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A Beckoning To The Darkness....

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  • A Beckoning To The Darkness....

    He had been haunted for weeks now, torn apart by the feelings he felt. In his mind, the Zabrakian's thoughts dwelled upon many things, but one thought reached him more than anything else.

    The Darkside, it beckoned him...To a place unknown, a place that he had longed to find but had not found at all, leaving him haunted, leaving him to wonder just where he should go.

    So it was that the Sith named Zeta found himself at the gates of The Sith Empire, though not without the trouble of searching that had first got him to where he was now.

    The Darkside had guided him here, that much he knew, it was unmistakable. He had felt the Darkside many times before, way before he had felt the feelings that had brought him here now.

    For so long he had been lost, felt lost, searching for where he felt he should belong.

    He felt it now, as he looked upon the large Sith Empire, he felt what he was sure to be as right. This was his beginning, would be his beginning. This place, this Empire, would give him his sense of belonging. Not only that, but this place would mold him, he felt it so. He would learn to grow, to prosper. He would be able to learn to craft his so called "gifts". Gifts that he himself did not yet understand, yet he knew were connected to the Darkside.

    Did he really truly belong here though? Yes, he thought so, something had brought him here, so he had a reason for being here. Would he be accepted? That was not certain, but he was not about to turn back now, not when he had come this far.

    Without another thought, the Sith entered through the gates, his black cape flowing behind him as he slowly made his way up the steps, leading up to the entrance of The Sith Empire....

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    *A figure sat perched in the shadows watching this newcomer. The Sith Lord's fire colored eye twitched slightly at the site of the person. Thoughtlessly, a hand went to the horns that were covered by his hair. The last time he had seen a Zabrakian was the last time he had been on Iridonia, a most unpleasant experience. He could have seen one this morning, if the mirror in his room hadn't been shattered to pieces; some of the shards of glass still remaining in the skin on the back of the Lord's hand. It was better that way.
    The young Sith Lord simply watched Zeta, not saying a word. He even kept himself from spinning the dagger in his hand, as it would have made a noise as the tip would be grinding against the piece of stone he was crouched upon.*


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      The Sith stepped upon the last remaining step, lifted a hand as if to either knock or open the door to enter the Empire, though there was no need as the double doors slowly swung open upon their own. Zeta himself had not done this, no, someone else had, but who remained a mystery.

      He waited a moment or two, allowing the doors to fully swing open all the way before he entered The Sith Empire.

      His eyes scanned the area before him as he slowly stepped inside, yet he could specificly see nothing but utter darkness as he stepped forth. However, he knew he was not alone and that within the shadows awaited many a presence, he could feel them, not all of them, but some. How he could feel them, he did not know, again a gift that he could not yet understand.

      His footsteps grew silent suddenly, and he lowered the hood of his black robe, revealing his face fully, his Zabrakian features being made very evident and clear to all those who now set eyes upon him.

      He did not speak, but merely waited to be addressed to.


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        A thickly accentuated voice spoke from Zeta's right, as a figure became noticable. The man stood with arms folded over his chest, one eyebrow quirked slightly.

        "Do you want something, or are you just here to stand and gawk?"


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          Zeta turned his head toward where the voice had come from, narrowing his eyes for a moment as he glanced onto the figure. A moment of silence passed, a hard set glance reaching Zeta's face during the silence, finally he spoke.

          "Forgive me...." He said through slightly clenched teeth, ever since he had reached upon these so called feelings, along with his gifts, he found himself becoming angry at the littlest things. He had had no difficulties in controling his anger before then.

          He spoke again, this time without clenched teeth.

          "I do not know why I am here, nor am I sure of what has brought me here. Something has brought me here, something I have not yet identified, yet it resides within me. I have felt it."

          He paused, looking around him once more, as he had done when he had first entered.

          "I believe that whatever has brought me here, has meant for me to be here. I posses...abilities..."

          The Sith seemed unsure, he knew not what to call what he spoke of now, inexperienced with knowledge of the force, the Darkside.

          "I...I wish to understand these..abilities..and that of which resides within me. I have searched, trying to understand, to learn about just what it is that I posses, and I have come up short..."

          He had said enough for now he felt, there was not much more he could say, at least at the moment, anyway.


