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  • Need a new Sith?

    As I glided my ship onto the landing dock, I knew I was home. This place just felt right. My true calling was to be a Sith, I just knew it. I opened the door, let down the ramp, and stepped out of my ship. I had no idea where to go, so I looked around for someone who could help. I finally found a silver protocal (sp?) droid and asked him for directions. I did exacly like he told me, and I ended up in front a large door that said "Recruitment Center". I stepped in expecting to see enough people to fill a town, but instead I was the only one there. I knew that someone would be there shortly though. I had studied some of the Sith ways, and I understood a little about the Force. I knew that someone would feel my presence and would be here soon.

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    Unknown to the newcomer, there were many present in the room, lurking in the shadows. All stood still, watching the man. Tempist steped out from the darkness and greeted the newcomer.

    "Welcome, I am Tempist Opps, Sith Warrior. What is your name, and what do you seek, little one?"

    Tempist called everyone little one, since nearly everyone was compaired to him. Standing a towering 8'9, he was quite intimidating, even to the most proud of men.


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      I saw the huge Sith towering in front of me, and I tried not to show any fear.

      "My name is Snoopy, and I wish to join the Sith Empire."


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        "You might not show your fear, little one," came a booming voice.

        "But we can sense it inside you."

        A tall hulking figure stepped out into view, sneering down at 'Snoopy'.


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          "You need not fear, I will not harm you unless you offend myself, or anyone else in the Empire. What do you seek in admission to our organization, vengence?... honor? ... power? And what will you do if you attain your goal, will you stay for the benefit of the empire, or will you abandon us?"


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            I should have known they could sense my feelings, but I wasn't thinking. If I wanted to get in this group, I would have to be on top of things and thinking clearly.

            "I seek admission to become stronger, so I can eliminate the Jedi. They think they are so strong, they have no regard as to who they kill to "keep the galaxy safe", as they like to say. They came through my town, murdering everyone who tried to stop them, just so they could save one of their fellow members from the dictator. The townspeople who were killed had no idea that the Ruler had the Jedi, but the other Jedi didnt care. My dad told me about the Sith, and I researched them. I heard that this was the strongest group, so my dad, who was a prosperous farmer, bought me a ship and here I am."


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              Tempist gave a slight nod in response to the man's words, and continued with his questioning.

              "So, what good will your admission do to the empire?"


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                ooc: Screw first person RPing, I am gonna do it the way I am best at (IMO)

                Snoopy thought for a minute, trying to come up with an answer that the Sith would like. He finally replied, "I can help rid the galaxy of the Jedi scum, and also help pass down the traditions of the Sith. What I am taught, I can teach to someone else, to help them overcome their obstacles and become strong enough to fight along side us, and even take our place shall we die or grow too old to physically defend ourselves."


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                  "You still havn't answered one of my first questions; after you attain the goal you seek, what then? Will you simply abandon us, or will you stay and instill the wisdom you aquire here on the generations to come? I am only a warrior, yet I have seen many walk through those gates, only to fail, or never walk any further."


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                    "Sorry," said Snoopy, "I forgot about the question completely. Yes, I will stay, though I doubt I will complete the goal in my lifetime, but in the lifetimes of those that I will teach. Part of my goal is to train others to be as powerful as I shall be before I pass away, so they can eliminate the Jedi once again, shall they ever rise to power when I am gone. Though I hope to kill them all before I am unable."


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                      "Interesting outlook.... I have no further questions at the moment, perhaps Lord Vega does though"

                      This one seemed odd, he may yet be an asset...


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                        Snoopy flips his hair to the side as he awaits for his next interrogator to speak.


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                          "I have no questions for this one ... "