I've tried to enhance my force abilities on my own but so far I have been unsuccessful. I can move things with my mind only ever so often. But I have lived off my fighting skills for some time now.. fought for money for years..."


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                    <She closed her eyes for a brief moment, only to open them again.>

                    "Very well, Damien. You must await here until a Council Member bids you welcome, then we will see if you are accepted or not."


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                      Damien nods and kneels down on both knees slowly. He closes his eyes and bows his head, waiting patiently.


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                        Stepping out of the shadows, they curled and wisped off his cloak like smoke as he emerged. Shooting a look Syren's way, he then turned to face Damien, his brooding eyes locking on the newcomer's. "If I may inquire, what is it exactly, that drew you to our Order?" He asked quietly, his voice barely above a whisper, but easily heard by all in the chamber. "A mercenary such as you normally doesn't come to our doorstep for anything more than a contract. What makes you so different than they?"


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                          Damien glances at Varlon, speaking respectfully. "I have heard of the great powers of the Dark Side of the Force and of this Empire. And I assure you.. I am no mercenary"


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                            Smirking, the Lord circled around the newcomer. "Also, you did not answer Syren's question," He said as he came to a stop behind Damien. "What exactly is it you have that would benifit the Empire? I know you mentioned your fighting abilities, but did not directly answer her question…"


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                              Damien looks up at Varlon, still kneeling down. "I am very loyal.. That is one of the things my ex-employers could count on. I would much less die than betray someone who has intrusted me..."