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  • Looking for a Sith Master

    Sitting silently in my meditation chamber i reflect on the current state of the galaxy. The accursed jedi are the protectors and guardians. How arrogant they are. They refuse to embrace the darkside and all it offers. I am eager yet humble. I feel a raw inner strength that i am unable to control. I have rage like the great sith Darth Maul, yet i wish to attain control like that of the Great Exar Kun. I have designed my own double edged lightsaber. I need a master who will take me and mold me into a lethal weapon to be used against the jedi. I want revenge. yes..i want them to fear me. I therefore humbly request to be trained.

    Lord Legion

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    OOC (out of character):
    Hello and welcome to one of the Star Wars roleplaying message boards. I just wanted to post and let you know that I am a little confused in the presentation/wording of your post and was hoping you could maybe edit it to make it a bit clearer. I'm only guessing that's why no one has responded yet.. we didn't know if you were thinking that to yourself or saying it out loud.

    I might suggest that you state how you enter the recruitment area and where you are standing, etc. Then be sure to put things that you are saying out loud as your character in "quotes" so that it is clear that you are talking out loud and not just thinking something. Thanks! <img src= ALT="">


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      * It seems as if it happened to another person. The pain of their passing, the last gasps of breath of his sister. The pure rage at the senselessness of it all. Protectors of the galaxy? They let them die. They let Legions parents die in a battle with the New Republic forces. As a boy legion could tell he was special. Sensing things before they happened. Now he has grown, standing 6'5, Legion has long blond hair that is tied in an elegant braid. His piercing blue eyes can see right through his enemies. The silvery blade of his newly constructed sith lightsaber put fear into all that stand in his way. Today he has made a decision. The loss of his family has pushed the dark wrath in his heart to a boiling point. Standing outside the sith councils door, he can sense the power lying within. With purpose and the strength of the darkside, he steps in.

      "Greetings revered masters. I have traveled a great distance to come before you. I have seen the ways of the jedi guardians. Their refusal to use all the power at their disposal cost my family their lives on Borellias. My parents suffered a death too horrible to describe. The rage it caused me is now contained in my heart. I hold it close and it is the driving force behind my dark side powers. I am young and untrained, but i know that my potential is limitless. I am asking for tutelage from this great council. Guidance that will give me the power to eliminate the jedi, their allies, and even their families. All will suffer if they show sympathy for the jedi. I now await your decision with confidence and the hope that one of you will help me channel and focus the power inside me". * He bows his head and kneels before the council....waiting....waiting for his chance to inflict death and misery on the jedi order*


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        Re: Misery

        We are the Jedi.

        We are we are.

        We like to hide in the dark

        aint it a lark?

        So why dont you go barK

        fa la la la


        Jedi are NOT allowed to post here

        Any future post will be deleted and if you continue you WILL be banned


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          Re: Misery

          OOC: Uh... Kan, I'm not really a smart man, But I do believe that it is Bad Form to come to the recruitment center of an enemy faction (I'm taking a wild guess that you are a Jedi character...) and post in someone else's thread where they ask for permission to join, trying to get them to forget it and join somewhere else. Please keep that in mind that that is tactless and not welcomed. If you want any more reasons as to why it is "bad form" then please feel free to IM me on AIM. My SN is snackmjs and my e-mail can be found at the bottom of the board.


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            Re: Misery

            Once I asked my mother what would I be.

            Would I be rich.

            Would I be pretty.

            And this is what she said to me.

            Your ugly and you got the face of a *******, shut up.


            This is your LAST warning.

            Any more post will be delted and you WILL be banned.

            Have a nice day


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              Re: Misery

              :: After what seemed an eternity of silence, Dia leaned forward in her chair and looked at the newest applicant. He had waited quietly for a response to his request. ::

              "Today, you have been given a lesson in patience - never forget it. Only with patience can you hope to gain knowledge."

              :: She sat back in her chair, her face half hidden in shadow. ::

              "Why have you sought out this group over all others?"


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                Re: Misery

                "Master". I have come before this august council with the hopes of fulfilling a dream. I have much raw strength. The patience of Maul, the craftiness of Tyranus, and most important of all, the heartlessness of Sidious. I see in this council the same qualities of Darth Bane. The need for patience and a need for respect for the masters. It is my hope that one of you can impart sith knowledge on me so that one day i may pass it down to my future apprentice as we have done for a millenia. I humbly await your decision".



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                  * Legion bows his head in reverance and sits patiently in his meditation chamber, stoically waiting for a Sith master to help him direct and focus the Darkness in Him*


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                    "You come requesting training, but what do you offer in return?"


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                      *Rising from his knees, Legion looks directly into the eyes of Lady Dia.*

                      " Master". What do i offer the Sith? No less than my life. I dedicate my every waking moment to learning the knowledge you contain. I want to make certain that our way of life continues. I offer strength in Battle, intelligence information on Jedi warriors, that i have gathered from years of careful survelliance. I offer stability, for I will set the example for all other trainees that we must obey our masters and the will of the Dark side. I offer you a chance to train an apprentice that will be more than special, one that will be the scourge of the jedi and the example that all sith look to. I offer you my Allegiance and my respect".

                      *Legions resumes his kneeling position in reverance of Lady Dia*


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                        *Legion stands swiftly and asks the masters to take a look at some of his plans and current actions.*



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                          I to am looking for are sith master to train me in the dark arts .And I will do any thing to please my master if I am chosen. I am willing to learn and to please so if there is a master out there im the aprentace for you

                          Darth Larsen


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                            ooc: Larsen..please make your own thread.


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                              *Legion contemplates the lack of response from the masters. Is he unworthy? Do they not see the opportunity being presented to them? Legion has led a solitary life thus far, waging a private war against the Jedi. He has a fire in his eyes that he is certain the council has never seen. He begins to speak*

                              "Honored Council. I am requesting training for the sole reason of carrying the war to the Jedi. I have waited patiently for an answer. Now the seeds of anger are beginning to stir in me. I need this training. I have explained why and how i came to choose this council. I am the vector that will bring the plague of death to the jedi order. If i do not recieve a master soon, i will be forced to continue this private war. Out of respect and due to the urgency of a final solution concerning the jedi, i ask u to make a decision. Please do not consider me arrogant or disrespectful, I am only trying to begin my journey to the glorious powers of the Darkside".

                              *Legion kneels before the council, not taking his eyes off them, waiting....waiting for his chance...waiting for his time*