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  • tempistopps
    Guest replied

    ooc: your only a knight if someone here promotes you to such a rank, or if TSO has branded you as one. Sith Lord is a rank here, so you may not want to sign as one, unless you actualy are. also, you may want to make sure that everything you have listed is with the same character, and have some way of backing it up. thanks.

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  • Toranj Corsean
    Guest started a topic Simply wanting to Join

    Simply wanting to Join

    I figured, why all the fancy requests? I wish to join The Sith Empire, and serve among they're ranks. I am Toranj Corsean, Sith. I was formerly SiC of the Dread Squad of Dread Lord Galen. We were a group of Sith and Mercenaries who solely exsisted to spread, conquer, and fight the Jedi Knight Order.
    I have been Fleet Admiral for the New Imperial Order, a governing body that exsisted long ago. I served as Tactical and Strategy Officer to the Grand Moff Zarachne. I have extensive training in areas involving Fleet Movement, Weapons and Ordinace and Tactics. I also am a Sith knight, trained in the ways of the dark jedi and in the Art of Torooq. I hope that my services would be rendered to the Empire to improve its might and better the Empire. I have spoken enough, therefore this message crystal shall now complete it's recording. Long live the Council, Long Live the Empire!

    Sith Lord,
    Toranj Corsean