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            "What abilities would those be, then?"


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              ...Then a question came, a question he knew would come but yet he had not wanted the question to present itself, for he did not know how to answer.

              "I do not know how to answer such a question, for I have not had these abilities for very long and I do not know what they are. All I know, is that when an ability comes to me, I feel a sense of power. It is a power that I am not yet used to."

              He could not speak of using his abilities, he himself did not even know if he was using them, or even using those abilities correctly for that matter. Something had made him use these abilities, it was as if something pushed him forward to use them.

              "My abilities, I do not use them just to use them, something drives me to use them. I still have yet to figure out just what that drive is."


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                "Could you possibly be a little less vague? I mean, are we talking about the ability to paint pretty pictures," he chimed sarcastically, "or perhaps something more useful?"


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                  The Sith looked onward toward the man, giving him a cold, peircing stare, which in turn the stare was met with silence. Anger had washed over Zeta once more, his lips twisted into a full fledged sneer.

                  Slowly he closed his eyes, he felt the same way now as he did when he was using his abilities. He opened his eyes back open, anger very evident upon his face. His voice rose slightly as he spoke.

                  "I TOLD YOU..."

                  He paused, this time trying to control his anger, his tone in voice going back to normal, yet it was without feeling.

                  "...I can't describe it..."

                  His eyes swept over the area before him, searching for something. He looked back over at the man, a look of loss reaching his face.

                  "...but I will try..These abilities, they allow me to move objects, not just move them, but lift them, though it is with much difficulty that I can do this."

                  Sometimes, although he cared not to speak of it now, he could hear things, in his mind, voices, not just of his own, but of others as well. It was as if he was reading thoughts, he could only do this though when he had those feelings, whatever they were, Zeta did not know, but he wanted to find out.


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                    "So you have some Force prowess, right ... no need to dance around the point to try and dress it up as something better than what it is."

                    Vega smirked at the angered Zabrak.

                    "So why have you come here of all places then? What of the Sith Order?"


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                      A look of confusion crossed the Zabrakian's face as his mind lingered over the man's comment, he thought to himself...

                      Force powers?!...

                      His abilities, they were known as force powers, at least that is what the Sith now concluded. Finally he an answer to just one of his many needed answered questions.

                      He nodded to himself, perhaps looking a little odd, but he was only confirming his new found answer.

                      This man thought Zeta was being cocky, arrogant perhaps? He didn't like that. Zeta had not been around enough Sith to know that many Sith were this way. He also could not see such things in himself, but others could.

                      His gaze upon the man remained the same, cold, his eyes held a hint of malice within them as well this time around.

                      "I gave you a direct answer, if I were trying to make it something more, you'd know it..."

                      Perhaps a hint of a threat was involved with the Zabrakian's words, a part of his arrogance showing through, as he seemed to hold no fear with this man. He knew that he was out of line, and that his actions were cause for death, but what he felt from the Darkside took control of him, and he was not able to realize his error in time. He continued to answer the questions that were being asked of him.

                      "I do not know why I have come here of all places, something brought me here..."

                      Zeta found that he was repeating himself. Somehow now though, he knew that whatever had brought him here had something to do with his now identified as force powers.

                      "Sith Order?..."

                      Again he contemplated the last question, having trouble coming up with an answer.

                      "...I do not know, perhaps my path was not meant to follow to the Sith Order, I have no other answer other than that."


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                        *From the darkness the young Sith stepped out, the shadows seemed to stick to his frame, trailing from his figure and coat like wisps of smoke. The Sith Lord by no means was dressed fancy, if anything...strangely. He had been listening to the conversation between the newcomer and Lord Van Derveld and his curiosity had gotten the better of him. It was not often that someone entered the Empire without knowing why they were there.
                        Raine Sarin took a place leaning against one of the pillars nearest to where the other two stood. He said nothing but just watched, and as he usually was seen doing, spun a dagger in his hand*


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                          Zeta saw the figure emerge from within the shadows out of the corner of his eye. His gaze fully fell upon the Sith once he was completely in view. He took great notice of his Zabrakian features, he'd not seen another Zabrakian in a very long time. Zeta did not make so much as a nod toward the figure as he quickly returned his gaze back to the other Sith Lord, awaiting his response.*


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