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  • Itsy Bitsy Spyder

    Hanging from the Council's ceiling, Spyder slowly strolled down on what seemed like a fine web. As soon as her head came near the marble floor, she flipped back and landed on her feet. She looked around, everything seemed dark.


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    :: A pair of bright red eyes cut through the Darkness and Shadows of the Council Room, looking over the newest arrival ::

    " Mmmmmmm. "

    :: A Dark and Evil presence sweeps over the young woman as she stands awaiting to be seen by the council ::

    " Who are you... Why are you here... "

    :: A slight breeze brushes by the young woman with in it whisperes asking questions of her intentions fill her ears ::


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      " Mmmmmmm. "

      Spyder turned around swiftly as she heard a man talk. Questions echoed around the place and into her mind, without letting her the time to answer. She remained silent at first, suddendly, her breathing seemed so loud.

      "I'm ... My name is Spyder, and I've come here to join the Darkside."


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        " Muhahaha. "

        :: The laughter of pure evil bellows out from beyond the Darkness and Shadows. The young woman can feel his eyes looking over her ::

        " Why the Dark Side? "


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          " ... We all know that to be the strongest, you have to survive the worst. Jedis are weak, and their training is all about the light. I need to survive this Empire's rough training, and master its techniques, in order to be the strongest."

          The young girl could feel a pair of evil eyes studying her, but despite all of her efforts of trying to locate the person, she still couldn't find him.


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            " I see. What do you really want? One does not come to join the Sith just to survive, there has to be some greater purpose. "

            :: The voice paused for a moment ::

            " Besides there are other Dark Side groups, the Dark Jedi perhaps, the Sith are not for the weak of heart or mind. "


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              "What I really want ..? I want ..."

              The masked girl ran her hand on the back of her neck, rubbing it lightly. She hesitated to say the truth, but it wasn't very wise to lie or hide to a Sith Lord.



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                :: The young woman could feel the Sith Lord was pleased with her answer ::

                " Excellent. Now that is something we can help you with. Who do you wush revenge on? "


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                  "The ones who burned down my home, along with my son and husband ..."

                  A memory Spyder did not was to remember. But it was her essence, her energy, the only thing she could feed to her anger.


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                    " I see. Who was it? "

                    :: The Voice whispered ::


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                      "A Jedi ... I don't know her name ... yet."

                      She replied, a light dash of anger to her tone.


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                        :: Phantom pauses for a brief moment ::

                        " A Jedi? That doesn't sound to much like the actions of a Jedi. Never the less, the Sith can help, help you in dishing out your revenge, but what seperates you from the rest of the people that come in here looking for Revenge? "


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                          "I actually have the guts to do it. I can kill the woman who burned down my family and I'll enjoy every second of it."