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Darkness in the Heart, Mind, and Soul.....

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  • Darkness in the Heart, Mind, and Soul.....

    A dark figure stepped inside the council room and used what force he had learned to use, to close the door. **No point in looking lazy from the start** he thought. For even though he had heard of what these particular Sith had done to people, he had no fear of them. He only feared of their potential powers.

    He decided not to remove the hood of the cloak that was bound to his body. He did not want to let them see him yet or to give any emotional signs. He knew he wouldn't show any signs of emotion, but he did this just to be safe. He was of good stature, being 6 foot 1 inches tall. He was wearing the traditional Sith robes, all black and cold inside. He was one who liked the cold and the coldness in the great halls were very much to his liking.

    He had known of the bodies in the room since he had walked in, for his hatred had made him very senseful in the hatred around him. Some of the bodies showed more hatred than the next, but they were all very powerful.....

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    Sith Warrior Daegal Murdoch looked on with interest at the newcomer that said so much while at the same time remained silent. It was interesting the way that he displayed no emotion. Most who entered these hallowed halls were scared out their minds just by the mere knowledge that Sith reside within them.

    "What brings you here", the Sith Warrior asked.


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      The sound of the voice was eccoing in the great halls of the Sith Empire, and Geln could tell where it was coming from. In such little words it brought to mind what had brought him there to that place of darkness. Because of the fact that sound eccoed in this hall, he used his method of making his voice not ecco.

      "I come to expand my ways in the darkness of the sith." he said in a clear understandable voice that did not ecco.

      He could tell because of his non-eccoing voice that he had brought a disturbing thought to the one master who was talkings' mind. He could read minds but he decided not to do so with respects for his future masters. He knew that whether or not he was accepted, they would still be his masters. Since he had entered he had kept his eyes shut and used the force to see for him. He thought that at one look at his eyes they would instantly accept him. He did not want this, he wanted to be accepted for his skills as a warrior and a seeker of vengence.

      In respects he bowed his head low as was the tradition of the sith and waited, waited to die, waited to live, waited for an absolution...


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        "You must await the formal greeting of a Council Member. If you are granted entrance, you will choose a Master, one to guide you in the Dark Ways. You must also be prepared for a rigirous questioning from other members.."

        This is all the Sith Warrior said before he stepped calmly back into the shadows from whence he had came.


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          "Thank you good sir." he said in as calm a voice as possible.

          As he waited he noticed it was becoming harder to stay in his human form. **They had better get here soon before I change into my other form and they accept me based on how I look...** He could feel his others forms animal instincts coming through, his eyes were dialating and his ears were hearing through the walls into the hallways far beyond and the conversations inside them.

          He noticed figures watching him as he moved to a more kneeling position. He would not open his eyes or change to his other form completely until someone asked him too. He would only then change for his master, if he got one... He began meditating until he felt the presence of a Sith Master...


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            " Why do you wish to expand your knowledge in the Dark Side? "

            :: A voice echoed from the shadows ::

            " What would you use it for? "

            :: A Cold, Dark, Sinister and Evil figure emerged from the Darkness. His crimson colored eyes peer out from under his pitch black robe with a red and gold insignia on the back indicating his clan. He moved from the Shadows, but not by walking, he floated just above the ground as he neared the New comer. His face can not be seen only her red eyes ::


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              This newcomer had instantly brought Geln's attention and he instantly knew this was the one he wanted to train him. He could see his evil looking eyes, and this reminded Geln of his own in a way.

              "I wish to complete my training to become a very powerful sith and to extend my own personal knowledge of the force..." he said without an eccoing voice.
              "I would use my powers to better the Empire as well as myself. I, however, need a master that is deadly and can teach me to harness my hatred!" he said in a stricktly hateful voice.

              He started to change by the thought of his parents but quickly harnessed the changes. He still kept his eyes closed. He would only open his eyes to let this master see and only if he asked. He had hatred imminating from him and it was just as strong as the hatred Geln had inside him. He waited patiently for his "master" to speak...


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                " Indeed you do. Do you have someone in mind? "

                :: Phantom watched as he answered without looking at him, a small grin formed ::

                " Do I scare you? "


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                  "Indeed I do have someone in mind, you of course would be an excellent master. I see your powers but yet I do not fear you. For with time and training I could be as powerful as you. With my skills that I have now I could probably give you a good fight." he said in utter Respect, "Even though I do not fear you, I do very much respect you."

                  **I hope that he asks me about my different form or my eyes...** Geln is thinking as he stands back up again to stand taller than this master. He still has his head bowed down in respects and he keeps hoping that this Sith asks about his other form and his eyes.

                  "But tell me my master, do you think you are good enough to train and harness my anger and hatred?" he says in a questioning tone with no sound of sarcasm, "with very high respects to you..."

                  So Geln sits and waits for his master to speak...


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                    :: A small sinister grin developed as his newest Apprentice spoke. A challenge was always something he welcomed ::

                    " I have had to harness my own Anger and Hate, I think your will be no problem. Now tell me something my young apprentice why have you not opened your eyes? What manner of creature are you?


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                      "Lord Phantom,"

                      A defiant voice spoke from behind the hooded man. He turned to see the smirking face of Lord Van-Derveld.

                      "I wouldn't be so hasty in calling this newcomer your apprentice, as I have yet to see any Council approval on his joining. Just because you happen to take a fancy to him does not mean that the Council will share you sentiment."


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                        :: Phantom grins as he hears the voice of his dear friend ::

                        " Yes Lord Vega, I am well aware that. "

                        :: He answers without turning ::


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                          "I was hoping that you would ask me that my Lord Phantom.", he said in evil joy,"For I am two types of being. I am a human but yet my form can change to my extinct alien form called a Ligarian."

                          "But I do not know about opening my eyes, for they show my true anger and hatred, and I fear that if you or a council member see them, they will be the basis on my joining the Sith Empire." answered Geln in a now serious tone.

                          **For this newcomer is pathetic, but I do like that Darth Phantom has taken to me...** he thought as his hatred swelled up again.

                          "If you wish I will open my eyes and change to my Ligarian form. No doubt you have never heard of the Ligarians but I will tell you about them if and when you start training me my Lord..." he said in a somewhat defiant tone towards this newcomer but yet a respectful tone towards his master.

                          He knew that Master Phantom would speak soon so he quieted his mind and waited...


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                            " I see. You said before you wish to complete your training. Who was your Master before? "


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                              "My dear Master Phantom, for I was taught by the Jedi after my parents were killed by them. For they told me that the Sith had killed my parents and they were disguised as Jedi. As I was trained by Jedi Master Relan Volkum, who was one of my parents killers, I noticed flashes of my parents death, and yet it was from a different point of view. Come to find, he killed my parents. I killed him and the other Jedi after summoning them to the dark Falls on Narcisz, home of the Ligarians. I became a Dark Jedi and now I am before you now, asking for your guidance into the dark side of the force." he said with no emotion in his voice.

                              He waited again for his master to speak again...