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  • Her turn to Join

    :: Joanna came into the Recruitment center to speak to the Council to join the sith like her brother did 3 months ago. ::

    "Hello I have come to join the Empire"

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    "Have you? Well... that's no surprise..."
    Lana Westbrooke grinned within the darkness, her mocking tone echoing throughout the chambers of the Recruitment room. Her eyes flashed a brilliant crimson before shifting her position within the shadows.
    "...You're like many. Tell me, what brought you here in the first place, newcomer?"


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      "The reason I want to get trained is so I can futher the greatness of this empire and to help my brother Get revenge on our foster parents for killing our real parents. So I wanted to go to the place where my brother is being trained so it would be easyer to communicate with each other."


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        "Revenge is sweet."
        Lana, now interested, stepped from the shadows, her arms crossed over her chest. Her head was cantered to the side ever-so-slightly as her mockery was left behind.
        "Brother, you say? What is his name...?"


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          :: Joanna looked at the female who emerged from the shadows. ::

          "His name is Dark B SHadow."


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            "Ah... Of course... A sith, is he?"
            Lana walked back within the shadows, not allowing for the newcomer to answer.
            "--A council member should be here any time now to tend to you, Miss Shadow. Ta-ta..."
            And with that, Lana faded from view of the hopeful.


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              Is revenge all you want?

              *Snack's voice pushed out from the darkness. His eyes fixated on her form, as he awaited an answer.*


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                " No not just revenge. For with revenge you get honor. Then with honor you get power. So revenge is not the only thing I am searching for it's for power and honor. For I believe honor is the most important thing in the entire universe. and with all this power I consume I will use it all for the furthering of the empire."


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                  Then tell me, what is power... what is honor to you?